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Bruce P

Bruce P

  • 2 reviews

Terrible service


Takeovers are terrible. We have been with the predecessors of IPAC for 20 yrs.Great! Now cant even get IPAC/AMP to return a phone call or answer an email. Helen and Carlie, please.....

Terrible experience


I can't agree more with all the other people who are extremely upset with IPAC. IPAC chose some investments for me and then did nothing for the seven years I was with them. No apology for the mistakes they made! One comment that started me thinking was my accountant saw the fees and stated that she had never seen fees that high before. Excessive fees for, what I consider, no input from IPAC!



No information


High fees poor performance, bad advisors


D'ont do it!!!!! D'ont do it!!! D'ont do it!!!


They lost over 60% of our superannuation. We started out with a smaller company we liked then while we were overseas on an extended work assignment IPAC bought that company. We thought it was a reputable company as Paul Clitheroe was supposedly involved with them. We tried to give them instructions but they either ignored, acted on very very late or gave us excuses such as "they could'nt take advice from us while we were offshore". The investment advice they gave us was shocking to say the least. A very costly and painful experience on our behalf.

Every bit of advice they gave us was wrong, late or invalid.



High Fees


I have always looked at my reports when they are sent to me. However, the reports do not include a list of fees that they have been charging me. I just looked at my account online and printed a report. The fees are outrageous. Unfortunately, I never took the time to look closely at this. Time to change funds.

Too expensive.

Poor performance mistakes by ipac and unwilling to resolve


Ipac Inputted my supper incorrectly.inputing as a employer contribution.it should have been imputed as a member contribution.this resulted in the ATO seeing it as double the contribution.ATO did not pick up on this for a couple years and resulted in a large tax bill plus interest and a fine.
When contacting Ipac about this they have been very difficult to get them to resolve .i feel they have wiped their hands this has gone on for 1.5 years now.
They have paid a large amount of tax from my fund.this tax money would get returned if they resolve their stuff up.
Advise stick with a industry fund.



High fees and very bad management of my portfolio


Started pension fund before GFC with iPAC - biggest mistake I ever made. Instead of managing the account, ie. analysing the movements of stock market and taking more defensive investment path for its clients, it appears that everyting is "just left to the market forces" and there is no attempt to preserve the fund level. I personally lost more than 40% in the first 6 months of the GFC and another 20% in the last 3 and a half years. I agree, with all my heart, with the other two comments above. Looking for better fund managers!!!!!!

A. Oliver

A. OliverBrisbane

I regret putting my super with iPac.


I know it's been a tough few years for the superannuation industry but this company's fees are far too high, especially given the poor performance of the fund. I would not recommend this fund. I feel they trade too much on the good reputation and popularity of Paul Clitheroe at the expense of your retirement nest egg. So consistently poor has been the performance (with high fees) that every piece of communication from them makes me angry. I regret switching to iPac.
Detailed newsletters and reports.
High fees. Poor performance. Hard sell to get you interested then no one-to-one service.

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Karen Mann

Karen Mannasked

How was the experience with the Perth office?

1 answer

Hi there i did not deal with the Perth office.
But note all these things i was dealing with was with IPAC.They were no willing to resolve their mistakes.

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