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Indian Scout Sixty

Indian Scout Sixty

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Indian Scout Sixty

The Indian Scout Sixty is the baby of the Indian Motorcycle range that has a very torquey 1000cc motor. It is a around $2000aud cheaper than its bigger brother Scout 1133cc. Down low there is not a lot separating the two but up high the bigger Scout shows it's extra cc and really goes hard in that higher rev range. The Scout Sixty compared to the Harley 883cc and all but one of the 1200cc Sporsters is a much better performer. It has a low seat height and carries it weight low which makes it easy to handle in the parking lot and around town. The bike oozes quality with paint, fit and finish. The biggest two negatives is 1. the seat, after about 45minutes you swear you are sitting on a brick. It is built for looks but not comfort. The second is the cost of accessories. I know here in Australia we pay over the top for bike parts and accessories due to the cost of landing it here and being a heavily taxed country, but Indian Motorcycles prices are still way over the top. A good example a set of saddle bags with fittings is about $1900 which is absolutely ridiculous, equivalent saddle bags for a Harley Sportser are less than half this price and would be of equal quality. Here in Australia Indian and particularly Victory have not had the sales success like in the USA. The parent Company Polaris is more focussed on their off road quad bikes then the big cruiser road bikes. Harley offer much more when you buy their bike. They have far more after market accessories than Indian and as mentioned far cheaper. Harley have their HOG clubs and you can join a ride just about every day of the week. Indian have very few if any social rides or get togethers, they used to have a get together of riders during the spring/summer at the Ashfield store in Sydney attracting quite a good crowd. This gathering was on every Thursday night and attracted a good crowd. There always has been a huge turn over of staff at the Victory Ashfield store which might explain why the Thursday night's get togethers were abandoned. Staff simply may not know about what happened two years ago as many staff have come and gone in 2 years. The old head of Victory Indian Australia said 'Indian and particularly Victory are the world greatest secret in the motorcycling world which sums it up brilliantly.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

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