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Salin Plus Salt Therapy

Latest review: Yes it does work, you do sleep better, kid has asthma and sleeps with mouth open, turn this thing on and mouth closed, may just be the taste of salt in his mouth

Ausclimate Winix Ultimate 5 Stage AUS-9500
  • Remote Control : Yes
  • Power: 70 W

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

Latest review: I live in a very small home. I have a son who have chronic lung disease and having cleaner air was important to me. I bought this machine mainly because of the purifier, but also because I don't

InovaAir AirClean E20

Latest review: My daughter had Asthma when we bought the InovaAir AirClean E20 Plus in October 2016. We supported our daughter with GP prescribed natural supplements and installed the AirClean in our upstairs

Cli-Mate Air Washer CLI-AW200L

Latest review: I was a night asthma sufferer & now I'm not and it's all because of this. It works without showing signs it is, well it did for me, the water remained clear, the machine ionized air (makes

FilterQueen Defender Room Air Cleaner

Latest review: I have severe allergies and this unit is supposed to help, unfortunately it doesnt work for me, i dont think the filters used are of good quality.. back to the drawing board. I do like the look of

Cli-Mate Air Purification System CLI-AP30

Latest review: It really helps keep pollen out (we no longer get hayfever inside on high pollen count days) and gets rid of smells inside quickly (which is very handy with a toilet-training toddler). Only

Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk

Latest review: Bought late last year, has developed high pitched squeal after 4 months finally tried to return it endless phone queues and no service used my own time to post then when I rang again after a week to

Able Ultrasonic Vaporiser & Air Purifier

Latest review: I purchased this vaporizer for winter as my house gets stuffy. I like the many features that it offers. Being able to have more or less steam running has been great, the coloured lights look pretty.

Blueair 450E

Latest review: This is without a doubt one of the most reliable and best air purifiers on the market. I know this because I spent $450 buying a Dylos DC1700 from Amazon which monitors air pollution in real-time. I

Airfree P40 / P60 / P80

Latest review: Since using the P40 in our bedroom, my spouse's frequent coughing in the evening disappeared resulting in a very restful sleep every night for us both. I have since recommended to a friend who has

Hoover Mag Air Purifier

Latest review: Having an asthmatic wife and child I am conscious of our health and am always seeking products to improve it. I recently purchased the Hoover Air Mag Purifier and it has made a world of difference.

InovaAir AirClean E8

Latest review: • Super fast delivery (3 days from day of order to receipt – Regional NSW to Regional Victoria). • Well made, sturdy product. • Easy to follow (and well written) instructions. After following the ins

Ausclimate Winix ZERO 4-Stage AUS-1050AZBU
  • Remote Control : No
  • Power: 35 W

Sharp FUY30JW

Latest review: Understand the importance of clean air with Sharp's revolutionary dual action Air Purifier with Plamsacluster Ion technology. The FUY30JW ensures a clean, well balanced air flow with the 20° angle

IQAir HealthPro

Latest review: We had this IQAir HealthPro Plus a year ago and i find it very helpful in the house, it generally cleans the air of your home so you breath fresh and clean air that makes kids don't get sick easily.

Airfree Platinum 125 / 150

Latest review: Doctors could not help our daughter with her ​​coughing attacks at night. Airfree helped our daughter and we also feel much better since we have these devices at home. We sleep much better from now

InovaAir DE20 Plus

Latest review: I have lived in a mouldy home for 15 years. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with mould related asthma. For the last 12 months my partner has had a constant sinus infection that won't go away

IQAir GC MultiGas

Latest review: We have 2 in our 2 storey house. They run 24/7 no noise no problem very little power usage,

Ausclimate Winix 4 Stage AUS-5500
  • Remote Control : Yes
  • Power: 70 W

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