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Jayco Camper Trailer

Jayco Camper Trailer

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Good idea very poorly executed and finished, shame

Hired the tourer version for 4 days
The inside back door release catch broke off the first time we were inside,in the middle of nowhere,locking us in !!Luckily I am fit and skinny enough to slide out the side window to unlock door..a scary situation.The release is 3/16 soft white metal,I replaced with stainless but it needs a better set up the door itself poorly aligned and did not allow the lock to slide into place easily.
To connect the gas bayonet is an absolute mission...what poor design,lay down on your back in whatever is around,dirt,mud etc just to try and fit bayonet,good luck,we would have taken our portable gas stove if we knew how difficult this simple task would be.Too hard to mount it on the side of the van ?Just dumb
The lock access to front box difficult to use...very difficult.The box itself poorly sealed and lid misaligned.
We looked at the huge tent bag and just shook our heads...too hard.
The place we hired it from installed two marine half overs to replace original units and ensure rear door stayed shut.
The sika flex sealant finishes were very poor in some seams,bubbles etc,and smeared all over the roof in places ?
The mattress..we survived one night on it and replaced it with high density foam 5" thick...
The other locks on it were ordinary and had to be adjusted to ensure they sealed ...
Apart from that we wont be buying one and as I work in quality control suggest the company who makes this product look closely into this area as for the sake of a little care and maybe an extra hundred dollars on some decent locks etc it would be a great camper.
Easy to tow,easy to maneuver , layout worked,maybe another 50mm or 100mm head room towards the front ,electrics very well done and thought through.

Purchased in October 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

What a Disappointment.

Well was really looking forward to my Jayco Penguin but what a disappointment. First trip out and 2 draws fell out and I had to strap them closed. Took it to Jayco to be repaired and on next trip out one of the draws fell out again and 2 knobs fell off the Stove. Managed to repair one myself and am still waiting >3mths later for a knob, thus making one plate unuseable. Also noticed that edge around table popping out and I am unable to put it back in. Like a previous review our radio is difficult to utilise as I have to lay on the floor to access it as it is mounted under the table. Well table fixed, drawer finally fixed and we head off on our long awaited grey nomad trip. Well it has been one fault after another. Fridge is level according to our levels but meat defrosting and portable thermometers reads 18.5 degrees. Lucky we have another fridge in back of 4WD. Ring Dealership from where we picked up the van and advised to bring in but as camped in the outback it is a bit too far. [name removed] tries very hard to find a Domestic Serviceman near where we are headed and surrounding areas but as soon as they hear Gas they will not look at them. Next problem was the lights they would not work and 12V plugged in. Plenty of sunshine on the solar panel and friend travelling with us has no concerns. Travel to casino as having trouble with car also which is sorted easily. Find a caravan repair shop who are so helpful, friendly and efficient. They could not help us enough. They checked and cleaned the fridge and it is functioning. On checking battery they found it completely useless. Solar panel was getting charge but it was not getting to the battery as wired incorrectly. There is a certificate in van saying that the wiring passed certification. Poor Qualuty Assurance. New battery and battery and Solar panel rewired and off we go again to our next campsite by the Clarence River. Well the van will not wind up it is stuck at 12 inches and cannot wind up or down. Rang Jayco roadside assist who said they do not deal with this type of problem and to take it to the nearest dealer. As we cannot drive it as unable to put roof down this is a problem. They put us through to the nearest dealer who is unable to assist until the next day due to it being 5pm and wanting to ensure that Jayco would pay them to drive out 2hrs to assist. We crawl into the van and sleep on the floor as we do not have a tent, this will be rectified. Phone call next morning stating that they will be out but have heard nothing more. Have contacted Head Office who said to lodge a claim with them via email for the battery repair and I will now be lodging another claim. How can 1 van have so many problems, I am so over it and it has totally ruined my trip I just want to go home. I have to mention the wonderful team from Watsons Jayco Coffs Harbour who drove 1 1/2 hrs out to Lilydale to tow our van back to Coffs for repair. They were unable to replace the cable system that had fallen apart as none in stock and unable to get from Melbourne until at least Monday
They repaired and reinforced the old system and it will have to be replaced at next service. Fridge is still not staying cold when on gas and the boys at Coffs once again fixed the battery as still not getting power and no display on amperage meter. Also had problems with the ignitor ststem for the stove and had to manually light stove. On further inverstigation found that safety switch had been thrown to off. It is mounted by bed with no cover over it and when getting out of bed can knock with feet. Would I buy again - the answer is probably not.

Great little van.

I purchased my JPod Sport 6 months ago and love it. We had a custom canvas annexe made to replace the factory tent which I feel was just not robust enough for the amount and length of our camping holidays. Few issues... toolbox lock leaked(lack of sealant). Tape used to joint interior roof linings peeling away. I will rectify that with a more permanent mounding.We found the factory innerspring mattress uncomfortable so replaced it with a premium Clark Rubber product. Few extra internal LED lights.
Very adequate slide out kitchen with sink and pressurized water. Bench space on the slide out for jug, cooker. Cutlery drawer handy. Ours came with a Sphere two way fridge. Great unit on both 12 and 240 volt.
This model comes complete with all the bells and whistles. We have added mud flaps, stone guard, internal fan and sound system.
Added another larger 2.5 x 2.5 side annexe so we have one out each side. Pole carrier on the roof.
To sum up....... very practical comfortable van. Easy to store, maneuver and tow. Light, cool, well ventilated.
Like any mass produced item, they can come with faults.We got a good one. Check your van over well on handover and get any issues fixed there and then. You mostly hear of the problems on product reviews. I would definitely recommend the Jpod as a great way to see the country and holiday in comfort. They are not a full van and don’t have all the luxury’s and room that a larger rig would offer. This is our fourth Jayco, whilst not the best brand on the market they are affordable and resale value has always been great. They have always been easy to sell. Photos and a story of all the mods can be found on the Expandasdownunder forum.

Poor quality build and poor service from Jayco

I have a Jayco Jpod Lite, only ten months old. It has been for repairs four times now and needs to go back again.
Firstly the roof was not aligned, the shelves were coming away, nothing is neatly joined, dust gets in from everywhere even on a short smooth 11km dirt road-taken because of road works. Jaycos response was "D not use dirt roads" but how do i avoid road works?? The internal latch broke off while I was inside- interesting to escape thankfully i was in a caravan park not out bush.

First major issue was the rear door was leaking in water; a lot of water. This took Jayco Albury over 3 months to rectify and in the end after two trips to them (not short trips either over 200kms one way) i took it elsewhere to a Jayco approved dealer rather than a dealership. On the second trip to Jayco Albury they did not even have the right parts after taking 6 weeks to order them then i drove down and they did not even have it! Turns out the rear door frame was not even attached to the inner, no sealant, no screw no nothing just the inner placed inside the frame, no wonder so much water got in.

Second major issue two parts 1.Brake drum is wearing into the backing plate on one side metal on metal a lot of squealing occurs on one wheel and 2.The other side half of one brake shoe is completely worn down because the brake remains locked on and so it causes drag to my vehicle and hence the brake shoe is worn. The cam is worn into the backing plate aswell. When i took this for repair they replaced the bearing. They also suggested i did not need the brakes so i could just flip the lever over and drive without it. Better fuel economy but increased stopping distance and sliding on winding roads makes this alternative unsafe while towing with a small vehicle as it designed for.

Also had issues with tool box latches, rear door sealing, rear frame not sealed, sunroof is loose. This is a very disappointing purchase. I wanted an upgrade from the tent but my $35 BCF tent has lasted ten years and still works and this thing has not even made 12 months. I do not recommend a Jpod or any Jayco products. There service is just as poor as there products.

An excellent concept...pity about the quality control

Have a Jpod Sport that we purchased for $18,000 brand spanking new in Brisbane. Have taken it on one trip to Mullumbimby and it rained....and the roof leaked in one corner!! Had rolled towel packed in one of the overhead spaces so it soaked it all up and only reason we found leak is that the towel was totally soaked. Inspected the area where the wall joins the roof on the rear and there was an obvious spot where the silicon sealer had not been applied. Rather than take it back for that sole reason, I got some black silicon and fixed it up neatly. I hope that is where the leak was but I cannot see any other possible water entry point. One of the rear lights obviously got moisture in it and won't dry out. Also one of the front lights also has moisture in it. The strips of tape in the ceiling don't want to stick down properly. They look like they're made of paper tape, like masking tape! Jayco could have done better on that one. Also, there's bloody silicon overrun all over the place, like it's just been wiped off with a rag with very little attention to detail. Also, the roof slopes down in a curve towards the front, but on one side of the van it's a different looking bend than on the other side, with a couple of little bumps in it, rather than a smooth curve. We don't think we'll use the tent either...it's too cumbersome...we've gone to the camper because we wanted to upgrade from a tent so we don't want to get back into one! We'll get an annexe fabricated in time. The dealer in Brisbane had a custom made one on display but it was quite expensive ($1100) so we'll shop around the trimmers here on the Gold Coast and see what we can do. I'm going to mention the stuff that I have written about to the dealer when we take it back for its first service, but if the warranty repairs are to be of the same quality as the original build, I will just do it all myself! That way I know it will be done right. They're my thoughts so far. As I said, great concept, pity about the build quality.

Very poor quality camper

We payed $32000 and have had to fix so many things on the van. We are very lucky that my hubby is a handy man because there's no many things to list that have broken. How we can't whined it up so unhappy.

Jayco Dealers are hopeless and Jayco are thieves.

Jayco vans are rubbish. Dont be fooled. The dealers are not interested in fixing problems they make you wait until you pay for a warranty service to fix their problems. It is a rort and the ACCC should do something about it. I complained to Jayco head office refused to take calls and they hide behind emails. Finally I got Jayco head office to do the service for $500 because they dont want to upset dealers with a cheaper service price. I marked everything before the service and nothing was touched. I embarrassed them so badly they refunded the money. I would never take my van back to any of them. I have slowly been upgrading the problems myself as I can because I am a qualified trades person not a child with a pop rivet gun.

What can I say

Purchased our Jayco Swan new in May 2017 we did a couple of small trips to locations on made roads we were pretty happy at that stage only issue was the corner screw holding the canvas to the roof came out, which left a gaping hole until fixed.

We have just returned from our trip through the Pilbara, the Kimberley’s and central Aust

Out trip along the Gibb River Road put the van through it’s paces what could go wrong you might ask, well a lot

Door lock snapped (cable ties to keep door closed from then on)
Spare wheel support bracket snapped (spare wheel had to be stored in the van)
Door roof support broken
Door screws came out
Door pop rivits snapped
Secured Microwave found in the middle of the van the screws ripped out
Microwave door broken due to coming out of secured location
Table locks come loose and table hit microwave and also damaged floor covering
Cupboard door locks don’t work
Kitchen sink mains water tap loose
Step into van doesn’t stay folded when driving
Electric brakes not working on left hand side

If I had my time again I wouldn’t waste my money on such an inferior product

The only thing that didn’t fall off was the stickers

my swan outback is getting built wont be ready till mid septeber

Can i put roof racks on by adjusting the rails so the windup tv aerial will fit.At this stage that is all a wont to know when i get my jayco swan.

Jayco newcastle

We brought a Jayco eagle earlier in the year had a few issues but my main issues is the service that you get from the service department at Jayco Newcastle on our 1st trip away had a issues with the fridge got to them look at it that was but while it was at the dealership for the fridge issue I ask them to look at a few annex walls and some other things as we were going away again before the 3 month service but got told can only look at them in the 3 month service must be to hard to pull out the annex walls to I guess to have look. so when I booked it in at the 3 month service they need the van for a couple of days I told them no problem but I cant get back to the weekend to pick it up as I live up in the hunter Valley it was then organise to pick on the Saturday morning I got a call on the Friday to say I cant pick it up on the weekend so it was organised for the following weekend, this is where I get angry I ring on the Friday just to confirm the pick up I get a no one will be here for you to pick it up needs to be picked up during the week mind you the person who is telling me this is the same person who organised for to pick it up on the weekend so after some a heated discussion that this was organised last week they then organise a service tech to come in on the Saturday morning for me to pick it up and I was made to feel guilty that a some one from the service center was coming in on his own time for me to get my van. but then to my surprise it was left up to the guys in the sales department to help me, why lie I sent a email to there manager and all I can say we will agree to disagree on there after sale service, there sale team are great. but my van will not be going back to them. the fridge issues is still not fixed to a standard that think it should be have been told by a Jayco service tech that I should install a fan to the vent to extract the heat as you cant leave anything on the bench as it is way to hot I know my next van will be from Jayco Newcastle I know that much. and they will nor see my Van again if I can help it.

Nice Camper - light, easy to tow. not a family camper

2005 Jayco Eagle Outback
I bought my camper approx. 5years ago, i have young family (3 kids under 5).
Its nice and easy to tow around
I found that the older Jayco outbacks (campers) are built better then the new, as silly as it sounds - must be the simplistic no fuss
electric brakes are also a great relief when towing with a smaller SUV, with the family in the car
however, i wouldn't recommend it as a caravan park camper - its more just for off-road parts that are in-accessible for larger caravans or if your on a budget
i eventually sold my camper and upgraded to a 2012 Jayco expanda - shower/toilet/etc. and its fantastic in comparison!

Purchased in July 2014.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Off-roading Performance
Ease of Towing

Service may be worse than the quality

We have had our Swan Outback for just under 5 years. The silicon filler used in the roofs is clearly not up to standard as we have experienced major leaks twice in that time. Jayco refuse to return calls to discuss the issue so very little chance anything will change for newer versions.

We love it!

We purchased the Outback version and we love it. Its roomy, easy to set-up and to pack-up. Sits well on the road, its well fitted out and the decor is very nice, noting we had some changes made at the factory to ensure the cupboards all matched. Only criticism is that we are not sure why Jayco placed the main power connector right next to the sink (water) and placed the sink so close to the window with blinds that seem to get wet a bit to easy when washing dishes.

A great little unit

I have a JPOD Sports have done several thousand ks on and off road so far few minor problems a lose fitting here and there but nothing major. Packed the tent away never used it and and went straight out and had a new one made attaches to existing clips and runner suported by rear door on two poles has 2 windows floor and zippered door.Custom made $ 850 works a treat also had cooper stt tyres new springs and air bags fitted 120 watt solar pannel to roof stone guard and extra gas bottle.Tyres liffted the ground clearence and new springs with air bags absorb the the load and corrigations
Probably owes me 21 to $22,000 now but its all I need had a TVAN $68,500.00 NEW go anywhere unbrackable but smaller inside harder to set up finishes much the same.Never in 5 years did I ever go anywhere I couldnt go with my POD its all about what you expect were you want to go and what your prepared to pay.The POD comes in several configurations from an empty shell through to the Sport like I have ,you get what you pay for as to gaps and bad seals poor workmanship I must have been lucky.
As to the physical side of monovering and setting up the POD which is about as simple as it gets if you are dissabled and have limitted ability and physical strength I dont know of any unit that addresses these issues stock of the shelf. THIS REQUIRES ENGINEERED MECHANICAL SOLUTIONS THAT CAN BE EXPENSIVE AND DIFFICULT TO INSTALL.
The TVAN was top shelf but I can assure you Its not as simple a SET UP or physically easy as made out in the video if you have disabilitys I doubt you could do it on your own without help.
Old saying buyer beware research what you want look at what you need and never buy on impulse.
PS. As to Jayco I delt through St Marys they are proffecional people who did everything to help and have been pro active in following up the purchase to ensure Iam happy with the product.

great little camper to two and child

After selling our old jayco finch two a lovely young couple who are giving it a new
life and a make over we bought a jayco swift 3 years old tows real well behind four cylinder petrol hilux it's great for two adults lovely and warm on cold nights .electric brakes work well has battery pack at everything Al the big vans have except air con. Tows really well recommend it to anybody who want a small camper.it actually Unfolds and sets up better and easier than the old one reversing is easy to as it has a long draw bar.really happy with it and I know I can always sell the far what I paid or a little less.again really happy highly recommend it.

have not got one yet cant wait for the day

g/day looked at flamingo/swan/eagle cant go past the swan outback i like were the fridge is lol roomy full size beds van looks compact and easy to tow quick set up mixed reviews iam going with the good comments some people just can not be pleased .prices are great resale great .well back to work so i can get out and see more of our wonder land sooner go the swany

Great Camper

Absolutely love it. Tows great, Easy to erect, good quality build. Fits in the garage out of the weather. We added a few upgrades like drop jack legs, battery pack, windgard TV antenna, a frame tap, black Rhino roof racks, mud flaps, and so on would highly recommended it.

Good Bed in a box

I have had my JPod now for 2 years. I am unable to use it very much as I am unable to erect the tent. I had had tent poles replaced by Jayco & still now have bent poles. I was told by Jayco that it is easy to put up just watch the video. Ha ha after putting in the 4 poles the tent then stands up ON ITS OWN
Does anyone have any answers as to how a single female puts up the tent or is there another tent available that would suit
I would use I more if I could get a tent
The pod is in my backyard & is being used as a spare bed for visitors, a very expensive bed


Purchased new in 2015,
Before hand over the water tank had to be replaced, faulty.
We could not use the Swan for a year owing to medical reasons, soon after the 12 mth warrantee, and on the second trip, the Gremlins hit.
The pump tap was not installed properly, the main bolt holding it fell off, I had to fix this.
Screws falling out of both beds.
On the forward bed one of the bolt locations damaged the bench top, near the fridge, I had to move this to stop further damage.
Screws on the door frame fell out (overtightened at build)
This may have caused the door to be damaged when closing up.
Front boot had to be reset, leaked in rain.
Hydraulic ram in boot failing.
Just after this last trip, the cheap hand water pump tap snapped.
Some door closers stick.

It is a shame their quality control doesn't work either, The Swan is a nice van, very comfortable.
but all this small stuff is very annoying!

Raising the roof

Reading other reviews will share our experience with the Jayco Penguin. We bought ours 6 months ago and spent several long weekends and longer travelling, without incident. Heading for NSW southern coast we stayed in Orbost for the night. Trying to wind up the roof 3 corners rose but one wouldn't. Fortunately being tall I was able to slowly raise it by hand ( its quite heavy) whilst my partner was the monkey grinder, and we jammed the support pole in place to prop up the corner. This meant the door wouldnt fit the space but least of our problems. We were able to reduce it to lowest level next morning again by me manually holding it up as the other 3 sides lowered. Getting to Ulladullah later in the day and repeated the same process. Rang dealer to refer our difficulties, they referred us to a local RV repairer. We visited them and they said would look at it but we would have to pay; they weren't prepared to try and claim under warranty from Jayco.
Due to other circumstances we had to leave earlier than expected so we agreed to return it to the dealer for repair and booked in accordingly - despite some suggestion it may end up being a result of operator error causing the fault we did take it back and the cable ( I think) was replaced without cost. I now understand from other blogsites JAyco did a total recall over the winder systems of the camper range (eg :Penguin) so I thank them for fixing the issue gratis. I also found the JAyco dealership to be very reasonable to deal with.
Further issue 12v roof internal lights now not working - it was prior to the last repairs.! So we have to return it again to check if somewiring is loose or pinched or something.
What have we decided: to treat the winder/ roof raising/ lowering with kid gloves . We will give it several more opportunities and if no further problems will depart on our long planned round Oz trip. Low behold if it plays up again when we get to WA or similar!!.
If it causes problems next few trips away we will have to reassess if we want to persevere or look at other alternative vans.
Other than that I can only think of carrying a small 2 man tent for out and out emergency accommodation. Better than sleeping in a chair all night!
So that's our experience - would appreciate if other penguin owners have had similar problems and if or how they overcame them? Cheers

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When mains pressure water is connected to the exterior inlet, how do you control water to the sink The outlet over the sink only has an up and down movement What sequence should be used to push the ends of the camper together so that as one end is pushed home it does not push the other end out as the slides inside the van hit each other
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I have a Jayco Penguin - three years old. The velcro around the door is not longer sticking properly and needs to be replaced. How do I go about this? Is there special velcro to be used? How do you remove the glue from the old velcro around the door? any thanks Mabel
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What is te roof weight limit on a 2019 swift?
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