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Ionmax Tower Ionic ION401

Ionmax Tower Ionic ION401

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happy with this air purifier!

It reduces dust in our bedroom where it is placed. I am amazed how this product has gone beyond my expectations.My husband had sinus problem for years and can't sleep when it attacks so i put the ion401 on in our room,after a day he felt really good and could sleep well, so we're using it up to now.

NOT as great as you think...

i brought this a couple years ago after reading so many "Great" reviews, so in hindsight i was okay to pay for its ridiculous high price att (paying $199+P/H) also thinking itll be well worth it in the end, since there's no on-going cost with replacing any filters afterwards either, (which was another PLUS too.) Along with it being pretty quite while it was on & running. -But this also made me question whether it was actually really working though, since it was a little too quite when it was running.
However, after having it on over a couple weeks, i can honestly say there seem to be a SLIGHT difference in the air. But not so much to say it was drastically enough to pay "that" much for it!! Not in my opinion anyways...
After having it running for 3 weeks straight, the light went off to have the blades cleans. Which was easy enough & pretty straight forward, then once its completely dried return it back into its correct place. After this first initial complete clean, the light tends to go off more often & more quickly since then. So i've just ended up spending more time cleaning this damn thing and waiting for it to be completely dry, rather than having it actually "doing" what its supposed to do instead half the time. Plus it hasn't really ever returned to being whisper quite, as i once knew it to be...
Overall i'm well more pleased with my replacement homedic a/p over this one -ANY DAY!!! Even though i may have pay extra afterwards to replace its filters every few months & might also be 10 times louder than this one...i honestly don't think this particular air purifier is even really worth its asking price on todays market, which i've seen for $224!

All going well so far and wouldn't be without it!

I've had my Ionmax Tower for nearly a couple of years now and have had no problems with it. Notice the difference in the air quality when I've cleaned the blades and have this switched off over night while the blades are drying. I have a dust allergy and can literally feel the dust in the air when the tower is turned off and feel much better when gadget it turned back on and it's doing its job. I got lazy at one stage and left Ionmax off for a few days and the air quality just felt progressively worse.......so won't do that again! I leave it turned on low because my lounge room isn't that big and don't want to overdo the ozone bit. Thoroughly recommend this to those looking for relief from bad air quality and the like! Only thing I must add, I would love to buy spare blades for this so that when I'm cleaning current blades I have a replacement to use. This is the only reason I haven't given this 5 stars.......tried to ring to buy these and got a negative response.
Does the job, quietly and efficientlly!
Spare blades would come in handy when cleaning unit.

Not Happy

Just died, it lasted a year and cost 170.00 and they want 100.00 to fix it...too expensive for a new circuit board. so 270.00 for it with no guarantee is out of the question. I am sure they could fix it for less than that. A big waste of money.
It worked a little bit but never trapped dust only a tiny amount of some black carbon like substance.
no where near as good as the fan type unit filters they definately 90% better, no moving parts it should have lasted 3 or 4 years

Very efficient

Works great, quiet and easy to clean. Works very well in my large living room, and from a stuffy feeling I had before in my house, it now feels fresh and clean thanks to the Tower Ionic air purifier. It's also quite lightweight and compact and easy to bring around. Have had no problems with it since I bought it!
Affordably priced, compact, portable, very easy to clean, quiet

Quiet, energy efficient and does the job

We bought 2 of these, one for the office and one for the bedroom. They make no noise and the only indicator that they are on is the LED on top. We left ours for 7 days before removing the blades and only then could we see how much dust, fluff etc they had removed from the air. We notice a definite reduction in the amount of dust landing on the furniture so they must be doing the job. We're happy.
Quiet, energy efficient
The LED indicators on top are far too bright for bedroom use. You can read by the light it gives off. We have had to put tape over them.

About 1 year after buying them, the 2 switches on the top gave out on both machines, and they would not turn on. I am into electronics so it was no problem for me to replace the switches on both machines for a couple of dollars. Would likely cost plenty if you couldn't do it yourself.Feb 2013, one of the two we bought in 2011 has stopped working , showing a red light. Upon checking, found that one of the 3 corona wires had broken. Company does not answer my email inquiry about getting replacement wires so likely going to end up in the tip. There is also evidence of arcing on the bottom of the blades where they make contact at the bottom. Could be a safety issue I think. Yes they work well when they work, but don't expect to use them for more than a couple of years before terminal problems.Unhappy it died after little use and will cost 100 dollars to fix not a good product

Cost Effective

It is amazing to see what the Ionmax picks up from the air. The 3 blades are easy to clean so there is no need for replacing any filters and it removes odours effectively from the house. I use mine in the hallway near the bedrooms and the LED lights are pretty much like a night light due to the brightness of them. It came with a one-year warranty. I am very happy with this product.

ADDIT: I have had this tower for seven-years now and it is still doing a great job. The blades are starting to get a little surface rust but its done a great job.
Inexpensive, warranty, less dust on furniture and efficient odour remover.

Date PurchasedJun 2011

Questions & Answers

Makes a hissing sound
1 answer
Makes a hissing sound after I clean it ?? It may be a little late that I am answering your conundrum, but once you clean it, put the unit back together, tip it upside down until you hear a "click" and then turn it on. No hissing :) Try this let me know if OK.

if I use two ion401 in a 140sqm unit would it still be effective? I have two of this purifier and thinking to put it in one big office room we have and use simultaneously or would I need to buy a larger unit? Seems to me this unit is effective and energy efficient, no need to change filters but i just wonder if it can cover a big room and safe to use at the same time?
3 answers
These are expensive but cheap to run, however they do not filter air well (move air) like the say Philip model which a much better job as the filter 100 times more air through HEPA filters but the filters are not cheap, a set of filters cost almost as much as the unit. Harvey Norman have a good range, worth a look. I found the Ionmax never needed cleaning as even after 3 months the blades were not dirty. But my air filter with ionizer the filters showed heaps of dust on the filters. Unfortunately the false advertising by marketers makes us believe what is not true. Expect to pay 100 dollars or more if something goes wrong with it. Hope this helps.My only advice would be to look at what the manufacturers information says on there appliances, plus do some online research if you feel like it after that and then go with your gut. My feeling regarding my own situation is what ever the gadget claims to do or is or isn't as long as it keeps dust at floor level as much as possible I'm happy. So I have a smaller ioniser with hepa filter in my bedroom and a large tower ioniser in my lounge/living area which effectively should cover my whole unit that I live in. My bedroom unit is an Ionmax Ion330 Mini Hepa Air Purifier and Ioniser and my lounger room one is an Ionmax Ion401 Tower Air Purifier and Ioniser. My main health issue is dust allergy and air pollution so these two gadgets serve me well. I used to have the Ion 401 but I don't think they make these or their parts anymore, that's why I changed tot he 330, but bought extra filters with this gadget at the same time so I won't have to worry about that in the future.......and also to save extra deliver fees in the future. Finally, I'm not an expert and only know what I know from my recent experience with these appliances over the last few years. I really depends on what you are using them for in the end and if you have health issues, how serious your health issues are. I've rung the Ionmax people up in the past when I wasn't too sure so if your desperate you could always do that. Apart from that I'm pretty hopeless with square metre calculations.....sorry!Actually i am using this unit now and i can say ...it works well.. i find it effective to run this air purifier but i'm using one of this unit only in a smaller room than 140sqm. I'm thinking if i would run it together might cause overheating or less effective? One thing i like in this unit is i don't have to buy filters anymore so im thinking i might as well use this, than purchase a unit which i need to change filters, that's another expense on my part. Thanks for your thoughts gerry and luminair.. yeah ionmax is reliable it helped me with my asthma and sinus problems, less allergies now since i used this...might as well ring the manufacturer, that's a good idea.

I cleaned it because it was noisy. After it was ok for about two days then it was noisy again. I cleaned it again, but it is still noisy I cannot use it. Did it happen to anyone before?
3 answers
When noisy it is dirty, however if you just cleaned the blades and wires as per the instructions then I would take it back for repair if under warranty. Mine ran out 2 weeks after and they would not fix only quoted me $100 to $120 to fix. I will tell you they are pretty useless. Fan type with filters and ioniser are the true best to use they do work.I haven't had a problem with mine......I think you should contact the people you bought this from......it could just be faulty and if you have it under warranty still then they will hopefully replace it for you or something like that.Hi Sofia, Usually this noise is caused by debris on the nebulising wires. Use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol (or nail polish remover) to clean the wires. Care must be taken to avoid damaging the wires. If you'd like any further assistance, feel free to contact our support team at 03 8899 6900 or 1300 800 200 (toll-free). -Vivien


Ionmax Tower Ionic ION401
CategoryAir Purifiers
Price (RRP) $229.00
HEPA FilterNo
FeaturesAdjustable Speed Settings and Ionic Filter
Max Room Size 60
Weight5 kg
Dimensions 700 x 200 x 150 mm
Construction Material Plastic
Power15 W
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateNov 2008

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