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Would rate it zero if I could. Wodonga office staff are SO rude.

Local office in Wodonga is SO poor. I ignore any call that comes from their office as I don’t want to be barked at, nothing is ever their fault. Ever.

Customer Service

Just a load of Rubbish!

A one year contract with nothing to show. Sure they picked up the garbage but broke my gate twice squashed about 5 brooms/mops and now that I have cancelled the service won't pick up their bin. I have no space and they refuse to help in the hope I will resign - NOT A CHANCE JJRichards!

Customer Service
Job Satisfaction

Beware!! Lies lies and more lies

I signed an agreement for 3 years with this company for my restaurant, the salesman was very good at selling how cheap their service was, but forgot to mention the low weight allowance the bin comes with. My bill comes over 150% the agreed amount!! Not to mention 2x price increases within the first year!!!!! I’ve tried contacting them multiple times only to be told that the sales rep will give me a call back and never receive another call! I finally broke my contract after multiple threats that they were going to take legal action. I’m now 2 months into a different agreement with Waste Clear and paying flat fees and best of all no surprise weight charges.

Low class salesman and services

Overpriced, lazy drivers. Scumbag salespeople. When cancelling my service after 4+years, was told if I go to anyone else I’m still paying the same company anyway just different stickers. And will have the same problems. Bad attitudes all of them.

No Answer, no reply, only delay and price increase significantly

It's the hardest to deal with. Price increase significant without notices. Try to negotiate, but 10 calls only 1 reply, then keep delay, charge more excess weight charged, stop bin service until you compromise with their pricing. JJ Richards just likes a bad gang. Playing the game until they are happy.


Don't recommend this company to anyone especially anyone running a RESTAURANT!
Every week having problems with them and very dodgy in picking up the bins they will constantly make very stupid EXCUSES!
just because we were late to pay the invoice we asked if theres anyone going to be in the area to pick up the bins the lady on the phone lied and told me there will be one on Monday mind you the bin was overloaded and needed to be empty ASAP! after closing the phone 10 MINS LATER THE DRIVER CAME AND PICKED NEXT DOOR RUBBISH! (same company, same bin same everything they usually empty both at once!) called again and told her the issue and said it was the cardboard bin. went and spoke to guy that owns the carwash and said no it was the general waste bin they collected!

Would not recommend them to anyone.

Outstanding customer service

Outstanding service. I dont understand the bad review's on here but ive been using them for 5 years without a problem

JJ Richards should be banned from operating any business

The JJ Richards staffs are just like gangsters. Once you signed the service agreement, they will make sure that there is no way out. Do NOT sign any agreement with them!! If you use their "large bin", they would make excuse to say that you have put too much waste into it and they refuse to collect the waste. The large bin is designed in a way to confuse you and you don't know how much is overweight.

Then they will tell you to switch to two "small bins". What happens next is, they can charge you a higher collection fee when the "small bin" is overweight. Once again, you won't know when you will be charged extra for the "overweight" because it is up to JJ Richards to send you the bill to say, hey you have to pay this much more because your two small bins were overweight.

You will regret it for the rest of your life if you sign an agreement with them.


We have tried to contact them for 2 months regarding the increase in price. The stuff are rude and unhelpful. No calls returned yet have the audacity to send overdue invoices over and over, without contact! Paul also came into our practice and claimed we signed a contact (totally different signature) most likely signed by them. We will be taking this further! Very misleading!!!! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.


If you currently have a service agreement with JJ Richards they may send you an email with a copy of a new service agreement with new terms and conditions.
Instead of letting me sign my own contract they decide to forge my signature and sign it themselves.
Just when you think the ACCC got them...

Bad management rude staff

I am in a residential zone, jj Richards pick up bins from next door every week very early and noise very disturbing, I made several complaints and finally their operation manager said to me they will pick up after 7am, but their trucks still come before 6:30, I can not believe this is that hard, it’s so unfair each week I am wake up by their truck.

Incredibly rude staff

An office staff member was incredibly rude to one of our staff, stating that our company's business was not important to them.

Unethical Company

Was pressured into a 5 year contract after I queried this it changed to 3 years. Have had 3 price increases in twelve months, over 72% increase. Will be reporting this to the ACCC.

Ridiculous Company! I would rate "0" actually

"Rubbish" Company!!! Poor Service! Unethical Staff! Especially the sale person - [name removed], so rube so rube. I tried so hard to communicate with this company. I just want to terminate the service!!!! Since 21/02/2018, I called to the customer service and requested to cancel the service, because of I switched to another company. Afterward, I made a lot of phone calls & emails. They'd just ignore me, never take into account. Up to today (more than 1 month time), they still send me the bill and keep charging me. I really don't know what's wrong with this company. The worst company I ever had before. I really want to keep away from this company. Take it off from my life!

If anyone read this review, please look at my story. Make a careful consideration. They are "Thieves"

Terrible!!! - I would rate FAT '0'

Absolutely horrible! keep charging fees after we cancel the service! they are thieves!!! Do not ever use them. The worst company I ever had to deal with while running a business for 12 years!!!

Rubbish ethics managing rubbish business

We had a bin for 2 years and got so sick of them, charging us twice at times without any expectation. Just poor management and unethical staff. They even made it difficult for me to cancel my services despite it being out of contractual terms.

Do I have to give them 1 star ? Amin, do you have a provision to give them minus.

So much for an iconic company to be unethically doing rubbish business - rubbish way. I talked about rubbish bin almost every month while I had the contract with them, overcharging is like business as usual for them. Drivers are ruthless, the sales team is predatory and poor office staff are helpless. I am amazed as to how they continue to be in business for so long. If I did this to my client's, I would have been out of business a long time ago.

Bunch of thieves

They overcharge you, they don't collect bins and they don't arrange a collection for the days they miss it. Once you call them up, you get terrible customer service!

They keep missing collections..

They continually miss pickups that have been booked.
Every time its a different excuse from the company and or driver.
The last excuse offered was "the driver got too early" despite admitting that there are notes on their system explaining that no collections could be done prior to this time.

The bin starts to overflow even as I type this review and we now await a Monday collection which leaves plenty of time for bin chickens to go through our waste and make a right mess which will be waiting for me to clean up first thing in the morning next week.

Thanks JJ Richards!

I may be asking the boss to look at other possible alternatives..

Aggressive, Expensive, Illegal

I had the misfortune of being bullied by this company for four years. As has been mentioned they lock you into agreements without you knowing then aggressively enforce the unfair terms throughout the period. I tried to break my agreement and was threatened with legal action so had to let it go. They increased the cost of my pickups over the 4 years I was forced to do business with them by 100%. Fact.

Thankfully the ACCC have taken JJ Richards to the Federal Court and won - all agreements are void. Go to the JJ Richards website and read the Corrective Notice. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE LOCKED IN AND HAVE TO ACCEPT THEIR AGREEMENT - YOU DON'T. My bin removal costs are now 25% of what I paid. It is illegal for JJ Richards to roll your contract over as well and if they have in the past they cannot enforce it. YOU CAN FINISH HAVING TO DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.

I hope they are fined to the point of bankruptcy then beyond.

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Questions & Answers

Hello, how much is for a green bin in Manunda Cairns? Are there any contracts? What is the weekly cost?
1 answer
Just do NOT go to J.J. Richards. If you do, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

How much for 3m skip
1 answer
So sorry don't know the answer to your question as my needs related to waste oil removal, sadly JJ Richards let me down. So may I suggest NOT using this company. Have a look at your local newspaper for a local rubbish skip.

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