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Kambrook Essentials Direct Drive KFP400

Kambrook Essentials Direct Drive KFP400

3.9 from 16 reviews

Nice slicer with a little superglue

This machine is quite capable for cooking for our family and saves a lot of time slicing vegetables. It is fairly easy to clean and it has quite a large capacity. We did have trouble with the slicing blade, as the plastic centre failed. The shop sent a replacement blade but it also broke. However, a little superglue seemed to fix it and it now works perfectly.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Inexpensive but not cheap!

I haven't needed a food processor before and instead I have relied upon my $16 manual Slicer Dicer. A few weeks ago I needed a food processor to make soup. I narrowed down my choice to either a really inexpensive one under $100 or something with all the 'bells and whistles' for $400+. I ended up buying the Kambook from the Good Guys for $59 during the end of financial year sale, to see if I would use it a lot and then decide whether it would be worth spending a lot more. Long story short - the Slicer Dicer is now in the recycling bin and I save a LOT of time in the kitchen with the Kambook. So while it is inexpensive I wouldn't say it is 'cheap'.

The Kambrook Essentials Direct Drive KFP400 is easy to use, setup and clean. It has two modes: on/off and pulse (which is the most used mode). I love the suction cup feet that really stick the unit to my stone bench.

Cleaning is very easy. I rinse the parts under warm water with a little dish washing detergent and a soft dish brush. I put the disk in the dishwasher plate rack. The disk and blades are very sharp and I take care to not cut my fingers or to blunt the edges. The chopping blades and disk can be stored inside the unit with the top and feed tube next to it (otherwise it would be too high for my pantry). The disk is double sided: slicing on one side and shredding on the other.

It does make a lot of noise but it doesn't need to run for long to get the job done.

For my first use I chopped and diced onions, capsicum and carrots. It was an absolute breeze - mere seconds. I made a double batch of capsicum soup with gouda and came second in our annual soup competition where I work. I was thrilled! When blending soup don't overfill the bowl because you want to avoid liquid going down the central drive shaft.

The Kambrook also did a good job shredding the Gouda cheese with just a few bits left on top of the blade.

It is now my go-to appliance for chopping and dicing. Love it!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great kitchen aid - no frills but does the job

It's a basic system but does most blending jobs efficiently. I like its functionality. Easy to assemble, easy to clean and can chop and blend both Asian spices ss well as ingredients for soups finely and smoothly. It has a pulse action which is useful when doing foods that require drizzling in ingredients separately. I am very satisfied with it and use it daily. Great for a family of five.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Waste of money.

Purchased on 8 December 2017 and only worked once with the processing blade for processing kale. Tried to use again but it wouldn't turn on. Went to great lengths to ensure the bowl was correctly placed onto the motor base and the handle aligned correctly.
It's very frustrating to have all ingredients and equipment (food processor) for cooking, then the food processer doesn't work. This faulty machine obstruct the whole cooking process.
Took the product back for a full refund on 11 January 2018 but was denied same. After some juggling, the shop assistant got the product to work when it was empty. So sent me home with the faulty product.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Not perfect but good enough

Easy to assemble. A bit chunky to put in dishwashing machine. Not sure how you can wash with handwash since there are bits where it is hard to access. Does the job although with chopping you will get random shapes from minced to big bits. I haven't tried the slicing function. Overall, a good processor.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Food Processor

Kambrook Essentials Direct Drive so so easy to use also clean up a breeze .
Love the Pulse Button as well as on off Button all together.
Very safe to use and not being any where near the top price range this one does it all.
Much used item on my bench.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Simple product, works like a dream!

I purchased this as a replacement for my Sunbeam Oskar Mini. As our family grows, the Sunbeam was becoming too small. It's really big, fits lots in it, will definitely be using it to process soup when the weather is cooler.
It's easy to clean and I prefer the blade fitting to the one that came with the Sunbeam - I could never get that completely clean on the inside, but this is so easy to clean. There is no way for food to get trapped anywhere. Like I said before, it's really big, but I've used it for small amounts (i.e. just one stewed apple to blend up for baby food) and it worked perfectly. A lot of other blenders won't blend when there isn't much in the machine, but this has no problem at all. The blade sits quite low and must go as close as possible to the edges of the bowl, as I've blended small amounts quite often and not had any issues. I really like the suction cups on the bottom, too. They hold it really firm on the bench.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Excellent basic food processor

This is probably as basic a machine as you could buy, but it does everything that it's supposed to with no fuss. easy to operate and easy to clean and it wasn't expensive.
We learnt the hard way as to how good the Kambrook is. We bought a more complex FP from Aldi, an Ambiano. It proved to be far from satisfactory; compex assembly, blades that went blunt quickly, a shredding disc that couldn't be assembled. Be warned, stay away from the Ambiano!

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Good design for ease of use at a good price

This processor has a processing blade for chopping and pureeing and a reversible disc for slicing and shredding. I use mine almost everyday for chopping nuts, herbs and vegetables, pureeing dips and spreads and slicing or shredding vegetables for soups.
It is easy to use and to take out the blades using the finger hole and to scrape the bowl which has straight sides. It is a good basic processor. This is the second one I bought of this model; the first one's motor broke down after 14 months. I think may have been because I filled the processor bowl with water above the Max Liquid Fill line and water spurted up and possibly damaged the motor electrical parts. Don't do this!
It was brilliant at pureeing dips as the blades reach close to the sides of the bowl. It chopped nuts well, staying sharp despite near everyday use. On the first one the top of the spindle on the shredding and slicing disc broke off after shredding carrots; it could still be used by placing it back on when in the bowl. A bit of a nuisance though, and it is not robust so care is needed.
When it broke down I was keen to buy a more expensive heavier duty model however it seemed even the expensive ones had problems or had functions I didn't need. At a cost of $69 at Kmart it was easy to replace and the plastic bowl is still in very good condition as a back up. I had a Sunbeam processor before where the plastic bowl broke (twice) and it is quite hard to buy a replacement.

Excellent, well-priced food processor

This is a very quick and effective food processor. Never had an issue with it. The attachments are really good and does all you need it to. This was purchased from the Good Guys for a very good price. It is very easy to use and makes life much easier.

Date PurchasedJun 2016


My kambrook started off great,a bit noisy and jiggles around on the bench but was doing the job well. I have only used it a few times. After processing nuts and dates for a raw vegan dessert it suddenly decided not to turn on so i could finish the dessert topping... how do i fix this problem please. .

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Hi Melissa, please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au. Thank you.

Affordable and effective food processor

A cheap processor that efficiently and effectively goes about its business. It delivers good results. After reading many poor reviews of food processors, I decided to give this machine a shot.

I've used this processor to make the following so far
1. Kiwi and ginger sorbet: This was processed well and the frozen kiwi fruit ice crystals were fine. Initially, there was lots of vibration (due to the way the frozen kiwi fruit chunks clumped together) but it soon smoothened out
2. Almond and cashew nut butter without additional oil or liquids. The recipe mentioned that it would take 10 minutes or more. I was surprised when it was done in less than 5 minutes. There was no need to scrape down the sides as suggested by the recipe. Great!
3. Lemon myrtle shortcrust pastry: This was processed with the standard Stainless Steel blade (no plastic blade provided). The pastry formed together nicely.

Noise: The noise of the processor was by no means too offensive/ loud. I've come across blenders/processors that are much louder.
Stability: The unit has suction feet that prevents the machine from sliding off the table. It is good to use a stable surface e.g. kitchen counter top rather than a dining table as any vibration caused by chunky items will be transferred to the surface.
Cleaning: It is useful to have an old toothbush or dish brush due to the grooves in the plastic. 4 components to wash but not very different from most food processors. Definitely not something I want to wash everyday
Personal blenders e.g. nutribullet have only 2 components to wash and are more convenient for daily juice making etc but the thought of processing and the difficulty in scraping the sides makes it impractical for my intended purposes.

I am unable to comment on durability, having owned it for <1month

Great results, best deal, does my nuts, I'm just tickled!

Finally, a processor that makes my Australian grown Almond nuts into paste to perfection, just add a splash of coconut oil toward the end, and super creamy yummo tropical almond butter. This is all I wanted it for. and next time I'll add a few other exotics into the mix like Aussie Chia seeds and Linseed.

I tried a Sunbeam, failed. The blades where too far off the bowl bottom and edges. This Kambrook has blades that go very close to the sides and bottom blade is about 2.5mm of the surface which means nut powder is lifted off the bottom and scooped from the sides more effectively. You still have to stop it and push the powder down as it builds up the side above the blade rotation, but that is expected and it reduces once it starts to paste.

In Australia you can buy 375 different peanut pastes, but no other nut paste because it might have peanuts in it hahaha, what a joke this place is becoming!! Because they don't want you to stay healthy. Oh yeah and the new 5 star health labelling joke... full smoke and mirror deception there!

Get into it, it's a whiz. If you're agitated by the noise, just poke some blu-tack in your ears, works too lol.

Not the worst

I was looking for my very first food processor and a cheap one and found this KFP400 at the Good Guys got home and started with the veggies worked fine on most but not the best slicer, could slice most things ok bit chunky at times mainly carrots and hard vegetables, was a bit noisy but for the price it was fine.Now I have used one and to be very versatile looking to upgrade .
Price ,Size
Little bit noisy

Just the right size

I needed a smaller size food processor and decided on this model. Couldn't be happier with it. Cleans easily. Not too big. Not too small. Just made peanut butter which required about 10mins of processing time. Handled it perfectly. It also cuts up my onions for me which I then freeze straight away
Just the right size and quite powerful.

Absolute rubbish!

I had this food processor for less than one week and was grating zucchinis (not exactly a hard thing to grate) when the food processor stopped working. The smell coming out of it was horrific and I realised that the plastic parts that hold the blades on to the main part of the processor had completely melted and had melted the bowl onto the processor and couldn't be removed.

Don't waste your money on this complete and utter piece of rubbish!!
Easy to use.
It was the biggest waste of money.

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Robyn, It appears you have a faulty product. Could you call our customer service on 1300 139 798? The product will be under warranty. Thank you.

Questions & Answers

Can u pl put up a YouTube on how to use the slicer attachment for the KPF 400! And why do most of the reviews say that the slicer attachment breaks melts etc??
No answers

Can The Kambrook Essentials Direct Drive chop things like dates to make bliss balls?
1 answer
I haven’t made a bliss ball but the product can chop things quite finely

Can anyone tell me what the grater attachment is like please? We make our own coleslaw so grate a lot of carrots. I need a disc that goes close to the sides so most of the carrot gets grated rather than slip down the side in big (odd shaped) slices. Also is bowl microwave proof does anyone know? Tks for any guidance you can offer :)
1 answer
Hi, this food processor is ideal for making coleslaw. The reversible slicing / shredding discs can easily shred the ingredients. The 1.5L processing bowl should not be put into a microwave. Thanks, the Kambrook Team


Essentials Direct Drive KFP400
Price (RRP) $79.95
Release dateAug 2012

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