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Kambrook Pressure Express Digital Multi Cooker KPR820BSS

Kambrook Pressure Express Digital Multi Cooker KPR820BSS

4.5 from 16 reviews

Great cooker however seal only lasted about 2 momths

When and if it seals it cooks amazing very to use and clean. Simple easy features easy to read. Very simple to clean like non stick service. Seal has been a constant issue so bit disappointed hopefully new seal will fix issue
Now trying to get new seal. Amy help appreciated

Date PurchasedJan 2018

What a beauty of a machine, Kambrook.

I have recently purchased my pressure cooker and I am absolutely delighted with the ease and taste of the meals.
I did a lot of research before buying my Kambrook and I couldn’t be happier.
I really don’t know how I use to cook beforehand.
It produces wonderful and tasty meals and all cooking is done in the one pot. So efficient.
I do have two comments to make.
It seems like the quickest time to cook is the white rice at 12 minutes. A lot of recipes that I cook need to be cooked under this time limit. I have to constantly watch the timer and manually stop it. It would be great if you could set the timer to 5 or 3 minutes.
I was also wondering where I could purchase the trivite for my machine. It didn’t come with one when I unpacked the box.
My Kambrook pressure cooker is by far the best kitchen appliance I have ever brought.
Thank you for a wonderful and reliable product.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

favorite Kitchen appliance

Very easy to use and to clean as it is non-stick. Using it everyday, love the saute and roast function though there are other function available. It made cooking easy, doing other things while cooking. Just put in there the meat, spices and press the function u like and start. You can adjust timer if you want too.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

What did I ever do without it?

Easy to use, selection of functions for cooking soups, saute, slow cook, pot roast etc. I now use it all the time specially for roasting a nice leg of lamb or a whole chook. Just add your ingredients, i prefer to saute them first in onion and garlic then add the meat or veggies. Select your desired function, press start and go live life and relax! It beeps when done and keeps food warm until you are ready to serve. LOOVE IT.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Best kitchen appliance to have

This thing is the best, cooking awesome meals for winter , love how I can just chuck it In one pot and cook and leave it , it is a must to have , kambrook made good quality device , buy one for winter cheap too $110 , also makes perfect rice with the pre settings , haven't tried the slow cook as I prefer just pressure cooking quick and fast

Date PurchasedMar 2017


functions are really easy to use, Its non stick which is great & its easy to clean, it has saved me hours of cooking time. I have only used it twice but so far i love it, it makes meat very soft and tasty I'm excited to try more recipes in it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Slow cooker useless

Easy to clean easy to use but the slow cooker is useless. 8 hours and diced vegies still hard. Given up putting potatoes in as they don't cook. Very disappointed as I had a slow cooker before and was the best. Pressure cooker seems to work well but prefer to use slow cooker.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Hi Leighsy, please contact customer service to discuss this further on 1300 139 798 or email askus@kambrook.com.au. Thanks, the Kambrook team.

Love it

Have no problems at all with it. I use it all the time as a pressure cooker and slow cooker. Have it for almost 2 years now, still working the same way. It is very quiet and has a saute option which is very handful.
It is very easy to use and clean.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Fantastic Cooking Product

What a gem this handy little friend has become. Very easy to use, clean and the food taste great. Love the saute function and one pot for everything. With winter coming are I am sure to be almost every night I need more receipts and have trouble finding using google. Please steer me in the right direction Kambrook.

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Hi Narrelle - thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. If you need some inspiration this winter, head to our blog for recipe ideas: https://www.aperfectpantry.com.au/

Forget the Sauté function. Controls are confusing

So far this seems to be a very good electric pressure cooker.
The Sauté function is useless and misleading. Sautéing requires a high heat, and this unit simply cannot provide it.
That doesn't necessarily make it bad, probably no worse than any other, but it is misleading to claim that it sautés.
If you need to sauté onions and brown meat, it is best done in a frypan, which is annoying for a product that claims to be a "one pot wonder."

The other controls are simply confusing. There are different buttons for Curry/Soup, White Rice, Brown Rice, and Pot Roast, but the manual doesn't explain what the difference is. As far as I can judge, the only difference is the preset time which is pointless. Maybe they have different temperatures? But if so that isn't explained.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

A really bloody good cooker - I tell you!

Bought this pressure Multi Cooker from Betta in Orange NSW. After reading great reviews online, saw it in a store and checked it all out. Bought the cooker. Went to Coles to buy ingredients to cook - satay chicken. And man oh man it tasted bloody good. And so quick. Then I moved onto chicken noodle soup, apricot lamb and roast legs of lamb - yep two of them together. I just cannot comprehend the effective cooker this is. And food taste so great. Honestly cannot eat fast enough to try out more recipes. TRULY RECOMMENDED THIS AWESOME MULTI COOKER by Kambrook.

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Hi Victor - thanks for your feedback. You can also find more recipe ideas from our blog: https://www.aperfectpantry.com.au/component/easyblog/tags/tag/cat-slow-pressure-cookers?Itemid=136

Very pleased

My Breville Fast Slow Cooker broke after 18 months. This one is so much better. Sauté function isan't on a timer so stays on so don't have to set it going again and again. The seal stays in place good. The lid closes easier and sits in the handle nicely out the way. There is a condensation catcher with this one. The function buttons are easier to use, two presses and it starts. Great instructions and receipts too. The pot hasn't dimples so easier to clean.

Pressure cooker works great, but unsure about the slow cooker result...

I bought this unit after researching different types of pressure cookers. I think the model I have is KPR 820, maybe a newer version? Almost bought a stove top pressure cooker, but with a toddler in the house, the pre-programmed function is really handy. I can set and forget, it's also super quick! When it's finished it will keep the food warm. I think it's really good value for money and it looks sturdy, similar built to other more expensive ones. I've tried the rice function and made a very nice seafood Paella. Also tried to cook pulled pork with the slow cooker function, but the result is rather disappointing, it's not very tender. Not sure what I have done wrong, but maybe other reviewers or Kambrook rep can give suggestion how to make a very tender 'fall of the bone' meat using this slow cooker? This is the only the reason for giving it a 4 stars. Other functions seems fine, I need to experiment more :)
Note: I found out that Kambrook is part of Breville group so hopefully quality is as good as the Breville one, which is more expensive....

I like my pressure cooker, but I find the Lid difficult.

I do not like the lid - it is not always clear that you have it sealed properly and it is frustrating as this is very important to make sure you food is cooking how it should cook, by steam. Other than that I am happy with the product even though it turns itself off?

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Hi Shona - please contact the Kambrook customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@kambrook.com.au. Thank you.

Fast and Efficient

I'd been looking around for a pressure cooker, as I'm always pushed for time. I didn't realise 'electric' pressure cookers even existed until I started researching. I ended up purchasing this model from Bing Lee, as it was on special for $129, which seemed quite reasonable compared to some. Believe it or not, I'd never cooked in a pressure cooker before and have been pleasantly surprised. This model is truly 'set and forget' with a good choice of different functions. The unit is sturdy and can easily feed six. The removable turine is also a plus. The only thing that could be improved is the ability to simply do a 10-15 minute cook, the minimum time available is 20 mins. Well worth the money. :)

Love it!

This makes cooking so much easier! I travel a long way to work and knowing that I can cook quickly, while doing other chores around the house is a blessing.
I have always wanted a slow cooker but I'm so glad I got this instead. I doubt I'll ever use it as a slow cooker because pressure cooking is so much more convenient.

Questions & Answers

What is the capacity do you have any and what is the price?
1 answer
6 litres

Hi, I have recently bought a Kambrook pressure cooker. When I have turned it on there is a loud high pitched noise!! I think it maybe faulty!? Has anyone else had this problem?
No answers

Hi! I'm using my pressure cooker for the first time to cook brown rice. I followed all the steps in the manual but the timer isn't going down. Is that normal?
1 answer
The device has to heat up then when it is st the normal temperature for cooking the rice the timer will begin


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