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OnePath Superannuation

OnePath Superannuation

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They’ve done the right thing by me

I must admit i was quite surprised to read these reviews, ive been with Onepath for must be nearly 20 years, many times i did wonder if i needed loss of income insurance, but my wife always said, you never know whats around the corner. Back in 2013 on the advice of a dodgy insurance adviser i changed to a different company, 2 weeks after that working on an uncles farm i slipped with a chainsaw and it bit me on the hand real good. The new policy was really lacking and turned out thanks to bad advice from the adviser to have been worse than my original Onepath policy. Luckily i had a lawyer look over my originlal Onepath policy and as i had 3 weeks still left on it, to their credit Onepath honoured it ! Within 2 hours the next 2 months cover was in my account and got a call from the Queensland manager apologising for the mistake on behalf of the independant adviser.
Three years later i was unfortunately diagnosed with the big C, stage 4 end of the road, both lungs, at 56 years of age and looking forward to retirement, and never smoked, hows that for krap luck.
Some pretty horrific surgery, and even worse radiation then 22 rounds of Keytruda and i was in remission. Still suffer from it all, the surgery nerve damage, the radiation and the immunotherapy, but my point is “ONEPATH PAID NO PROBLEM”, yes they grill me every 2 months and i have to see a doctor for a treatment report and fill out loads of forms, but thats to be expected.
Im not sure what theyre going to be like now theyve been taken over by MLC, that does concern me a bit ! because it dont know them or their track record, but to me so far Onepath have been there when i needed them.
Credit where its due !

Ps i dont work for them, i used to be a telephone Technician self employed.

I gave 4 stars for service because they are almost impossible to call and sometimes dont return emails

Michael Firth

Customer Service
Insurance Options
Income Protection


I rolled my super over to host plus and onepath helped themselves to an $1800.00 rollover fee. I've been robbed. This should be illegal, big companies helping themselves to our hard earned super. I am disgusted.

Customer Service
Insurance Options
Income Protection

Rollover Issues

Trying to rollover into another fund has been absolutely horrendous. The customer service and communication from their call center team is an embarrassment. 5 weeks for a rollover? The care factor even after making a complaint just seems to be non existent.

Customer Service

Absolutely disgraceful.

Warning ⚠️ Do don’t go anywhere near onepath and there policy’s, I myself and hundreds of workings in our union signed up for there income protection and that was quick and easy when they were happy taking our harm earned cash,but when I injured myself and put in a claim that was and is a completely different ballgame.. They aren’t human, onepath will do everything in there power to make sure your claim dosnt go through so be very very careful.I haven’t been payed since December 22nd and these un-human couldn’t care less..
I am making sure our union members get out of this policy ASAP.!!!
absolutely disgrace

POOR Service

I have been with OnePath since 2016 and I urgently need some information before I claim for the income protection due to medical condition. Due to my unanswered calls to my financial adviser, therefore I called claim phone number provided from the website. And, oh my....the biggest of regret by talking to [name removed] in ANZ Sydney. RUDE! I was thinking to cancel all my policies...

Luckily, my financial adviser called. I have changed my mind. I knew that [name removed] has incredible service and happily to assist me with further informations I need. Thank you.

Poor returns and fees that amount to thievery.

This is a fund that can post a substantial loss for you 3 years in a row and have the nerve to charge over $2000 per annum in management fees on top of bookkeeping and other administrative fees. My question is if you were given a huge pile of money and your job description was to focus solely on making more money how hard could it be? In general I think super funds in this country are a wrought which is disgusting as they were brought about by our government with the intention of dismantling the welfare system!

Terrible and rude service. High management fees

I was paying way over market investment management fees on my super fund for years. They knew this but did nothing to contact me to let me know. When I eventually wised and contacted them, the product specialist that I got through to said "I agree your product is really old and expensive."


I have been with Integra for 20 years and I am trying to get a cost to roll out to another fund> It seems this is impossible to do until the processing team are doing it!!!!!!!!!!!! How can this be so???
If the cost is too great then I would not do it , but I wont know that until you have taken MY money ??
This is my money, not yours.
I will investigate this further,

Got M.S Whilst insured with them, but in true insurance company form, of course they don't want to

When, when, when? Is something going to be done about insurance companies like one path, lack of transparency in their dealings, deceptive conduct, fine print that you need to be a solicitor to understand. It just goes on and on, they fob you off and have no intention of settling a claim. Never consider income protection with onepath.

Great service and products

I have been with OnePath for about 4 years, (managed funds) and during that time, every query has been dealt with efficiently, statements received on time, and the online portal makes it very easy to print your own end of year tax information. I would recommend them. I am surprised by some of the other comments!


I'm cancelling my work cover policy as I'm permanently moving back to NZ. I'm currently writing a hand written letter as requested, unbelievable. It's 2017! Not to mention needing to certify my identification and filling out irrelevant forms such as deduction for personal super contributions and withdrawal/rollover forms they sent. What the hell? Bad move going with these guys, lucky I never had the need to claim I guess.

Super performance is the # 1 purpose and they don't even get that right

Had my old super split into 2 and rolled half into a Mercantile Mutual deferred annuity about 18 years ago. It went fine for a while until it seemed to be when OnePath took over. Poor service, very poor super performance and poor communication is why I'm switching to Colonial First State.


We've been withOne Path for almost 21 years, way back when it was Mercantile Mutual (MML) and only recently when we requested that One Path roll over our superannuation to another account has there been a major problem. A month has passed and nothing has transpired so we called One Path and they now require the original lodgement documents from 1996. The account number has remained the same during the entire period and it seems ludicrous that we are now required to prove the original transaction. One Path has also issued yearly statements verifying that the account is in good standing. It is a relatively large amount of money, to us anyway, and the loss of it would certainly ruin our retirement.

Calls to One Path from our financial advisor have yielded a bunch of lies and obfuscation. The reason cited to her regarding the non payment was that it was an old policy and needed to be manually closed. How difficult can that be? One Path claimed to us that they'd sent a letter to us regarding the original documents but we've received nothing from them, just promises that it would be paid out.

I would not recommend this company to anyone looking to invest for their retirement or for any other matter. Completely disgusted with their actions.

Edit:. Nearly 7 weeks after asking One Path to transfer the money in the superannuation account to another fund they have finally complied. However, instead of using EFT they issued a cheque which delayed the transfer further.

Don't go with this company on anything they got

They ripped off and they got a bad rude customer service. I cancel income protection with them due to my loan through anz and they still direct debit my account which that money was meant to do a shopping for my daughter :(

Worst Super Fund Ever!!!

Worst super fund EVER!!! Well its been over a year trying to sort out 1 mistaken entry that cost me 11% of my super. hundreds of dollars to accountants running around to jp's signing this and that all because one path put the wrong code on a rollover. Please beware of this fund. one path alright,down the drain.

Disgust - No Ratings

I too have been ripped off by One Path 9 months later they have not paid out. Go to Fair Trade, Ombudsman, ABC, Channel 7, member of parliament and see what happens. Part of ANZ bank and were told to change life insurance and go with One Path because our mortgage was with ANZ - So many discrepancies in policy. I'm suppose to be born 1901.


Widowed and they wont pay out husbands life insurance. Still waiting after 8 mths. All excuses to get out of paying. Now almost bankrupt.


Customer service is non-existent. I rarely request for anything from this mob except to respond to the official communication that they sent every three years for reconfirmation of the data already existed in their database for many years. Upon reconfirmation, there was a mistake from their end on the official documentation. I flagged the mistake and request the correction along with the supporting documentation that they officially sent. Aside from the delays in the reply, they keep asking a number of security questions that I think I should not do since the mistake is clearly on their part. One Path process failed to deliver the required customer service in this scenario. One Path should consider reviewing the official documentation before sending it to me since I wasted time contacting them and getting useless reply.


This company is a disgrace, do not even consider. Worst company I have ever dealt with continuous mistakes. Rip you off all the time with wrong payments.

band together

Just starting to get my super released to me, have already tried to phone but do not get to the person I want, I keep getting put back to a person I have talked to before, now reading this review page it tells me why, with all these negative reviews has any one of you contacted the FOS Ombudsman in your capital city, from what I have read on there site you have already qualified for immediate help, and you can help other people like me that are about to go through all this turmoil, lets band together and fight this injustice that stands before us,

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Questions & Answers

Hi members, I've been away and had my super with ING Masterfund back in 2006, and it's apparently now One Path. I wrote to One Path but they tell me my name is not on their records. Anyone in a similar situation?
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Has any one asked for legal help with One -path....?
2 answers
Ok John, send signed written letter to (attention policy no....... yours) 242 pitt st Sydney nsw 2000, ask yuor request, ask to respond asp no longer than 45 days. Your fund must respond in 45 days if they do not, call FOS ombudsman in your capital city they should be able to ask your fund to them within 21 days if they do not respond they can take legal action for you at no cost, good luck mate,, parky,Ok...thanks for that parky...ty john.

Can i change my super out of one path to another we fund?
2 answers
Yes,its the LawOf course. Just don't expect it to be quick.

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