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Kambrook Rice Master

Kambrook Rice Master

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Rice to go

This appliance makes making rice so easy - cooks coconut rice to perfection and allows for beautiful fluffy rice, so easy to use, click and go, walk away and just come back when ready

Purchased in May 2019 at Myers for $59.00.

Terrible design and a burn hazard

The ONLY good thing about this rice cooker is that it actually cooks rice.
Otherwise, the steam vent is positioned perfectly to burn the knuckles of anyone opening it to actually eat the rice. This is after the unit has spewed starchy steam and water all over itself, your bench and anything else unfortunate enough to be placed anywhere near it. My left-handed partner finds it extremely awkward to open. The plate inside is covered in starch after cooking and the only parts that can be removed to clean are the bowl and a little plastic part where the vent is, which makes it a potential breeding ground for bacteria. The top plate needs to be carefully sponged without dripping water into the element below. How this appliance made it through design, engineering and user testing without these issues being identified is beyond me.

We wrote to Kambrook with our concerns about the safety of this unit and they directed us to return it to the place of purchase with no further assistance.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Love it best iv ever had...

Cooks rice fluffy and beautiful
Non stick.
Cant go with out.
Iv used 10 orher brands and they are horrible .
I didnt know there was a great cooker like this on the market.
Ill definatly highly recommend this to my family and friends.
I reallly know the difference now

Date PurchasedJun 2018

WTH is this garbage.

Don't buy. This might as well be a pop corn maker. Splatters water everywhere and leaks and the steam vents are badly placed. No doubt the Kambrook team will respond to this comment with "Please contact us". NO thank you. I'd rather throw this defective product away than waste time dealing with it. Why are you even Selling this? If you want to help your brand or customers, stop selling this product and slap your brand on one of those cheap chinese cookers; at least they cook rice properly without mess.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Spits everywhere

This rice cooker works OK in terms of cooking, but it spits water absolutely everywhere. The kitchen bench, the floor, the splashback, there's starchy water everywhere. It took an hour to clean up after the first time we used it.

This isn't a problem with usage. We've been using rice cookers all our life.

This product is simply unusable. I don't think we can return it because it's clearly not faulty, it's just extremely poorly designed.

We won't be using it again. The cheap and nasty Chinese-branded one we had previously been using is far superior.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Does the basics

Reluctant to make this purchase as I was reading the mostly negative feedback, however my choices were one from Kmart or Target and this one from Bing Lee, either way I was not expecting much for $37. Bit the bullet and told myself if the reviews were true I can just throw it away and try another.

Turns out to be quite decent though? I use it everyday to make 2 cups of rice, fill it with the right amount of water and off we go. Cooks well and the only thing I would say is, perhaps the people saying it is leaking when you open or just in general is to make sure you pop in the little clear container which attaches to the right hand side of the cooker, this is the little space where the water runs down to as you open the lid.

I have no complaints for a $37 cooker, it cooks the rice at it's most basic level and that's it, nothing more. Now to see how long it lasts, if it does more than 6 months it's already paid for itself. The only other note I would want to mention is if you're a bit rough handling this I'm sure it will be break in no time, as you would expect from this price range, so as long as you're gentle enough I think it'll give you a good few years.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Don’t waste your money

I spent a lot of money buying a well known brand but I really regret it. Firstly it splatters all over the bench and starchy water collects in the lid. Rice is left crusty on the bottom. Item is hard to clean as the starchy residue is left everywhere.
Today I used the item and it kept turning itself onto keep warm after only about 5 minutes, this I was unable to wal away and had to stay nearby to keep turning it on.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Kambrook 10 cup capacity rice cooker

I purchased a this new Kambrook rice cooker 2 weeks ago, and it was over $50, so I was expecting something pretty good, as our old small one stopped working after about 5 years.
We need to make rice every 3 days, as we have a dog with pancreatitis and she has 3 meals with rice per day.
The old rice cooker splattered a bit, but was simple to clean etc.
This one is a nightmare. I have never written a review before on any product, but after having just spent 15 minutes cleaning every part of this machine, and my kitchen, I was compelled to warn others not to waste their money and time on such as a useless machine. It has so many bits that need cleaning, & the design is dreadful. The starchy mess and steam spatters all over everything in a 20cm radius. It overflows all over the bench (even though it is a 10 cup cooker, I only ever use it for 4 cups at a time for freshness, so its not even half full). The sticky starchy mess goes into a thin inverted rim around the top, which it really hard to clean, it also has a filter that has to be removed and washed each time. The mess also sits in the inverted section of the lid and it is just an awful filthy mess to clean up. Oh, and did I mention it burns on the bottom, even though we have followed instructions to a "T". The one good thing about it, is that it turns itself off!

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Ali, please contact the customer service team on 1300 139 798. Thanks, the Kambrook Team

THE worst I've ever bought.

I wanted to downsize to a small rice cooker so chose this 5 cup one at a reasonable cost. i have been cooking rice all my life so the problem doesn't lie with the technique. This rice cooker turns itself off after 5 minutes. Obviously, the rice isn't cooked, but something (and I'm guessing steam or heat pressure) is telling the internal sensor that it's cooked.
I then have to open the lid, let some steam out, close the lid without actually locking it (so as to allow steam to escape) and turn it back to 'cook' (it will continue to shut off unless I've allowed enough steam out).
It will cook rice, but not without my help. I might as well cook the rice manually. Very disappointing.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
Hi Famlie, please contact the customer service team on 1300 139 798. Thanks, the Kambrook Team.Thank you for asking me to contact your service team, but I have thrown the rice cooker in the bin.

Leaky puddle of starch

This product has a few design flaws my greatest beef with it is that whenever you use it it leaves sloppy piles of starch water all over the lid and table. It's a nightmare to clean up after. It leaves the bottom layer of rice crispy which some people like so that's ok. It has a poorly placed steam vent but so far so good. It does cook rice well tho and is very good looking but unfortunately we can't get past the messy factor

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Hi BTown - please contact customer service regarding your issue during business hours on 1300 139 798. Thanks, the Kambrook team.

Warning steam vents onto knuckles as you try to open the lid!!

As a previous reviewer noted, this is a bad design with the steam vent placed right where your knuckles are due to the placement of the opening handle. BE CAREFUL if you buy this unit!

Steamer dish could have done with a handle of some sort as you have to pry it up with something first before lifing it out with a tea towel

Apart from that, cooks rice quickly. burns bottom crisp but some ppl like that

Date PurchasedAug 2016
Hi Jimmy, please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au. Thanks.I used the rice cooker again last night and had the same experience with the steam burning the knuckles. Here's a pic of the design flaw http://i65.tinypic.com/10xx1xz.jpg

rice sticks together, forms a crusty base

We bought this rice cooker from Bing Lee about 2 weeks ago. From the first day of use, I have been quite unhappy with this product. It always forms a crusty base. I have tried cooking rice with less and more water, 2 cups to 5 cups of rice, leave the "keep warm" option for a long time and unplug the rice cooker soon after the rice is cooked....but notthing helped....I have always been getting a think crusty base and so much of rice gets stuck together....which I cannot serve at all......very very disappointed since I never had this issue with the other two brands that I had used before.

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Hi ABP, please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au. Thank you.

Good rice cooker which cooks rice fast

After reading many reviews and the instruction manuals I discovered that the more expensive rice cookers take longer to cook the rice. Speed of meal preparation is important to me so I bought this unit, to replace my old unit with the old style lid. This unit does keep the rice quite moist on the keep warm function and cooks rice very well with no crusty base or water leaking out of the lid.
The design has a few flaws, badly placed vent on the lid and the lid is a bit awkward to open. However, I have not burnt my fingers yet as the steam does stop venting fairly quickly. The inner bowl is black and the water guideline marks very difficult to read.

compact rice cooker

We really can't get by without a rice cooker. After our latest el-cheapo generic failed after 5 weeks, I rushed down to Big W intending to swap it, but it was removed from sale, and the Kambrook was all they had.
At $39, it's a little bit more expensive, but so far seems to be worth the money.

I really like the sealed feature. It cooks the rice better and is excellent for keeping it warm without drying out.

Unfortunately whoever designed this unit, needs to look for a new job. Unless you leave it cooling until long after the rice has cooked, it has a scalding steam vent perfectly aimed to take the skin off your knuckles when you try to use the lid.

For those wondering, "BSS" simply means Black & Stainless Steel

Hi Big D - thanks very much for sharing your feedback. Just to let you know, 'BSS' means brushed stainless steel :o) We recommend positioning the rice cooker so the steam vent is directed away from you, and unlocking and opening the lid carefully as to avoid scalding from escaping steam. For further assistance with this product, please refer to our instruction booklet, available here: http://www.kambrook.com.au/media/instruction_manuals/KRC405BSS.pdf. Alternatively, please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au.My point was simply that "BSS" affects only the appearance, not the function. the steam vent cannot be directed, it is fixed and not adjustable, and as I said it is right where your knuckles are if you attempt to use the handle, which would otherwise be a good way to carry the hot cooker.

Questions & Answers

How much rice to how much water?
No answers

Should boiling rice water spit from the steam vent? There was quite a puddle of starchy water on the benchtop under the cooker that had flowed down the sides during cooking. It was a mess to clean up and I'm not sure how safe it is. Thanks Liz
1 answer
Hi Liz - can you please contact our customer service team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au as the product sounds faulty and it shouldn't be doing that at all. Thank you.

Why was this unit constructed in such a way that it vents steam onto your knuckles as you try to open the lid?! I burnt myself first time I tried to use it. This will always happen due to the placement of the handle and vent. Bad design that shouldn't have been implemented. There is no way of getting around this. Also its very difficult to get the steamer dish out as it has no lip to grab onto. You have to pry it up with something before lifting it. Are you bringing out an updated unit soon?
1 answer
Hi Jimmy, could you please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au.


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