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Jura Milk Frother

Jura Milk Frother

3.1 from 16 reviews

Couldn’t live without it

The Jura Milk Frother is the best on the market. Our first one we had for six years (it was the model with the dark coating) so when it stopped workings it was replaced with a new one. This one is made of stainless steel which is preferable to the earlier model and we have now had this one for six months.
We make two lattes at least twice a day.
We find this product produces perfectly frothed milk without any problems.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Sick of buying milk frothers

I have had no luck with this product. The first one worked twice and was replaced. The replacement one worked for a month, now only bubbles up the milk. I have also found this machine to be slow, but didn't mind waiting longer when it worked. I have tried other brands that are cheaper with similar problems but thought paying for an expensive machine would guarantee success. Disappointing.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Planned obsolescence

I purchased a jura coffee machine and frother from harvey norman. Both broke within months and were replaced without too much difficulty. Now the frother has died again. GREAT coffee machine. Unimpressed with the frother that breaks time and time again. Its not as though they are cheap either. I will pay for a hopefully more reliable product than bother with another one even though this one is still under warranty.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Was good at first!

Like a previous reviewer my milk frother also started peeling on the inside. Harvey Norman replaced it no worries with a stainless steel one which has had no peeling problems. My gripe is like the first one the time it took (I have it on the hottest setting) just got longer and longer up to 7 mins at least! Now it hardly frothes at all and I will need another one but not sure if I will buy a Jura one.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Does the trick

I had several of another brand that I had to keep replacing before making the switch to Jura. So far, so good.
There is no temperature control, which is a bit of a let down, but it does make a nice hot milk on it's regular setting. I do have an issue with the lack of creme though. It is very much a 'flat white' or 'cap' frother, not a 'latte' frother. It is impossible to get a nice creamy consistency that you would at a cafe with a proper froth gun.
In saying that, it definitely does suffice for a decent home coffee. No complaints. And it has lasted almost a year, with no issues, and I use it daily.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Dear Harley F, Thank you for your review we are so happy to hear your enjoying the Milk Frother is you need any assistance please contact us on spport2@au.jura.com. Kind regards Jura supportUPDATE: Still going strong! Almost 2 years down, still use it daily, still as new.

Just don't expect it to last!

After owning 3 of these I am fed up with it. The first one lasted 4 months and the heating element broke. Harvey Norman replaced it no problem. After about 8 months I noticed that the inside of the jug was coming off! Just like teflon.....god knows what that will do to me! Replaced again. The 3rd jug has lasted almost 2 years and once again the inside has come off, ALOT! Jura will happily sell me just the jug but after a few cool coffees and a scorcher I will assume the heating element is on its way out too.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

great product overall while it worked

I was given a Jura 70608 as a birthday present as I wanted something that would froth the milk for the morning coffee. My coffee machine wasn't equipped to do this. This product did this really well and to my great joy I also discovered that you could also make superb hot chocolate drinks and hot whiskey sours and hot Toddy's (not mentioned in the instruction book)among other things. It even looks good and that's not something you can say about most Kitchen products, almost futuristic in its design.
This product quickly became the utensil of choice to make hot chocolate and hot mochas with my wife and daughter very simple, quiet right temperature every time very easy to use and it never burnt the drink. Perfect almost in every way. The 2 disks (3 in total) always worked never had any problems with leaking or the surface coating in the jug Aside to cleaning and getting the right quantity of product in the jug, the measuring marks on a dark background were useless couldn't see them at all, this as a kitchen appliance was pretty hard to beat. I probably shouldn't complain but I only got 2 1/2 years out of mine. It did get used nearly everyday, most days twice a day sometimes up to 4 times a day. It even came on holidays with us. Then one day very recently it just stopped , never to work again. Would I have liked it to last a little longer. Absolutely I would. It isn't a dear item to buy but its not cheap considering how much use it actually got. Would I buy another one of these units again. Yes I would and despite my lamentations I will have another one, because there isn't anything that does what this little unit does any better . So if you are in the market for a Frother buy this one. You will love it, and if the Jug is made of stainless steel it will be even better (but only slightly)

Date PurchasedAug 2014
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Dear Thunderbolt1, Thank for taking the time to right a review on our milk frother, we are so happy to hear that you enjoyed it for a couple of yours, if we could be any assistance please email us on support2@au.jura.com and we will ensure its resolved. Kind Regards Kylie - Aftersales Manager

Worked perfect then stopped

We absolutely loved this frother big enough for 2 large coffee's. The actual coffee machine cane with 2 year warranty but fine print for frother was 1 yr. Jura refused to replace it even though it wasn't working properly within the year but I waited a few months outside of the year to contact them. It's a shame as it was so much better then the replacement Aldi brand when working! Now I'm searching for a better one.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Love it! Now with stainless steel pitcher

Great product - stylish, easy to use and now the pitcher is made from stainless steel, with no joins. So hopefully no issues with the surface deteriorating and the seals breaking.
Froths perfectly. Used daily. Love it! Well worth it. Good value
Very popular item with everyone in the house.

Sadly I am updating my review that I made above. I so loved this item but the frother action has now failed and after emailing the company, it does not appear to be repairable. The gadget still 'works'...but it will heat only. But I bought it for creating the froth for my coffee. Would I buy it again? - for a product that costs around $110 - I am certain I will be looking out for another brand. I tried to update my review above, but as I couldn't remember the purchase date, I was not able to do so.Dear Kay, so sorry to hear about your milk frother failing I would like to have an opportunity to resolve this issue if you could kindly email your details to feedback@au.jura.com and I will ensure its resolved Kind regards Kylie- aftersales managerI have been in touch now with Jura on the 2nd November and the 28th November and no reply what so ever. I have resent the email now for the 3rd time, being the 13th December. I look forward to hearing from you Kylie asap. Regards Karen ( Kay for online profile)

We love it, can't do without it

This Jura frothier is brilliant. Very adaptable froths any amount from 1 serve to many. Any milk - using combination of cold and hot frother any milk type make a fabulous creamy froth. Yes it might be slower than some frother a but you don't have to stand and hold it. Plus if you bring it to the table it looks good. My kids love it for hot chocolate. It is easy to clean.

Takes 6-8 minutes to froth the milk and only works with full cream milk

It's nice that is made from stainless steel and doesn't burn at the bottom, but it takes way too long and I like using skim milk which would work well in our previous frother (ALDI) but not in this frother.
I contacted customer service but they confirmed that it is supposed to take this long and that it doesn't work well with other milk than fresh full cream milk.
For us this frother is useless.

Not bad - froths milk pretty good

Had the Jura frother for 6months now. Overall OK. Here's my assessment in some of the important area's:

Quality of frothed milk: Excellent for full cream milk. Very nicely aerated, "fluffy" milk. Good temperature, doesn't burn. Great for lattes, hot chocolates and baby-chinos. For Soy milk, not that good. We also use the Aldi frother which is the opposite - not great for full cream but pretty good for Soy.

Heat Time: Poor to average. Can take about 3min to produce a cups worth of frothed milk. Certainly quicker using again when already heated up. Slower than the Aldi frother.

Pouring: Very good. Design of unit (oval shape) minimises spills.

Clean Up: Usually there is a thin film of milk at the bottom. Need to use a damp cloth to clean. Looking at the design, if radius in the bottom corner was larger, would make cleaning easier.

Other: Max/Min markings on inside difficult to read, especially when the unit is hot (tend to fade with heat).
Quality of frothed, full cream milk
heat time, not great for Soy milk

temporary appliance

The inside coating wears off with normal cleaning. Bought mine from Harvey Norman, returned the first one - second one didn't work at all - returned - replaced by Harvey Norman but I wouldn't take it home until it had been tried in-store - only had 5 in stock - 4 didn't work - took the other one home and it stopped working about 10 seconds into the cycle - started again and finished cycle - didn't take this one back until new stock in at Harvey Norman - new replacement started peeling of interior coating after a couple of weeks. Harvey Norman won't replace any item 12 months after the initial purchase date, no matter when the replacement(s) issued or what the problem is.
good frother
inside coating peels off

Jura jura

Brought a coffee Machine and came with Jura frother, Frother was good for like 6 months then the black silicon started to peel. i only wash it with water and a touch of morining fresh. this is my 6th Jura frother!! Yes 6. all of them from David jones. lucky they replace all of them.
Make good milk

jura milk frother

I have just purchase this item two weeks ago and i cannot fault it.The froth is perfect and it is very easy to use and clean,it takes about 2minutes to make perfect froth,also it is also great for making hot chocolate. It comes with three attachements two for frothing milk and one for hot drinks.
Easy to use.
Hard to see the measurements.


Returned a faulty milk frother, and promised by the sales assistant that this "quality" product would work perfectly, all of the time. Devastated, it stopped making the froth after four days, and wasted a lot of milk. Almost impossible to see the maximum limits for filling as well. Promised a lot, performed badly, very disappointed.
The sales assistants boast that this would not disappoint! Convincing, and entertaining.
Heated the milk, but did not froth it. A lot of milk was wasted, similar to a nescafe.. say anymore.

Questions & Answers

frothing disk misplaced ..can I get another one
1 answer
Dear Ginnie, Thank you for your questions, you can purchase another disc please contact support on 1300 285 872 and we can arrange to send you out one Kind Regards Kylie - Aftersales Support

My jura milk frother heats the milk but the froth is cold,is it faulty?
1 answer
The froth is not as hot as the milk naturally,as it sits on top of the milk,also we seem to get a better result with full cream milk.

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