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Ultimate Sleep Comfort-U

Latest review: The pillow arrived very quickly and was a lot more compact in the shipping box than I expected! I am 6 feet tall and it is perfect for me. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t lose it’s volume, very good

Bellybean Maternity Pillow

Latest review: I use this pillow religiously since 13 weeks and I am used to sleeping with it. However, the gap between is quite large and I don't feel supported all the times. My main concern is that it doesn't

Ultimate Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow

Latest review: I got myself the essentials pack and from night one i had already noticed the difference in my sleep once using it. Highly recommended. No regrets. The butterfly pillow is excellent for travel or

Dentons Pregnancy

Latest review: Very comfy pillow to use at night. Also used a pillow between my knees to help with pelvic pain. Highly recommended. If your back pain is caused by the weight of your belly this pillow should help.

Leachco Snoogle Original

Latest review: Cool design but once your in that position your locked in for good or it’s a wrestling match with the pillow and covers. Besides a cool design the actual “pillow” for your head is nothing more than a

Inspired Living Maternity

Latest review: I bought this pillow before i fell pregnant because i was having back trouble and kept on waking up on a funny angle, with back ache. So even before i fell pregnant i loved this pillow, it helped me

Side Sleeper Pro

Latest review: I bought one many years ago from Big W. It wore out so I through it out. Have just bought a new one online and I am so disappointed. I can not use it. The filling is different and it does not provide

Ultimate Sleep Ultimate Skies Pregnancy Pillow

Latest review: I purchased the pregnancy pillow at the baby expo and I absolutely love it. It’s so comfortable and has really improved my sleep so much already. I would recommend this to my friends... in fact I a

Therapeutic Pillow Leg Relaxer Cushion

Latest review: I recently saw this product online and bought it, in order to alleviate painful cramps i get at nightime. It certainly helped me as the ergonomic design, provides me with the relief i need to be able

Therapeutic Pillow Side Snuggler

Latest review: This Side Snuggler is a pillow I have only had for about a month. I got it when I was pregnant as your not meant to roll onto your back. Something about a nerve in the spine. This product was super

Therapeutic Pillow CuddleUp

Latest review: I just love this body pillow. It's so soft and supportive. I hug it all night long. I brought this body pillow when I was pregnant and im still using it every night! gave me support between my legs

Jobri Spine Reliever

Latest review: Perfect and comfortable. My husband and I fight over it (but I always win). I sleep more comfortably and peacefully now, especially with the growing belly. Comfortable, soft and oh so

Therapeutic Pillow Banana

Latest review: When I was pregnant with our first child I was finding it very uncomfortable to sleep at night - my husband bought me this banana pillow and its an absolute godsend; not sure what I would have done

Therapeutic Pillow Maria’s adjustable Pregnancy Support

Latest review: My partner used this with the banana pillow (which you can see in the pic). The 2 worked well togeather. We have it to her sister after the baby was borne and she loved it too! My partner used this

Outdoor Baby Body Pillow

Latest review: I liked that the pillow was easy to position and found that it did not move much during the night, I was able to get a good night sleep with it. I would wrap my leg around it and also support my

MicroCloud Pillows

Latest review: The pillow looks plump and is soft however provides no neck support and my head seems to sink right through it. My quality of sleep has deteriorated since using it.

Ultimate Pillow Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow

Latest review: Didn't think that this pillow would work as well as it did! Only purchased after a close friend reccomended it to me and I can honestly say its a life saver. Still using at the moment and cant

Jolly Jumper Pregnancy Pillow

Latest review: This is the best money i ever spent in regard to pampering myself whilst pregnant. I only wish I had bought it for my first pregnancy as well. The second time around I was more smart and finally

Fertile Mind Milkbar Twin

Latest review: Tried a few pillows prior to using the Milkbar and found they weren’t thick or wide enough to rest bub on. The twin Milkbar is perfect. I don’t have twins but preferred the curved shape. I bought it s

Leachco Back 'N Belly

Latest review: I was sceptical about full body pillows, couldn't imagine that I would ever find them comfortable. I did want to give them a try, but how do you know which one to buy when you cannot try them in the

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