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Jean Paul Gaultier Classique

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique

4.3 from 13 reviews

Best perfume ever

I have worn this scent for 25 years and get compliments every time I wear it. I will wear this perfume the rest of my life! Thank you Jean Paul Gaultier for making this scent!

My new favorite scent

Incredible class and feminism is what you will feel when you wear this classy perfume. With smoky cinnamon and rose undertones, it's the perfect perfume for sophistication, class and feminism

Jean Paul Gaultier is a Genuis! Vive JPG!!

My best friend had the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique - X Factor. I liked the pretty, feminine bottle. When she bought me this for my birthday, and I wore it, I felt a whole new world of confidence, class and feminism. I'm in absolute love with Jean Paul Gaultier!

Elegant and Classic

My partner bought me this perfume and was very worried I wouldnt like it. However he choose well. The sent lasts for days and day as I sprayed some on my teddy and over a week later I could still smell it. The bottle is just devine and looks ever so delicate on my dressing table. I find it rather quite quirky that it comes in a can that my partner originally refered to as a can of dog food he bought me from over seas lol. Ive had several perfumes over the years and this is definately going to be one of my all time favourites.
The sent is devine and romantic, gorgeous display bottle
Pricey but worth it !


Overall Jean Paul Gautier will stay on my shopping list. I like the fragrance and even though the price is a bit over the top, it is long lasting, strong but not heavy at the same time , people notice it a lot and most people like it.
I like the look of the bottle, but most importantly what's inside. I think the fragrance is just wonderful. It is not too heavy but still long lasting
Well, I do not like the price of course. More than $100? For perfume? But than it is popular as well. If it was cheaper everyone would buy it and the magic would probably be gone.


this perfume is just like the name - classic. i have been wearing this fragrance since it came out and never tire of wearing it. i would definately say this it is more of a winter fragrance as it is quite heavy. due to its "heaviness" it does last all day and you find that your clothes will still smell strongly of it for days after wearing it. this isnt one that is common in discount chemists and the like but it is good in a way and it still maintains its specialness as a luxury perfume.
classic and claasy scent
price if anything


My wedding fragrance. I love it and only wear it when it is a special occasion. I have no complaint about the price, my bottle has sat on my dressing table for 5 years, with the occasional spray a few times a year, and it still smells as good as the day I bought it, it has not 'gone off', I guess that is a good sign of a very well made perfume.
The bottle is stunning, and over the years the bottle design has differed slightly with a change in the corset, floral, gold, leather!, mine is silver. I love it, and should use it more, but I only like to use it for memorable occasions.
A unique fragrance that does not smell like every other perfume on the market.
Gorgeous, gorgeous bottle!


Its alright, but not my favourite perfume, althought the bottle is definitely represntative of the way the perfume smells-trust me!
Beautiful bottle that you can't help but stare at when you walk by it in the shops.
Very expensive deisgner price tag that will set you back alot.


John Paul Gaultier gets ten out of ten for bottle design - these perfumes almost sell themselves! Luckily the fragrance inside the bottle makes the deal worthwhile as it really does last! Whilst it is very over powering when first applied at 9am, you can be assured that by 4pm you can still smell this perfume. Yes it is expensive, but the fact it is long lasting should almost make it good value. I'm of the opinion that fragrances are different on everybody and I've smelled this smell on others and it's been awful. Go and use the tester first to see for yourself.
Beautiful bottle!
Expensive designer price tag!


My sister used to wear Jean Paul Gaultier Classique all the time. I think I have smelt it that often that I am now immune to it. Every one has different tastes, and for me this perfume is not one of them. The scent is very strong. I sometimes feel like I need to go out for air when my sister sprays this one on. I don't recommend this one if you like light fruity scents like me.
The bottle. I like the look of the bottle. It is very feminine.
This fragrance definitely has a strong and overpowering scent.


This fragrance is definately long lasting compared to the cheaper perfumes on the market. You do pay quite a bit for it but a little goes a long way. The scent is quite strong but not too overpowering. It has a citrus/floral fragrance that keeps you smelling fresh all day long. When this is combined with the body lotion, the scent comes out even stronger. This one makes a lovely gift for any female - so guys, take note! I recommend this perfume to women in their late 20's to late 30's.
Strong scent that lasts all day/night
A little expensive


Its a perfume that will suit any occasion! I love it! Search for a cheap price - there is nothing to lose!
Great scent!
The price in shops is a little expensive but power (trusted) sellers on ebay sell this product for around $85. Also check out oo.com - its heavily discounted on that website as well.


A beautiful perfume, which is presented in a gorgeous bottle and packed in a cute can. Excllent perfume for day or night!
The most stiking perfume! sucha beuatiful Scent
Not many I can think of. It's a little pricey, but worth it!

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