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Inspired Living Maternity

Inspired Living Maternity

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I bought this pillow before i fell pregnant because i was having back trouble and kept on waking up on a funny angle, with back ache. So even before i fell pregnant i loved this pillow, it helped me keep my spine straight and posture in the correct sleeping position. Once i fell pregnant i used it almost every day of the whole nine months. It helped my back unbelievably, and i really noticed the times i was away and slept without it. I have read the other reviews and personally i feel that it didn't make me too hot (i still sleep with it, and i had my baby 3 months ago, and it's the middle of summer). I thought it was worth every cent.
Totally brilliant

Does the job

Definately an improvement on manovering the three 'head pillows' i had been using. I recieved this as a gift but it is not a design i would have bought myself as there is no 'head-support', however if you have a favorite 'head pillow' already this may be just the thing. when new it is very thick, which is nice to cuddle and have between the knees but i'm finding myself constantly beating the thing trying to flatten it out a little so i can fit it under my bump. I think it will also be useful to use on long car trips to help get comfortable. i would recomend a body pilow to any pregnant mummy but i suspect there may be better designs out there.
Comes with a pillowcase, good between the knees and nice to hug in the middle of the night
No head support, too thick when new


I just loved and still love my body pillow! I bought my body pillow for my pregnancy four years ago and at first I didn't know if I would use it much but as it turned out it was the best for those nights when I need to get into a starnge but comfortable position with something under my arms to keep my ever enlarging boobs from squishing and to keep my knees at a comfortable width apart if you know what i mean? When you are at that stage of pregnancy and you know that every nights sleep is a precious one, then believ me you will love this pillow. You can just wrap your whole body around it and have agreat nights sleep. i used it again just over a year later for my next bub and now I use it as a head rest across the top of the bed, and I am sure there are other uses also for when you are finished with it...like the dogs kennel or children's play area (when they are old enough) as a wall/head protector??


I got one of these pillows with my first pregnancy. I used it religously through the final trimester after developing severe lower back pain. Very comfortable to snuggle up to when taking those nanna naps(yes we all take them) in those final stages. Also used for my second pregnancy. Found the second time round that using this product through both the second and third trimesters decrease the pressure on the lower back dramatically. Would recommend this product for use through any pregnancy. It was a life saver!!!
What a marvelous product. Very comfortable and assists in maintaining the lower back in the final trimester of the pregnancy.


i recommend the body pillow to anyone who is pregnant or has problems getting comfortable at night. The pillow holds the belly up allowing many more sleeping positions. i love my body pillow
My body pillow offers me superior comfort and flexibility to move to a more comfortable position when im so desperately trying to get to sleep at night. i will be using this well after i give birth and will be a good nursing pillow as well
i just wish i got a body pillow that is an under head pillow too because i find that my old pillow just isnt good enough now


I had one of these for my first pregnancy and I found it offered great support for my growing bump. It provided great comfort between my legs and kept them from aching. I did find it a bit difficult to change the slip and to also buy them I think from memory the pillow cases were more than the pillow itself. I still use it now but after a few years it has started to look a bit daggy.
The best for pregnancy support and also after pregnancy.
I found it difficult to get the pillow slip on and off, so I made my husband do it :)


its ok.. It did the job. however my wife found it hard to get her bally under it. it is nice to have something big and supportive in the bed :)
this is a good pillow for relaxing.
After a few years in totally flattened out and didnt support me any more.. I guess that happens


Compared to my last pregnancy where I adjusted several pillows around myself this is a big improvement. In the scheme of things its not a big outlay and hopefully i can use it for breast feeding after the baby is born.
It gave me something between my knees for sleeping on my side. The removable cover is easy to wash.
i cant get my tummy comfortably on it. It sits between my knees and away from my torso.


When I fell pregnant, I was so sick with morning sickness and so excited, that I had trouble sleeping right from word go. This long pillow, that you cuddle up to, provides comfort and an effective way of sleeping. You are not allowed to sleep on your back from about 28 weeks and you can't sleep on your front, so the side is the only option. For those used to sleeping on their tummy, the pillow provides the same security. I slept much better from the first nice. It really is a miracle worker.
You can get pillow cases for winter and summer so it doesn’t get too hot.
It helps you be a lot more comfortable and get a better night sleep (and believe me sleep while you are pregnant because there won’t be much of that after).
Don't choose a pillow case based on colour. I choose a lovely pink flannette one and it was too hot.


i found it wonderful! it was comfortable and cool in summer and very snuggly in winter. it hepled me with the nackaches and as i had symphysis pubis dysfunction during my pregnancies it kept my pelvic muscles straight,preventing further injury. i loved this pillow (and still do!)
it was soo comfortable!! i bought it when i was pregnant with my firstborn and have literally used it ever since! it is great for the first trimester with the backaches,second trimesters belly appearnce and third trimesters discomfort and it also keeps you in one place.i found that if i layed on my side i tended to roll towards my belly and the body pillow kept me upright. it is great for after pregnancy especially post ceasar when your lower body is still very sensitive
nothing really


The concept was great. But it just made me too hot in bed, as if you are not hot enough when you are pregnant. Didn't really get much use until my son started sitting and we would position it around him incase he fell over. If you are a cold person it would probably be great, but if you are hot like me you would probably be better with a small cushion or pillow under your belly.
Good for helping you sleep towards the end of your pregnancy. I used after the birth around my son when he started sitting.
It made me far too hot in bed, I always ended up kicking it out in the middle of the night. I ended up using a smaller cushion under my huge tummy which was better.


I bought this pillow for my allergies but have not been able to use it my whole pregnancy. For the larger or heavier woman it would be fine but for me 5'4 and slim it was impossible! In the photo it appears that the pillow is very flat, I found the pillow to be too high for me esecially to put my leg over was a real stretch for my hip. Also the length is very long (length of king size bed) and when trying to sleep with it at night I found that I could not just kick the covers off my feet I had to physically sit up and lift them over the pillow.
Natural fibres.

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