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InfaSecure Bath Buddy

InfaSecure Bath Buddy

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This is the worst baby product I've ever purchased. It's so bad I'm going to complain to Consumer Affairs about it.

The reason I got it was because the opening was very easy to maneuver, which I think is this seat's one redeeming feature.

Granted, I have a small framed child, but he can sit up by himself. Regardless, as soon as I put him in this bath, he slid straight out the front of it. Worse than that, since there is no bar at the back, his shoulders got wedged under the frame at the back. It was extremely lucky that I hadn't glanced away for even one second or he would have been under water.

Another bad feature is that the base of the chair (where the bum goes) is smooth, meaning that he just slid straight out! There is nothing to secure the baby in the seat!

Because of his small frame (he's 8KG but he's long and lean) he slouched to the side. This does happen even in his high chair, so I'm not holding this as a fault, but with all the other bad features I consider it more of a safety risk.

The suction caps didn't stick to my bath very well as my bath has a slight curve to it.

I am returning it tomorrow and finding something else.
The opening is easy to open compared to other bath seats, baby liked the toys
Everything else!!!!

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Bath Buddy
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