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Latest review: ESuperfund was just what we were looking for to run our SMSF. So much cheaper than our accountant and all the information required is clearly set out on the

Xpress Super

Latest review: I've been with Xpress Super for almost a year now and they've given me a great set of tools and personalised service to effectively manage my SMSF. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending

Dixon Advisory

Latest review: The two trustees of this SMSF are retiring this and next financial years and we needed a thorough review of the 10 year old SMSF because of our due retirements, our fund dependence on Australian

UNIP SMSF Administration

Latest review: I switched over to UNIP because I was not happy with the service and expense of my previous accountant. I actually was shocked when I received their last invoice and thought there must be a better

Redwood Advisory

Latest review: Ivan and his team at Redwood Advisory went far and beyond to assist me through some difficulties with my superannuation and loans to finance a property through a self managed super fund. Thank you

National Sterling

Latest review: A couple of years back, my wife and I were given a supposedly ‘free’ consultation with NSG as a promo with our tax returns. I was reluctant to attend - as I knew we weren’t really in a position to joi


Latest review: I have been with Superguardian for about 4 years with my SMSF and the experience has always been positive.All the people I have dealt with are well qualified, knowledgeable and always helpful.If

Super Concepts

Latest review: App 16 yrs. Service was excellent up to takeover by Super Concepts. There seems to be a lack of the personal touch there was before. Previously Jun 30 A/cs & tax refunds etc were completed well

iCare Super

Latest review: The SMSF set-up process is likely to be an absolute minefield unless you have specialist knowledge. iCare Super explained the steps and fees with uncommon clarity on their website. Because they made


Latest review: I joined Zuper a few months back and chose to put my money in the Health option. Being able to back companies working on cures to diseases and improving health is a great cause and a booming area.


Latest review: Overall its a great superannuation product, with only minor issues and a modern computer system. Its a product i would highly recommend. Wealthtrac is a master trust super fund with a very advanced


Latest review: They make the incredibly difficult setup, management and running of SMSFs way too easy. I really like their impartial advice on service providers for my crypto

RaboDirect DIY Super

Latest review: A little longer to open an account then I expected. But once in its great! Get an email every time rates change either up or down so I can talk it through with my husband and move to other options as

Income Tax Professionals


Latest review: Takeovers are terrible. We have been with the predecessors of IPAC for 20 yrs.Great! Now cant even get IPAC/AMP to return a phone call or answer an email. Helen and Carlie,