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iRobot Braava 380t

iRobot Braava 380t

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Very easy and comfortable for use

I purchased this irobot on 6 month before. I never plan to buy this shop person explained about product then I buy this. Now I am really very comfortable to use and clean like human. Very useful for working people and old age people. No need to spend time for cleaning. And power saving system and store for small place. I am really happy to share my opinion because it would be helpful for others.

Purchased in January 2019 at Harvey Norman Appliances Physical Store for $500.00.

Product was good.... customer service non-existent

My first iRobot and I was so excited!!!!!! I purchased this just under 12 months ago. Made life so convenient in between my weekly steam mop. Kept the floors clean, and would clean my entire tiled floor before battery ran out.

However.... it now only cleans for about 3 minutes before switching itself off. Have sent three emails to iRobot support Australia, however have not received a single response, despite still being within the manufactures warranty.

I have been so excited for the new iRobot Roomba 7+ to come out, however given the lack (or should I say nil) of customer support regarding warranty issues from iRobot regarding my Braava 380T, it has completely turned me off purchasing any further products from iRobot. Has been a disappointing iRobot experience, to say the least, and will now waste further time lodging a complaint with the ACCC in order to obtain a refund.

Purchased in July 2018 at Harvey Norman for $549.00.

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Hi mevans1011 I am really sorry to hear the above. Can you please send a copy of your proof of purchase, photo of the serial number with reference number C0163936 to service@ixl.com.au, Kind regards iRobot

So Quiet and floors never looked cleaner

I have an iRobot I use a lot but it’s noisy (about 79 dB) and not suited to being on with the TV on or running at night. I had a gifted Scooba which did a good job on the floors but it’s stopped working and as it’s discontinued I can’t get it repaired. Bought the braava - really quiet have it on in the TV room now it’s hardly noticeable. Does a great dry mop and the wet mop leaves the sealed hardwood floors looking streak free which we’ve never managed no matter how many mops we’ve tried (except for using the Scooba). Very happy with my purchase.

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Good Morning cpkitchin Thank you for taking the time to review the Braava 380T. These are fantastic device, especially working along side your Roomba. Kind regards iRobot

Our little mate.

This little mop is amazing, just set it and forget it.
We use the reservoir mop head to do our large living and dining area to give it a clean in between a 'real life clean' by a human.
It is great when we've had people/kids over and the place isn't dirty, but it needs a once over to freshen up underfoot.
We had a dust storm last week and I set our Braava off to work to clean while I started on the windows.
Saves me time and effort when I'm busy and it does a great job.
Very very quiet so I have to remind my boys not to step on it, so I like to have it running when I am home by myself mostly. It's like having a little pet, that doesn't make a mess, instead he cleans it up for me.
I would definitely buy it again if something happened to it, great little investment around the home.
It's not quick, but it does a great job.

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Good Afternoon Jazzyg1234 Thank you for taking the time to review the Braava 380t. These are a fantastic maintenance cleaner for your home. Perfect stated in your review, set if and forget it. Kind regards iRobot

Am really impressed.

I ummd and arrd about buying this. There were mixed reviews on it but I’m happy I got it. Firstly, this is an “inbetween” solution. You will need to still do a proper mop here and there but this will tie you over until then. I have 3 kids (boys) and my youngest likes to wander around eating and there are always grubby hand prints on the tiles, hence why I wanted an “inbetween” fix. And the braava does just that. It cleans the dirty hand prints off the tiles and the floor feels clean. I turn it on when we’re leaving and the floors are done when we get home. Definitely worth buying

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Good Morning Muchell Thank you for reviewing the Braava 380t. These are a fantastic maintenance clean. Saving you having to mop as frequently. Kind regards iRobot

Great addition to a busy home.

This little mop is great! So handy and quiet. We use in conjunction with a Roomba Robotic Vaccum to keep the timber floors tidy. They still need a proper mop once a week to be cleaned.
It does leave some streak marks if you look at the floor from an angle but that’s being picky.

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Good Afternoon Chanti Thank you for your review of the Braava 380T. We are happy to hear you are using both the Roomba and Braava together. Kind regards iRobot

Almost perfect

It's almost perfect.
It done a perfect job on tiles and laminate. It can clean my whole house in one time.
It can also clean all the footprints which I even cannot clean it using a mop on my own.

If one day I don't need to change the dirty pad and fill the water every time then it's perfect like the vacuum robot .
Also it cannot climb even few mm, so every time I have to take it up to clean all the toilets one by one.

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Good Morning Cathy THank you for your positive feedback on the Braava 380. These are great for turning on and working away to let it mop you floor for you. I to was amazed by the job it did on my floors, so much better then what I did myself. I will pass on your feedback about the climbing as this may be something we can work on for future models. Kind regards iRobot

Fantastic Product

The Braava 380t is fantastic for collecting dirt,dust and pet hair and a great wet mop also. I would not be without it. IXL the company are so courteous and efficient. I needed a new part whilst under warranty. Posted out to me very quickly. Highly recommend.

Good Morning Maggie Thank you for the positive review. We are excited to hear you are happy with the purchase of your Braava and the we were able to help with spare parts quickly and efficiently when you had an issue. If you have any future questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at service@ixl.com.au. Kind regards iRobotAfter two years I have to comment that the water reservoirs are still leaking. They break down too quickly and are expensive to replace. I have now been told by your company that I now have to buy any more I need. Mine last approx 6 months.. I do not know why they crack or the rubber comes away but they do not last long enough. I will have to look around for other cleaners as the replacement reservoirs are expensive. Thanks

Best Floor Mopping Robot

Purchased this on recommendation by a work colleague who thought it was great. We have timber floors throughout our home except in wet areas where we have tiles - I absolutely loath mopping or rather did until purchasing this little helper. Some pros - it mops for you you, it cleans timber floors very well, it mops for you. Some things to mention (not really cons just things to be aware of) - best to keep the area being cleaned to less that 20 msq, you will need to purchase more mop clothes so that you can change to a fresh once after each mopping, it needs to recharge after each scheduled mop (so you can't just move to a new section and go again), it is not really suited to heavily soiled areas. I haven't used the sweeper function but why would I when I have a robotic vacuum. Overall am very happy with my purchase.

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Good Morning C Blair Thank you for your review. We are excited to hear you are happy with the purchase of your Braava 380. They do work perfectly with the Roomba. If you have any future questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at service@ixl.com.au Kind regards iRobot

A must-have!

I've been using the 380t for about two months now. I practically use it a couple of times a week to clean my apartment. The wet mopping functions works very well even in tight corners and I love the fact that this little robot is very quiet.

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Good Afternoon Frankie Thank you for your review, we are happy to hear your iRobot Braava is getting to majority of the hard to reach places. If you have any future questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at service@ixl.com.au with ref: C0145181. Kind regards iRobot

A great house work tool!

After reading some reviews we were unsure whether or not to purchase this robot. We have a Roomba 980 which we are very pleased with however we weren't sure if this mop would be beneficial or a waste of money. Let me tell you, we're not disappointed. We have two dogs which live inside with us and often leave foot prints on their way in, this robot cleans them up no problem at all using the wet mopping function. It can't do huge spaces, however it is more than sufficient to cover specific areas or the whole downstairs of our house split up into a few sections. It's absolutely silent, does a great job (better than you might expect) and for the money I much rather put on the robot then spend the time mopping the floors myself!

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Hi JJC, thank you for your positive feedback on the iRobot Braava. We are pleased that this product is keeping your floors clean, leaving you extra time to participate in other important activities. Kind regards iRobot Customer Care

Excellent and long lasting

Have been using 380T for more than 3 years now, still works perfectly.

For best result, use after Roomba (using 880, another great product). I usually turn on Roomba as we leave for work (Roomba makes a bit of noise), and Braava when we're at home (it makes no noise except if stuck).

Also we don't use the wet mopping function, and find dry mopping + wet sheets to work better. The cheap wet sheets from Daiso ($2.8 for 30 sheets) produce excellent results.

We also have a Dyson V6 to take care of corners and stairs, which we only need to use so occasionally the task is almost fun.

Highly recommended to anyone. If you're not sure about spending the large sum on a Roomba or Dyson, Braava is a good starting point and would definitely make a difference, provided that you have no carpeted area.

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Hi Stramoni, we appreciate your positive recommendation on both the the Roomba and the Braava. It sounds like your cleaning regime is well taken care of. Kind regards Irobot Customer Care

Love It!

We recently purchased a iRobot Braava and I am so pleasantly surprised it does a great job cleaning our hardwood floors. It is incredibly quiet and does a fantastic cleaning job. The battery charge lasts a couple of hours and the smallish water chamber holds more than I expected. I would recommend to anyone to keep floors clean on a day to day basis :-)

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Hello missmarog, thank you for your kind and positive feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to advise us of your experience with the Braava and the satisfaction it has provided. Kind Regards i-Robot

Perfect cleaner for bamboo flooring

By the manufacturer of Roomba, this quiet little bot uses microfibre cloths to dust then wipe clean bamboo, timber and vinyl flooring. It does an excellent job, better than I do in fact. Cheaper than an average vacuum (a big plus), easy to use (you can use disposable microfibres), quiet, patient (lets face it, its a bot and bots have their own temperament), and thorough. It works best if you use it regularly and doesn't clean up clumps of dried on oatmeal. For that you'd need a Scooba - but if your floors need gentle cleaning then the cheaper Braava is as useful as a dishwasher for everyday convenience.

Questions & Answers

Hello, I was just wanting to know if this model takes itself "home" like the vacuum does? Thanks, Nicole
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Good Morning Nicole The Braava uses different technology to the Roomba. It will sweep / mop for as long as the battery allows or until the area is completed. Once finished it will return to the start position and switch itself off after playing you a tune to advise you it is done. Kind regards iRobot

I have the iRobot Roomba 980 and love it. I will continue to use Roomba regularly to vacuum up the main dirt and dog hair. However, for a final finish every couple of weeks, I am considering a robot mop for our bathrooms and for our downstairs polished wood and tile area. Would I be better with the Braava 380t or the Braava 240? I note you recommended the 240 to avoid streaks, but I think elsewhere someone recommeded the 380t for a larger area, which my Lounge/Dining polished wood and my Family Room/Kitchen tiles would be. Does the 380t come with disposable pads? Can any added solution, other than water, be put into the tank? Also will the 380t or the 240 just navigate around my bathrooms and then my larger polished wood or tile areas? Do both the 380t and the 240 need the navigation box device, and if not, how does the other one navigate. As you can see, I have done some research but I have a number of unanswered queries. Please give advice before I make my purchase.
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Good Morning domus Thank you for getting in contact with us via Product Review. You defiantly have a few questions, and to be able to go through everything it may be easier to talk over the phone. Our contact number is 1300 727 421 alternatively, if you would like to email your number to service@ixl.com.au we can give you a call to discuss. Kind regards iRobot

Omg this sounds amazing now I'm unsure what to go for as can only afford 1! Do I go this robotic mop for my white tiles? Or do I go a robotic vaccum???? Anyone who's has both which do you use more? Had no idea until now about a robotic mop! Only just complained how my floors basically look dirty only minutes after I've moped.
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Hi Reviews4you I have the iRobot 980 and the Braava Jet and mainly use the iRobot 980 every second day and the Braava once a month. kind regards iRobot


iRobot Braava 380t
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