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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum
Latest review: To be honest I didn't expect much from this robot, my wife wanted it and it seemed like just an expensive toy. We already have 3 vacuums in the house, some of them are quite powerful and

iRobot Roomba 980
Latest review: I live alone, work full time and no pets, so I really only run this once per week on carperted areas which get light useage. It is much more effective than I imagined, it picks up much dust and

iRobot Roomba 600 Series
Latest review: Love this cleaner. I have mostly tiles which it zips around on and always stops at the 2 sets of steps I have. I am always surprised when I see how much it has picked up. I just lift it down the

Xiaomi Mi Robot 2
Latest review: Have been using it for 7 months now. Works great. Had very minor issue once with the sensor. Once it was turned off and back on, everything is fine. Using it twice a week till date. App is also

iRobot Roomba 800 Series
Latest review: I bought this for my mum when it was first released. She had an earlier version as a trial, so I thought I’d get her the latest. At first she didn’t like the rubber roller, updated from the bristle on

Samsung Powerbot 9000 Series
Latest review: It has a Powerful vac / Strong suction. Suited to / good on hard surfaces and large open areas Relatively good at navigating / mapping our home Average on Carpet (but better than some other brands,

Stirling (Aldi) Robot Vacuum
Latest review: Had my Stirling vacuum cleaner for a few months, and works well. Picks up very small & large debris the size of gravel so I'm happy about that. It's a bit loud but that's expected for a robot vac. It

Vorwerk Kobold VR200
Latest review: I have had this vacuum for a few years and use this for spot cleaning weekly. It did do a good job especially as we have a pet dog and cats, however in the past 12 months I have had to pay for this

Neato Botvac D Series
Latest review: My Neato is a godsent. My home has floorboards, carpet and tiles and the Neato is great for all of them. It maps the house out and manouvres its way around furniture with ease. When it needs to

My Genie ZX1000
Latest review: Had the device for approx 1 week. It is being used on floorboards and works fine. It is a cheap option compared to a heap of other models. I currently let it run daily, it picks up pet hair and I

Samsung Powerbot VR7000M
Latest review: I have had my samsung powerbot for 6 months now and love how clean my house is everyday. Our house is tiled throughout and the powerbot has no issues cleaning the floor surface. I like that the

Miele Scout RX1 SJQL0
Latest review: Fault error every time it goes on rugs, customer service response not designed to be used on rugs and carpet although on miele website and product Manuel it says it does misleading !!! Took it to

Maxkon Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1.2Kpa
Latest review: this robot vacuum seems to move with ease from all surfaces within my premise, does not get stuck and really cleans floor well. i am impressed with coming home to a clean

LG Roboking Turbo + HomeView VR66803VMNP
Latest review: This is my third robot vacuum... I was a little hesitant to pay so much for the LG Roboking + Homeguard but it was well worth it and a month of use: - Smartest robot vacuum I've ever owned. The

LG Roboking Turbo VR66801VMIP
Latest review: This amazing little robot does a fantastic job at cleaning both hard floors and carpets. We like its impressive 'cleaning memory' which is helped by two on-board cameras and 'determination' to reach

Infinvuo QQ200
Latest review: Fun to use. It cleans well. Easy to use. Sanitizes my floor for a big plus. Does well on walls. Fun to play with when company is around. Well worth the price! Delivered on: Feb 12,

Electrolux Purei9 PI91-5SGM
Latest review: This vacuum cleans well for a robot vac, it can save you a heap of time. The only downfall with me personally is it can't find home when its low on battery and struggles to find its charging station

iRobot Braava Jet 240
Latest review: We have a large 3 bedroom townhouse with four people and three dogs so as you can imagine the floors get dirty QUICKLY! I have a little Roomba which vacuums for me everyday just as maintenance,

Proscenic 790t
Latest review: I spent a long time researching robot vacuum cleaners. I had spreadsheets of features and prices. I read so many reviews it got confusing. In the end, I settled on the Proscenic 790t. I gave Ebay my

Ilife V5
Latest review: This vacuum works very well and is a great bargain. I don't know how an iRobot could do any better than this. We are very pleased that we purchased this instead of a much more expensive iRobot brand.

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