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I agree with the rest of the disgruntled clients. Don't deal with them :(

I was only with them for a short term which ended up costing me just over $20K.
It was my first and only experience with super and "DEFINITELY" my last.
My advice is to do your homework before you contact anyone on what could potentially be a very costly mistake.
BTW, I was paid a bit of "HUSH MONEY" to button me up which proves they mismanaged my money by going against my advice.

High fees, paying Insurances I didn't know about for years! Bad delayed service, product is a scam.

High fees, paying Insurances I didn't know about for years! Very disappointing and 0 for resolution and response time.. sadly.

I think the fees are disgusting, they are so high compared to all other products. Once I didn't work for two months and I noticed the 12 lines of fees over 60 days, around 500AUD. This had been happening for 7 years or so, immediately contacted asking why I had two insurances!!! Over 1500 per year and I was told 90 days on a reaponse, its insane.

Once I get my insurance refund I will never deal with this unprofessional company ever again!

The only benefit is that you can live tried a couple of times a month to combat their fees..... the extremely high fees and watch out.. when you get above 50k MORE FEES, they will also charge you $40 brokerage to buy and also to sell.

I've lost close to 30,000 due to Ioof, insurances and fees - please be careful, as this company destroyed a solid retirement for me.


I sent an email on Monday to enquire about talking to a consultant as I hadn't spoken to anyone from this company for 9 years. By Wednesday, no response, so I called. They couldn't find my email. They called back several hours later to say they have received and I'll get a confirmation by Friday that they had received my email. Friday is here and I still haven't received an email, for I don't know what for.
I have just looked on their website for a contact in Perth and no phone numbers, only a street address and PO Box No. Nonsense.

Customer Service

DO NOT SIGN WITH IOOF or TAL!They take money from your super, to pay insurance that you never authorised or knew about

I have never signed anything with IOOF. I signed with Spectrum in 2013. IOOF then purchased Spectrum.

In 2015 I was forced to resign from my employment. This is the first time I have ever been unemployed since I moved out of home at 13.

I have no prior medical history.

IOOF were notified that I was no longer employed, I received a letter to this effect from IOOF. However, this letter never mentioned the Income protection Insurance that I unknowingly held with IOOF, that they were also deducting the fees from my superannuation for this insurance. This was all without my knowledge or consent. In the letter it stated "upon receipt of your signed authorisation, your" employer policy" will be transferred to a "Personal policy". Once the policy has been transferred, we will issue you with online access, to view your account. " IOOF changed my policy, but never issued me with online access.

I was also NEVER issued a copy of my policy, or relevant disclosures that they are obligated to give to every customer at the beginning of the policy. As I could never see my policy, I was unaware what I had.

I was contacted by IOOF 3 years after I ceased my employment, to finally issue my online access. It was at this time I was first advised I had Income protection.

As they deliberately failed to issue me any of the relevant documents they are obligated to provide, I was completely unaware of the terms and conditions of this policy.

I was unaware I was required to attend very regular medical appointments.

As one of my conditions kept me confined to my bedroom for 12 mths, only leaving my home 10 times in 3 years, I was denied for not meeting the requirements of my policy, which were never given to me at any time in the 5 yrs I had been a customer. This was also dragged out for 13 months with TAL Insurance, requesting various information they did not require, and legally could not request as it had nothing to do with my claim. I was advised by my lawyer they should never have requested any of it. I made several complaints in August 2018, I was given. Countless apologies for the constant failure to return my calls or finalise my claim. I was assured everytime that my claim would be finalised immediately. This never happened.

I forwarded my complaints to the Super ombudsman in November 2018, then forced to resubmit to AFCA. This was just to get a response from TAL regarding my claim, that was submitted in April 2018. All required documentation was supplied by June 2018.

In the end the final response from TAL and IOOF, was denying my claim for a reason they were fully aware of in April 2018. This was also the first time I was advised of this.

I reported all of this to AFCA, and have all of my calls recorded to further prove this. I was asked to submit Statutory Declarations from anyone that had any contact with me during the 12mths, stating "this will help" in arguing my case. I was asked to submit a timeline of my appointments with a home visit GP during the 12 mths.

In the end, I was denied by TAL and IOOF because the GP that treated me is apparently not registered. Despite visiting my home initially from a "Home Call GP" service. Clearly not something I ever felt to check, since I know these services do not send out unqualified people as they advised me. I was also penalised because I was unable to provide one of my scripts during that time, as it is taken by the chemist when its finished. As my medication is not covered by PBS, there is no record that can be obtained through Medicare to further evidence this. I was also penalised for not having cash receipts to evidence my treatment, as it was taken in a fire at our home in June 2018. This was advised to TAL and IOOF at the time, but my claim was still deliberately delayed for no reason for 13 months.

Due to the fire at our home that claimed half our property, it also claimed my partners entire business, that he built from the age of 18. This rendered our household with no income at all for 8mths. TAL and IOOF were fully aware of this, but still delayed my claim, forcing me into serious financial hardship, now looking at losing everything I own, my mother's retirement money she loaned to us for the purchase. I will also never be able to work in the career I have dedicated my life to, for 15 years. This is the result of being one of the countless people, that have been treated the same way.

The worst part, AFCA is the only place you can complain about being blindly ripped off like this, yet despite all the unlawful actions by both TAL and IOOF, AFCA also allows this, with no repercussions to TAL or IOOF for the endless breaches to their obligations.

Apparently they have the right to do this, and when they deny your claim, because u were never given a copy of the policy or PDS, FSG etc, this is also allowed. As confirmed by AFCA. I was also advised that due to so many complaints like mine, new legislation was brought in to ensure this type of unconscionable behaviour can longer continue.

However, for people like me that have been with their superannuation company prior to the new laws, there is nothing AFCA will do to help you. Even when you are faced with losing everything because of the mistakes and breaches made by your superannuation company and insurer.

I have never been so appalled by the actions of the Ombudsman, that is meant to help customers that have been ripped off and misled. Instead choosing to condone the unlawful actions of both TAL and IOOF.

Customer Service
Insurance Options
Income Protection

Certainly not the best

I was with Ioof for 15 years,
My balance is now way less than the contributions that have gone in thanks to high fees & extortionate insurance that you are automatically signed up for.
After learning what has happened with Ioof during the royal commission with dishonest directors I finally made the decision to switch.....
Best move ever !.......
Ioof is a retail fund, out to make money for shareholders not its members!!!

IOOF incompetence

IOOF bought out the super fund I was with for 30 years and was happy with however ......
IOOF has lost $8000 out of my fund in 4 months - gross mis-management and even greater incompetence. -unbelievable and worrying. Paying admin fees for what - they do absolutely nothing and do not respond to request for information.
I am very concerned about the recent bad press and looking to change funda.

Terrible Super Product

I was in this fund for nearly 3 years and made a total return of -2.2%, despite them advertising returns of 8% and 9%. I was forced into this fund by an employer and then moved (without permission) into a different super product when I left that employer. I have just withdrawn my money from this fund and, on top of the huge fees and terrible returns, they have charged me $75 for the pleasure of moving my own money. I would never recommend IOOF to anyone.

Ripped of for years

Its my fault for being complacent. I should have left years ago. I am now with AustralianSuper. The cost of my life insurance has reduced by $3,663 per year (Same cover level and with the same underwriter, TAL).

Great customer Servce

Besides how much fees and charges they do, i am grateful that i was served by 2 great lady consultants. They were very nice and helpful today.

Super high fees, super scam

After joining a casual company offering IOOF super, I did some research and found their fee ridiculous, lucky i cancelled my account rapidly only losing one paycheck to this sinkhole called a super scheme. Get out fast, stay out.

Customer service

Have been trying to get someone from IOOF to call me back
2 telephone calls which I left a message and one email. Nothing. Looks like they done want my business
National Australia Trustees did a crap job in sell this part of the business to them. Will consider my options next time I go for a loan. Will consider other banks apart from Nab. Have been with them for 36 years.

IOOF have a large options of investment funds

I switched to IOOF two years ago and I have been very happy with the fund management. The main feature that I love is the wide variety of investment options. I had a selection of thousands of funds compared to when I was with AMP and I had minimal options. The fees are only justifiable if you have an investment of over 50K in my opinion

Almost transferred husbands superannuation to someone else' account all because of a typo on their e

We received a strange letter advising that a portion of my husbands superannuation would be transferred as per "court orders". This confused us as we had not seen any court orders so my husband contacted IOOF to find out what was going on and was told that $38,000 would be transferred from his superannuation to someone else' as per the court order which he signed at the lawyers. He informed them he had never been to see a solicitor and the lady on the end of the phone treated him like an idiot and said "umm yes you have we have your signature right here". My husband asked who the superannuation was being transferred to and when he was told the name my husband advised "I don't know who this person is", once again he was treated like an idiot, until the lady on the other end finally looked to see where it was signed and gasped on the end of the phone and said "I am so sorry, there has been a clerical error, we will fix this straight away". Basically, if my husband had not seen the letter and called them to find out what it was about, this $38,000 would have been transferred out of his account to someone else' all because of a "clerical error". I lodged a complaint with them, I got an initial response advising they would look into it then once they realized what had happened they did not bother responding to me, so I sent a follow up email which also was also ignored. I am appalled that something like this could happen and they don't even have the decency to respond to your complaint... I would strongly recommend to find a different super fund and avoid this one at all costs.

Would have rated 0 stars if there was one

Now I regret as I read the reviews very late. Worst super fund, No wonder why they don't have at-least one good review. They added income protection and insurance on the top of super without letting me know and kept on deducting them every month. They say that it comes by default along with the super account. There was only a small amount going to my super and major portion of that was eaten up by IOOF as administration charges, member fee, insurance premium and income protection charges. Now that I decided to move out they say they have an exit fee of 75$! Well, better late than never. Switching to another super now. They never ask you whether to add insurance when you open account, they just add it by default, it will be mentioned in the disclosure statements middle page where no one notices. I would advise everyone to stay away from this company.

Painfully ignorant and arrogant

I called ioof to get financial hardship forms and I was told they would send them via post. A week and a half later I called to advise I had not received anything and I was told they would email me the forms. The next day I called to advise no email had been received, then again the next day, then the next, a week later they arrived, in the post and via email. With my financial hardship turning to financial ruin I sent back the forms with the required identification and proof of my debts via express post. A week later I called to see if they received and they said they had not. I knew something was not right so I called back 5 mins later to double check and I was told it had arrived but my application couldn't be assessed until I supplied a centerlink PAYG summary for 2014/15 financial year. Making a conscious effort not to swear, I began venting my frustration. And before I had finished they decided to end the call. Because it just ticked past office hours I was unable to contact them again until the following Monday. Furious and Financially bad, I called to tell them my 2014/15 PAYG was $0 and asked if I could forward the statement emailed to me in an attachment from centerlink to quicken the shambolic process and this was approved. Another week past by and I had not heard anything so I called to see if there was a problem and was informed the emailed attachment I sent was not acceptable and that I had to send the original statement via post. Confused over the logic I needed to clarify if the the first print out was deemed as the original and that any print out after would be deemed a copy. In a condescending tone I was told this was correct and that I should know the answer. I was also made aware that if I had of sent the correct forms the process would be quicker. Now I'm at fault? I demanded a supervisor and was told no one available and they would return my call. The next day I received a call and was told it was being assessed and I should receive payment by the end of the week. The following Tuesday I called to find out what was going on and I was informed the process had not begun and it would take 7-10 business days. It has been 7 weeks since I requested the forms and I don't know if it has been approved or denied. Customer service does not exist in there dojo so don't expect any don't expect any compassion either. What you can expect is a whole lot of ignorance and arrogance.

Switch from this super as fast as possible

Words can't describe how bad this super company is. Been young I never really looked into my super that much. Recently I found out they had opened two super accounts in my name and charging fees for both when I never gave permission to this. What is worst they started to roll over all my super into a high risk super account at about 70% risk? This is a complete joke to do something so silly at during 2016 with stock markets as they are. As soon as I found out I switched all my super out of the account.

absolutely poor customers service

Honestly ive never known a company to speak so poorly and rude. Really unprofessional. So arrogant. The customer service has been the poorest or poorest, and that is dealing with a number of member with the company.. Ive now changed super company due to the way ive been spoken to. No help or advice. Sorry to say but highly do not recommend.

Not happy brother

It is now august 28 still nothing from IOOF, watch out for there underwriters TAL, who seem to tell them what to do. IOOF make 1.5 billion a year profit and cant pay me the proper amount income protection 4 my testicle injuries which now adds up to $21500 back pay it is all been reported to the sct in Victoria. I would advise anyone else who who has problems with IOOF/TAL to do so as well. To do with there underwriters TAL watch out for everreddy keetlereddy people who have dealt with TAL will know what that mean. Tells IOOFs customer complaints area what to do, as TAL tell IOOF what to do..watch out for them because they know every trick in the book .Don't think for a second that they even remotely care about your health all they care about is saving there own backsides and ripping as much money as they possibly can out of you, in my personal experiences the last thing and I mean the last thing they care about is your health.

Ended up getting $2000 which was my money from super contributions and that is it ,No tpd payment dispute being 20% disabled.Keep away from this mob and Tal at all costs the last thing they are serious interested in is yr health.Still haven't received Tpd even though I am 20% disabled and been told will be wheelchair bound in the future.How the hell Tal, Ioof got away with sending me to a psychiatrist for testicular removal is a joke.This so called expert missed that I had Chronic nerve damage right leg , enlarged prostate , arthritis right knee , PTSD,, inguinal hernia and Genitofemoral nerve damage . Like a psychiatrist knows all about these conditions.This particular case is 10 times worse than the case which has been mentioned in the banking royal commission .

Don't switch your super to them!

The amount of times I have changed my address in the system, in writing and over the phone yet I still get letters sent to ALL of my old addresses including my current address (how is that even possible?). It is so difficult to get straight answers from them and when you email they will almost never reply. I changed jobs and have had to follow them up countless times to alter my plan (it's been over four months and still nothing has been altered). I can't believe I trusted them with my super. Please do not switch your super to them. I will be changing very soon!

Disgusting Company

Opened up two super accounts without my knowledge and is charging both fees - I have only ever been with IOOF and never requested this to happen

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