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Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus

Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus

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They work for me.

I have been suffering with stomach sensations for over a year, I say sensations because I can't describe it as a pain, what I have been experiencing feels like something is trying to get out of my stomach, moving, it's very uncomfortable.
The Doctor prescribed ranitidine, this only helped for short period's.
I decided it was time to take matters into my own hand's and look for an alternative as ranitidine and zantac were only temporary fixes.
I have only been taking inner health plus for 8 day's, the first 4 day's I didn't notice any difference except I was mildly constipated, this went away, by day 6 I have no sensations in my stomach whatsoever, day 8, no sensations.
I can't tell you how happy I am to go through a whole day feeling good inside.
Obviously doctor's don't want to prescribe probiotics and I can't see why not, my advise is to talk to your chemist, explain your symptoms as I did, you never know you too may find the answer you have been looking for.

Purchased at Chemist Warehouse for $27.00.

Effective Within A week

A dangerous product if taken with prednisone

A couple of tablets taken over two days produced the most appalling pain I have ever felt, mainly from lower back upwards to neck. It was suggested that the product would be helpful coming off, gradually, towards the end of course prednisone. My wife could not believe that every attempted movement caused acute pain so severe that I could not help but cry out. Lying in bed, on back, flat WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST movement got me through the night and avoided the ambulance my wife wanted to call. The product had no literature or warning signs even though I now believe probiotics and prednisone work in opposite NOT complimentary directions. Be very careful. Sending an email to Ethical Nutrients was also a drama - about 10 pages or so trying to prove I was not a robot. How time consuming and absurd.

Purchased in July 2019 at Blooms the chemist.

Effective Within Did not work

We use it daily and its help keep colds at bay.

So far we have had good results. We will use it again next winter and autumn. My family like taking it from the spoon. And remind me to give it to them.

Might actually work!

My daughter aged 13 recently required dual big gun antibiotics for an infection. Being very concerned she would develop antibiotic associated diarrhoea, we used this product daily. NO DIARRHOEA!
With this study with sample size of one I cannot say the product was helpful but I can say I was very impressed she dodged diarrhoea and I would definitely use this product again in this context. It is my personal view this product does have a benefit in this clinical scenario.

I am usually sceptical but these really worked

I had been experiencing awful, frequent and painful bloating for about a 2 1/2 year period, which seemed to coincide with menopause. I also had quite a yucky taste in my mouth, but didn’t think those symptoms were related. I tried a number of remedies for the bloating, recommended by my GP, but had no improvement. A pharmacist suggested Inner Health Plus which I tried despite scepticism that it would be just another expensive failure. Within a few days my bloating noticeably improved. A week later I missed a couple of days because I went away without the bottle, and the bloating came back. The bloating stopped again when I resumed taking Inner Health Plus and I have barely had a single episode of bloating in about three months. This is such a huge relief! The nasty taste in my mouth seems to be gone as well, so that has been an unexpected bonus. It is great to be able to say with confidence that this has absolutely worked for me.

Bring the 12 billion bacteria daily immune back

I have been taking inner health daily immune 12 billion bacteria for the past 6 months, and haven't been sick once. It has now been taken off the market, and a new daily immune of 1 billion bacteria is on the market, Since taking these, I have been constipated for the past two weeks. I got the on the Go, for the gut, I've been taking this also with the daily immune and I'm still constipated.


I started taking these on advice by the chemist. I am taking the bottle back to the chemist after 2 days of use due to chronic indigestion. Yes I take them with food but I could not believe the heartburn I got as well

Helps Build Up Immunity

After enduring 2 bouts of the flu this year as well as 2 courses of antibiotics, I decided to give Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus on the go a try. Within 5 days I began to feel heaps better & a fortnight later I feel great! I haven't felt as well as I do now in a very long time. Taken in conjunction with Super Multi Plus multivitamin & 1 x 1000mg Extra C Zingles chewable vitamin c daily, I found this combination to be the best ever remedy to get over the flu fast.

Inner Health Plus will also make you regular & increase your energy levels so you won't feel as tired or fatigued. If you are lactose intolerant, it's still ok to take as it doesn't contain lactose. I also like the fact that the On The Go version doesn't require refrigeration, so you can take it anywhere, anytime.

The Super Multi Plus is an excellent multi & it increases your energy levels too as well as providing your body with any vitamins or minerals it may be deficient in.

Chewable C-Zingles are a great all-rounder for increasing immunity & also ideal for skin, hair & nail health. Vitamin C is also good for assisting bruises & scars to heal faster.

Thank you Ethical Nutrients for your fabulous health supplement range which can easily be found in most pharmacies & chemists Australia-wide. If I hadn't made the decision to purchase when I did, I think I'd be still sick in bed & at this point in time I can't afford to be sick!

Massive change in health

Best I've felt in ages! No longer bloated! My whole family caught a vomiting bug, except me! Because I have been taking the refrigerated inner health routinely every day for the past month. Love it!

Taking Inner Health Plus probiotics resulted in piercing stomach pains

I took this probiotic without any other medications or supplements for 5 days and by day 2 I had horrible stomach pains. I tried to wait it out, but the last night before I stopped taking it I could hardly sleep because the piercing pains were so bad that they kept waking me up in the middle of the night. It has taken over 48 hours for my stomach to go back to semi-normal after stopping Inner Health Plus - I still am experiencing a gnawing sensation and struggling to eat. Ethical Nutrients should have better labelling explaining possible side effects. They should also take responsibility in educating retailers on the possible side effects and recommended dosage (those who haven't taken probiotics before may need smaller dosage). After doing a bit of research, I came across some information from other probiotic organisations that probiotics can possibly cause stomach upsets, but that could be a good sign of the bad bacteria dying - it is hard to believe that the piercing pains I experienced could actually be good for my body. And now I've spent $30 on something I cannot use, nor would give to someone else to finish using. I do not recommend this product.


It's a good go to probiotic, I only like tp buy the refrigerated ones as I don't know what they put into the others to keep them alive on the shelf.

Didn't expect much, very surprised

I normally am a bit skeptical about supplements, vitamins, etc. But after a stubborn cold that kept returning over the period of a year, friends suggested the problem could be my digestive system. I tried Inner Health Plus and a Vitamin D pill, and behold: the colds are gone. This is definitely no placebo effect, I had no expectations whatsoever. Very pleased.

The best I've felt in years

I started taking Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus about 3 weeks ago for gut health. I'm 24 years old and have suffered from irregular bowel movements and bloating basically my whole life despite not having any food allergies and eating a healthy, balanced diet. About a week into taking one of these supplements every day I was blown away by the results. My regularity has been restored and my nails are the longest and strongest they have ever been. My hair is also incredibly shiny and growing faster than usual. I had no idea that probiotics could lead to improved nail and hair health as well. I definitely recommend these supplements for anyone looking to boost their immune system. You don't need to have gut problems to take these, they should be part of your every day routine in my opinion, regardless of health issues.

Not working

It's not working at all after 2-3 weeks. Have better result wity yoghurt.
Maybe I've bought a bad batch from chemist warehouse.... Maybe it's not been stored properly in fridge.... maybe it's not been transported in a refrigerated van...

Exhumed from the (near) Dead

Normally owning (and even flaunting) an incredible immune system, for at least 6 months during 2016 I developed a pseudo cold that seemed to never go away (without really having any full blown symptoms), had a very minor feeling of fever, fatigue, minor phlegm in the throat, (non stop), but worst of all an ever increasing (getting worse) and baffling dry cough that would come on after eating.

Trying everything known to humankind, or so I thought, (including salt rooms, chest x-rays and antacid prescriptions that broke me out in rashes)... a work colleague asked whether (since part of the issue seemed to be digestive) I had tried probiotics?

I hadn't so I went out to the local health store and a very friendly young woman suggested this product from Inner Health Plus, plus another called 'Intestamine'. I also purchased 'Yakult' and yoghurt and started my therapy and within 24-48 hours felt completely, totally, completely and utterly cured. It was simply amazing after 6 months of getting nowhere. I'm going to keep using it and bought another bottle today as I just ran out.

No doubt, somehow, some way, the bad bacteria in my gut had taken hold and multiplied over the last year, perhaps due to stress, diet or other factors and what I had been experiencing was a gradual disintegration of my immune system.

Every body is unique and different and all of us have our own issues, but if you're scratching around for something to try, I would recommend probiotics easily as a first step and see how you go.

All the best!

This product has changed my life

I'm 34 and have ulceritic collitis and proctitis and have had general trouble with a sluggish bowel, irregular bowel movements and an inflamed, enlarged stomach for about the last decade. In one week of taking these capsules every day - I have regular, large bowel movements and my stomach has settled and flattened. It literally feels like a miracle. I am NOT in any way saying this is a cure for collitis, or will solve any problem in particular - I am just sharing my experience as I am so motivated to review this product (I've never reviewed anything online) that its aided my bowel function, I feel kilos lighter and emotionally stronger. I really hope this has a lasting effect. I am so grateful for this product.

Awesome product that works well

I recently purchased the Inner Health plus capsules and have been on them for several days after being very ill with severe indigestion and an awful taste in my mouth from my stomach acid and these have been a god send. I can't believe how much they have helped. I've recommended them to so many others now because of the amazing results.

Severe reaction and I gave 1/8th of the prescribed dose

I gave the Kids Inner Health plus version to my 19th Month old as recommended by the pharmacist. Because he is on antibiotics it says 2 teaspoons a day. I only gave 1/4 teaspoon and he Vomited. My daughter had a diarrhoea reaction some years ago too to the same product.
i believe there needs to be better labelling and warnings on this product. Ie. The stated dose is from 3 months to 12 years of age, which is far too broad from what I have researched and there is no warning regarding possible reactions.

The product works

The inner health plus works as it helped in curing stomach disorders due to imbalance of bad bacteria and honestly how many of us eat yoghurt on daily basis!. The kind of busy lifestyle we live in, maintaining health gut helps a long way.

The best brand & product

I love this product and even more has it can be sold in powder form or capsules. And both options give you a choice of dairy free as well. Of course there are other brands on the market but they, do not give you those options. These probiotics are fantastic, I feel so much happier in my gut, overall health, my immune system and it also helps you prevent cavities. Such a great product, very happy with it.

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Questions & Answers

Dr Google told me probiotics would help with bacterial vaginosis. The lady at the chemist when I explained, gave me Inner Health Plus... is that the best probiotic for BV?
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Does Inner Health Plus make it through the gut acid?
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Have had a kidney transplant and open heart surgery hence i take imuno suppressants plus warefin will the ibs bowell support have any adverse affects on this medication? i case i don't find this page again please email me [email removed]
1 answer
Robert, this question is one for your renal specialist, not product review, speak to your doctor please! With regard to warfarin you should repeat INR within 3 to 5 days of starting or stopping any new medication and this includes over the counter preparations, as INR response can be very individual and not always predictable, good luck.


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