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ING Living Super

ING Living Super

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good customer service

I had been with ING for a year (2018) before I decided to close the account. So I practically have been through the entire process of rolling over my super, and rollling over out my super and close the account. What I can tell you from my own experience:
- great website, quite intuitive although some of the pages aren't flowing nicely. For example you need to click on the cash hub to see the in and out transactions. (instead of making it available at the home page)
- the insurance premium is cheaper for the same/better coverage compared to CBA.
- ability to adjust your own % of investment
- at the end of the year, my earning from investment was just enough to cover the admin+insurance+tax (my balance was below $20k)
- They gave a full statement when I close my account (CBA didn't do anything at all, and wasn't able to access the web right after I close CBAsuper).
-customer service is quite knowledgeable, I use their online enquiry form.
- can put a certain amount on fixed deposit (about 2.2% interest p.a)

- they 'force' you to have enough cash on the Cash HUB, if not mistaken min $500 ??, otherwise they will sell your asset from the lowest risk to the highest to meet the minimum cash requirement. I didn't know this until I asked the CS. They should make this clear on the website, on the page where you can do your own investment mix.
- as usual, they charge you insurance premium by default.
- they increased the premium without notifications.
- you cannot access your super from their ING app.
-I'd never claim the insurance, so can't say anything about it.

Overall it is an ok super. Can't really fault it as long as you know what you are doing.

Customer Service
Insurance Options
Income Protection

The only option i found to let you trade your shares yourself

I chose ING because I can trade ASX shares myself which most funds don't offer. The fees are $20 per trade, $60 per year plus 0.64% of the account balance each year held in shares. It is the percentage of the account balance that kills it so i'll have to leave once my balance grows a bit. I'm giving them a reasonable score because they offer something their competitors don't.

Insurance Options


Suddenly started charging fees on every part of the super fund, with no returns. Charged for each part of the fund! Lost a huge amount! Do not go with these thieves!

Customer Service
Insurance Options
Income Protection

Unfair fees

Most funds the same and unfair, when you suddenly don't have a job or very little eork the fees still eat up your fund. If you put in the fee amount each month it dosnt cover it becouse it only adds to your amount to increase the fee

Customer Service

ING LIving Super.... going, going ... gone

A few years ago ING Living Super was a great fund... in a short amount of time the Australian managers of this excellent international company have tried there best to turn this into a super fund that resembles the dodgy Australian retail super funds... Fees have skyrocketed, service (while friendly - is robotic, and at times ignorant). Products have not kept pace with the market.

ING is the worst

The service and support they give is the worst I've ever experienced. They are polite but not helpful at all. The admin stuff takes 1 to 2 months for them to do and they have no option to make it faster. I will close my account with them ASAP.

Investment Redemption

I know the fees seem alot but you need to read your account better, for example the Investment Redemption Confirmation is taken out of your balanced account and then placed in your cash hub, this is your profit - its not a fee!

Its sucks about being signed up to the insurance but ALL superannuations do this, just check it out.

I am paying around $7.50 per month in fees compared to the previous fund I was in that was charging $25 and up per month.

Finally, as an accountant I can tell you superannuation is a scam, it was instituted by the government in order for them to fade out the pension but the way they structured the laws they made sure that it benefited them most (they get 12.5% employer - which is us - contributions, most of them are super rich and have SMSFs that take advantage of all the tax benefits, I can go on and on but...). In order for the average person to live "comfortably" you will need to retire with at least 3 million if you dont own your property and 2 million if you do. Now sit down and work out how much super YOU are getting....

I will give you some advice for free do not Salary Sacrifice your super!!! Did you know that your employer can take this amount off the amount that THEY have to contribute? Just look up the ato website. Plus it reduces your salary and they only have to pay super on that amount. When salary sacrificing in general calculate all the circumstances including deductions etc, unless your taxable income is substantially above $37,000 you are not getting any real benefit from the tax savings as you will miss out on super benefits.

Do your research, dont always take the advice of so called "experts" - alot of "financial advisers" are actually getting commissions for directing you towards different products - and if you dont understand something, clearly write out your questions and take them to a professional to get them to explain but if they begin by trying to sell you on something, preface it with "well here's the thing", "these things arent easy to explain", "trust me", or hedge and hum move on.

Cant complain.

All these bad reviews to do with fees, have look on canstar they still compete with other low cost super funds.

My balance has grown 30k in 2 years since joining so even though the fees have gone up my balance has almost doubled! I transferred 40k after loosing a heap from another fund.

All in all cannot complain with that.

Incorrect correspondence

I received an email from ING informing me I may be able to claim a tax deduction for personal super contributions I made in the 2017/18 financial year except I didn't make any personal contributions, only employer contributions. When I phoned ING to find out what the email was about they said they just sent that email to everyone because they now have he ability to provide a notice of intention to claim a tax deduction online instead of completing a form. So even though ING now charge fees where previously there was no fees, they now don't have the ability to determine who has make personal contributions and who has made employer contributions. I think its time to find a new super.

No Problems... What's the fuss.

I've had Industry & Retail Super in the past. ING allows me to access my super anytime.
All Funds charge fees but I can trade shares, change my investment strategy and invest in term deposits as well & the fees are very reasonable compared to the other Funds.
Please people do your homework..... if you don't want life cover etc. ING allows you to cancel insurances online.
No more premiums.

Sorry ING we've moved on

I put my children on ING Living Super,where they remained for years,but sadly decided to roll out to an industry fund after ING introduced steep fees. I understand that they needed to introduce some fees,but not to this extend.


I signed up a few years ago, when ING purported to be low fee. Was not made aware that they automatically sign up for "insurance", then they change the fee structure. I feel the way they inform people of significant changes needs to change. Basically I have put more into the account than it is now worth. Not a good investment over a 3 year period, particularly when shares have risen substantially

Fees charged more than profits

When I transferred to ING, there was no admin fees. Then ING changed to charged more fees than profits. really terrible.

Withheld some money from the rollover!

In May 2017 I decided to go with unisuper in reaction to a 300% mark up on admin fees that was starting from July 2017. Keen on not getting robbed, I put in an application for a rollover of my ING living super to Unisuper. This was relatively pain free, and I thought nothing of it since. Everything appears to rollover in full. That was until a month ago I was advised by unisuper that they found some super still with ING. They sent me a separate application to roll it over. I did that too. Then I got mail from ING showing that I had $40 left in my former ING living super. Which, since May 2017, applied fees until there was just 2 cents left to rollover to Unisuper. What a sick joke. I'm going to call them and reimburse that pronto. Then I'm going to make a formal complaint. Hopefully royal commission will turn their heads to the super annulation thieves. ING (*cough* ANZ *cough*) youre a member of the club

Not even worthy of a single star

Simply put, ING do nothing but consistently deplete the value of my super fund. They charge fees vastly in excess of what they make on your fund and involuntarily signed me up for insurance, which impacted my balance significantly. I did not pay these excessive fees when signing up, they just added them on as they felt like it, and didn't even send an email regarding the changes.

Terrible fund, deceptive in the way they display your returns and investment balances and should be ignored.

Absolute rip off

I signed up for the living super account when it was completely fee free. I was very happy with it, but the introduction of fees has ruined the value and depleted my account rapidly. It seems like ING advertise all these offers only to take them away in the future. I feel deceived and ripped off and would never recommend this account.

Bait and Switch Is The Problem, Not Fees In General

The facts:
Fees on super will always exist because this government mandated saving scheme attracts those wanting a piece of the pie.
ING advertised a capped, low fee, direct share trading superannuation product.
ING hiked the fees shortly thereafter.

Moving my super to another provider will now trigger CGT but I'm doing it anyway. It'll cost me now but it will cost me more in the long run if I stay.

This product went from great to an expensive pain. I'm going to look for a company that hasn't changed their fee structure shortly after gaining customers.

Nobody addressing anything other than fees

Fees are fees. We can't do jack about it but vote with our wallets, and the banking industry is always going to gouge us as much as legally possible. Complaining about the fees is nonsense, seeing as there's very little you can do about it.

Service is very intuitive and easy to use/setup, offers good options for investments also.

Can live without admin fees and charges

Since the introduction of admin fees and charges on pension Cash Hub and low term deposit returns ING have left me no choice but to opt out of their living Super as the charges are eating away at what little l am earning and of which can be managed on the spot by myself.

Bad move on ING introducing such nonsense and unreasonable fees on Cash Accounts !

Jacked up the fees but not the functionality

Frankly, this is a clunky super platform which I was willing to overlook when fees on the direct equity portion of the account were capped at $300 p.a. Now that the fees have been increased almost TENFOLD (due to changing the way they are calculated to a % basis) I find myself incredibly frustrated with this platform's limitations. It is now nearly as expensive as a full service super wrap platform so here is a list of things that a good wrap platform will allow that this pension account will not:

- ING has no contra share trading (i.e. the ability to sell and then repurchase shares on the same day). Shareprices can move very significantly in the 4 days we are forced to wait for the cash to actually show up in the cash account
- no access to hybrid securities
- High minimum pension balance - no ability to trade unless there is a percentage plus 2 month's pension payments and fees already in the cash hub. Even when trades have been placed which will obviously replenish the cash hub in plenty of time to cover the pension payments.
- a lock on transactions for over a week at the end of the financial year. RIDICULOUS!
- request that certified ID is replaced every 12 months for withdrawals to be processed. As long as ID is in date, NO other fund in my experience will request this.
- It takes up to 5 days to move money from the cash option to the cash hub. The cash option is supposedly at call.
I was willing to put up with all of these things when the fund was dirt cheap, but now it wants to charge full featured level fees with an extremely limited and clunky platform. Sorry guys, but that's not good enough. I would have even swallowed the fee increase if there were any plans to improve the platform, but apparently there are not.

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I have an SMSF. If I rolled that into ING Living Super who does the annual tax return and is that paid for by ING?
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ING isn't a true SMSF - so there is no need for them to file an individual tax return. The options you have to invest in are ASX300 shares and some exchange traded funds, but there are some rules about limits in each equity. Hope that helps.Thanks for that answer. Though still a bit confused. If I move my money (which at the moment is in cash) into Living Super, would I avoid paying out Audit fees and Accountant Fees??