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International Roast Coffee Powder

International Roast Coffee Powder

2.2 from 51 reviews

Hubby in a nursing home need smaller tins

I need to know were to purchase the smaller tins what happened to them.
Please dont like those large tins
I feel it does not stay fresh enough if buying the large tins for my Husband

Purchased in October 2018 at W.W for $11.00.

Would give 6 stars if I could

This coffee is a breakthrough. Great taste, superb value. An overall great coffee to drink. A lot of people are put off from drinking International Roast, but the secret Is putting the milk in before the water to avoid burning the coffee

Purchased in March 2019.

Burnt Taste

Been using International Roast for over 30yrs, It is now fowl, Going to look for something better.

No taste

I have also been drinking international roast for 30 years. I thought my taste buds have disappeared as I can no longer taste and enjoy my coffee.. what's happened.. I'm glad it's not me, time to change. :-( I miss my coffee..

Over Roasted first time

We have been using International Roast Coffee for many years, but the last tin tastes like it has been burnt or well and truly over roasted so much so that we have had to buy another brand. Very disappointed.

Terrible taste

I agree with what everyone is saying - your coffee does have a terrible burnt taste - I thought it was my tastebuds! We've been drinking your coffee for the last 20+ years after converting from another brand. Please go back to to your original recipe or we'll be forced to try yet another brand!!!

Bring back the old recipe

We have bought International Roast for more than 30 years up until recently when we experienced the same problem as others. We contacted International Roast consumer line to be told that from last October 2017 they have changed the recipe and are now roasting the beans to get a better aroma. The result of this is that the coffee tastes burnt. We have now changed coffee... as we have totally lost confidence.

What have they done?

At least our tastebuds are not dying. We both thought our morning coffees tasted wrong but now that I've read the reviews on here, we are not alone. My partner has tried putting more sweetener in to make it taste right, I just thought my taste was having a holiday. I hope it improves shortly or I am going to have to find another coffee, which will be hard because I don't like any other brand of coffee. Also I have 2 large cans in the cupboard which I can't afford to chuck out. I have tried other coffee brands at other people's places but International Roast is the only one I like, 25 years worth. So, please, makers of International Roast, put it back the way it was, before you have no customers ! ! !

Not just the taste!

I firmly agree with what everyone else is saying. The taste has gone down hill steadily for a while. I thought it was my taste buds with the horrible after taste until I read numerous reviews but what really gets me at the moment is their decision to stop supplying it in small cans. As we all know, if you don't consume it in a relatively short time it goes stale which only adds to the current lack of quality. Their decision to not supply in quantities in supermarkets in tins under 1kg is a joke as most households will throw it out long before the can is empty as it will go stale. I've been drinking it for at least 35 years now along with my parents and 6 siblings plus their children. None of us will buy it now! We are all now looking for alternatives. In my family alone that's more than 30 people! I wonder if the moronic bean counters who make these decisions can do the maths and extrapolate this over the nation and equate it to their eventual bottom line. All of my extended family are now looking for alternatives. I have tried a number of times to talk about this issue but you are obviously too arrogant and ignorant to take notice. I hope this isn't your downfall. Customers talk with their feet and it seems that it what most are doing. Wake up!
Dave Martland

Worst taste Ever

I have been a dedicated International Roast coffee drinker for over 30years. Always my morning ritual to start my day with a great cup . The last tin
....will be my last tin.! The taste is disgusting and I am now looking for a new coffee. Very disappointing.

International roast coffee powder

When they change the flavor of a product you would think they would taste it themselves before selling it the new flavour is terrible and leaves a bitter after taste in your mouth.

What has happened to International Roast?

I have drunk this coffee for 35 years and when I opened this last tin, I found it wasn't the same. I thought I was imagining it, but on reading other people's comments here, I see I wasn't. The taste is definitely appauling! How disappointing when a reliable product lets you down. I will be looking for another brand.

Can not drink the new cans off coffie

I am a regular internationalised drinker have bought new 500g tins of coffee that tastes absolutely burnt their undrinkable .tryed different tins now have three different 500g tins all the same. A 500g tin lasts about 3 weeks these tin will last for ever can't drink it

Burnt coffee bitter taste

Have drank Intern. Roast for years. Best coffee out, until this last tin. Disgusting. Tastes burnt and leaves a bitter taste. Not happy because I don’t like other coffees.


We have drunk international roast coffee for over 30 years bought a tin recently texture, flavour, smell & taste horrible expiry date nov 18 bought another tin expiry dec 18 still the same disgusting!! After waisting $22.00 we cannot use it & have changed coffee brand- more cost not happy what a shame we are forced to change after 30 years if the product has changed it should be written on the tin

Can not buy this coffee any more after 30 years

73280313n1 end Nov 2019 don't buy
Taste is burnt
Again... This is my 5th can....No more :-(


We have always drank International Roast Coffee but I will not buy it any more the taste has changed it taste as though it has been burnt .Not happy the texture is different too .I always by the big tin at Coles very disappointed.

What did you do??

I’ve been an international roast drinker since I was a teenager. I’ve always loved it and been able to rely and depend on the fact that it’s always the same. Not anymore. What have you done to it? It smells completely different and tastes wrong. Have you changed the beans?? It tasted like Nescafé blend 43 now not the smooth flavour we all love and are used to. I really hope it’s just a bad batch and it goes back to the original recipe. So disappointed.

Was perfect but now has changed for the worse

I have used International roast all my life and loved it, but the last couple of tins I have brought have not tasted the same. It is not as smooth and is now more harsh. I thought that it might have been the kettle and cleaned it out but it made no difference. I now realise that the coffee has changed in some way. It is not terrible, but just nowhere near as good as it was. Just don't enjoy it anymore.
Why change something that was so good??
Looks like I will have to find a new coffee to love.

What have you done to the coffee

What has happened to the coffee that I loved. I have never liked any other coffee but International Roast but now that is disgusting I have drank this coffee all my life but I think I'm going to have to change as I can't stand the taste now.

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I bought International Roast from Woolies n brought a500 gm tin home to Malaysia. My husband n i really love the aroma(after u pour hot water on the coffee powder : hmmmmuah) n the taste. Now our supply is running out n wonder whether we can get IR in Malaysia. We stay 30 km outside Kuala Lumpur. We would like to know if we cannot get IR inMalaysia, whether it can be sent to us from Australia n the cost involved. Tqvm
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