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Kawasaki KX450F

Kawasaki KX450F

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Overall this bike is fantastic. No one will be dissapointed with the engine on this bike. It is so powerful and smooth. Simply awesome. I'm a satisfied customer 9/10.
Engine - absolutely awesome. Powerful and smooth delivery.
Gearbox is fine - i read a review saying how terrible the gearbox is, but I don't have a problem with it. Just as good as my old bikes gearbox anyway (06 YZ250).
Ergonomics are good.
Value for money.
Looks great, sounds great (is quiet on idle but VERY loud when revved - could be a con or pro depending on what you like).
Suspension good.
Bike is very fast, powerful and easy to ride.
1. The bike is a heavy bike when it falls over and you have to lift it up (heavy compared to my old bike anyway - 06 YZ250). Would be better if it lost a few kilos. When riding however, the bike doesn't feel heavy and is easily manouvered.
2. Split pin on rear axle nut is kinda crappy.
3. Foot peg pin - this has been subject to a product recall as apparently it can bend (or fail).

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Release dateMar 2007
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