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Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS

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2018 voyager stalling issues

Cruising along 45mph stalled again. 5th time. Diagnosed by factory rep at3000 miles. Repaired and returned only to stall twice in last 400 miles. WTH. I see kawasaki has had stalling problems on 1700 for past 10 years. O rings were replaced ran great for 400 miles. Have absolutely no confidence in this bike.

Purchased in May 2018 at Kawasaki Dealers for $17,000.00.

Mileage 3,400 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

!st and last Kawasaki

I am an all weather rider, as this is my only transport. Overall it is a nice comfortable ride, but the build quality is terrible!
The wiring loom looks like a blind monkey has put it together and the main fuse is impossible to get to outside of a shop!

The exhausts are my biggest bugbear though, I have just had a V & H exhaust fitted this being the third exhaust in only 41000 miles. The clamps holding the bright work / heat shields just disintegrate after a couple of years and the mounting points for the bright work just rusted to nothing, I found out about this as the first lot, just fell off, whilst travelling down the motorway! This was followed 6 months later by the mufflers rotting away on the side next to the wheel. The replacement mufflers (a Kawasaki part) then did not come with a mounting point for the oxygen sensor, which had to be cut and welded on.

The Drive belt only lasted for 35,000 miles which is very poor

The front disks have had to be replaced twice

Date PurchasedOct 2010

This bike is dangerous to ride

3 times this bike has almost cased me to crash. There is an issue with front end wobble and I don't believe Kaw wants to acknowledge the problem. Bike was great 1st 2 years. 3rd year and 17000 miles it started shaking when deceleration. Steering head bears wheel bears axle and numerous tires bike still has a problem. Dealer can find and Kawasaki has been no help. Do not buy.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Great Bike

I find this bike to get me where I want to go in the most comfortable way. Smooth, great handling, the heat does not bother me, but I hear rumblings from others who have one. Not as torquey as my Goldwing which I had for awhile, but it is a great motorcycle. I would buy another one. Pretty good sound system, too, I added the rear speakers for added rocking, but a higher wattage unit would definitely be an added asset., AND my wife likes it..

Voyager 2009 ABS

I have had my machine since mid 2009, it has just clocked up 75,000 kms and has been a reliable, sturdy workhorse. Had to make some minor mods to it to make it handle better (tapered roller bearings on the head stem to stop vibration) but on the whole has been a great machine.
After 75000 kms I am now starting to find some little problems creeping in. The drive belt is making an extremely loud squeak now and I have been told that it needs replacing sometime soon but not critical. It has been making a noise for some time (since 50000 kms).
The fairing has developed a bit of a rattle - seems like it may be loose.
The speaker grills don't stand up to the weather so well and are showing signs of rust.
I have had to replace the iPod adapter a couple of times.
The aerial has fallen off a number of times (worked it's way loose) and they are a bit exe to replace.
I have had to replace the fuel filter at 50000kms (could have been dirty fuel - not convinced).
The gear change is a bit "agricultural" but with a firm boot it can be managed quite well.
Over 6 years (ish) and 75000kms I don't consider these items to be major.
Sure it get's a bit hot - when it becomes too much it is clearly time for a break to grab a drink.
Interesting comments about fuel consumption. I get about 200kms per tank, 250 if I take it on a long trip (thats when the fuel warning light comes on) - could get to 280 I guess if I squeezed the tank dry - not prepared to do that, it's a bit heavy to push. I have dropped it off it's sidestand a number of times and it is surprisingly easy to get back up again on your own. I do a fair bit of commuting to Melbourne cbd and find it performs well in slowish traffic (lane filtering requires a lot more care though).
Cruise control is awesome and has saved my bacon on numerous occasions.
Brakes are really great. You can pull this thing up in a very short distance - pretty handy when trying to stop 400kgs in a hurry.
Comfort is really good however I have augmented it with a sheepskin throw - makes it just that little more comfortable on long rides.
The gauges are clear and easy to read.
Added a cb radio from JME electronics that enables bike to bike communication (Kawasaki original is too exe). Fit's in the other glove box just nicely.
Plenty of room for 2 full face helmets in the top box.
Resale value on trade in's is a bit poor - dropped about $16000 over the 5 years ($22000 purchase price)
Would I buy another one, in a heartbeat (If Kawasaki would bring in current models - they are only importing 2013 models at the moment).
I hope that this helps someone considering this machine.

Comfortable cruisy machine

Changed over to voyager from a suzuki boulevarde 1500 M90 cruiser. Main downside is heat. It gives off a lot. The front fairing does such a great job that you tend to get a bit hot in the saddle. Thankfully there are vents that open to get air around your legs. Handles so much better than the 1500 suzuki. I found it easy to turn and to lean into corners where the suzuki was hard work. A lot easier to control at low speed, but it is a big machine. Cruise control is a dream. Fuel economy is a bit up at the moment still running in at 6.5litres per 100km. Super comfortable, pleasure to ride. Radio doesnt have great distance but plug in a MP3. For value for money compared to a similar harley at $15k less it is a good machine. Completely different gearing to suzuki. Voyager is all tourque, not fast off mark, built for chugging along in 5th and 6th gear. Storage is great.
Easy handling, great cruising.
The Heat, the heat, the heat

Wow what a great motorcycle. The handling is super at all speeds. It does not matter if we are two or single riding. The torque is very even in all gears. The sound is great, color matching is top of the line, styling perfect, handlebar position is comfortable, lighting is great, good for night riding, braking is solid and even, fuel economy is good, average of 40 mpg. I would suggest this motorcycle to anyone. Before I purcased this I drove a 2012 H D Ultra and a Goldwing, but after a ride on the Kawasaki 1700 Voyager I was sold. We purcased the cream white two tone model 1700 and I have had more great comments on this bike. I would endorseI it to anyone. The dealer was great, Decorah Iowa, and the company also great. Keep up the great work Kawasaki.I have had the bike now for 6months and absolutely love it. I have found that the temp has dropped since it is being further run in and the heat is not as bad. Had a small issue in relation to some surface rusting in the weld joints on the chrome bars that run under the bike. Kawasaki are replacing them "in good faith". I did an advanced pillion riding course on the bike and was amazed at what the bike can really do. Easy to turn and manouver, emergency braking was unbelievable. Absolute pleasure to ride. My only real complaint would be some minor finishing issues with the bike. But otherwise I would recommend it to anyone wanting this style of bike. Fuel economy is about the same.

Parts in Australia far too dear

Buying parts for the voyager in Australia is far to expensive, to replace the drive belt and rear drive cog costs a touch under $2000.00 I brought them in America for less than half that price.
The bike is a pig to handle at walking speed. I fond that the gear selection was bit to clunky for my liking. Living in Queensland Australia there was far to much heat coming from the motor especially sitting at street lights, the voyager belongs in a country with low temperatures.
Great bike to ride on a long trip even in wet weather with protection from the full fairing. Sound system is great, controls on hanle bars easy to use. The brakes will pull you up on a dime
To much heat coming from engine, parts to dear, poor handling at low speed, gear selection noisy.


I purchased the Voyager second hand with 9000 on the clock, 2 1/2 years old. Now 12,000.

moved up from Vulcan VN900. getting more kms from the 1700 than the 900 with same sized tank. that reflects just how efforless the riding is. get home from 500k ride (little over 1 tank full) feeling better than 100 k ride on the VN900.

Bit hot when stationary or moving in slow traffic, i fitted a heat deflector which has eased the problem.

Ignore rain while you are moving. absolutly great machine.
Ease of riding love the ipod facility
The heat, but bearable.

Great full equip touring bike......

4 stars out of 5 Extremely confortable for driver and rider, well equip, lots of storage fuel average 5.7 lt per 100 km ( 50 miles per gallon). cruise control nice but seem to jerk a little when engaging CC. FM radio good , antanna could be improve range not the greatest, AM Radio horrible reception, riding is smooth, downshifting is ok at best, hard to find neutral from 2nd gear, from first gear perfect. wind protection is superb but it restrict the airflow over an already Hot motocycle. Voyager 2012 run almost as the 2010-2011 model. nice addition of two trip meter, fuel average meter nice tool. overall I would buy Voyager again especially at $16.200.00 for a brand new motocycle
Price, comfort, storage, fuel economy,
Heat distribution


I have found it certainly is a flag ship touring bike. Having owned 4 cylinder motorcycles all my life it certainly is a mind bending exercise climbing onto a big V twin. There are plenty of positives and unfortunately some negatives with owning this bike. The good stuff is that it is super comfortable built for long distance riding. The pillion is just as comfortable. With cruise control and the stereo going, the ride is awesome. All the flash stuff Kawasaki say re abs brakes, frame mounted fairing, full distance to empty, dual trip meters etc are great. It has so much carrying capacity in the panniers and top box which is also a positive.

Unfortunately there are some negatives. The heat is enormous. No matter what Kawasaki have said re re plumbing of heat shields or anything else - there is super heat. During the day in slow traffic the temp gauge sits almost on red hot. Even with the leg vents open, it is unrelenting. The fairing gives you so much wind protection that there is no breeze or respite from the heat. The gear box and engine feel agricultural. I have never missed a gear but it certainly takes a positive foot selection to get the box to change. The engine chugs away underneath you which is i suppose what V twins do. Regarding fuel economy its gets about 320 k's per tank which is ok I suppose, probably abit short for a full on tourer.

Overall it is cheaper and more reliable than a Harley Davidson and it has a presence on the road like very few bikes.
Comfortable riding position and good value for money. Great factory warranty.
Heat. Enormous heat. Did I mention the heat?

You are right the heat is enormous the dealeship said they can do nothing about it it has to be kawasaki to make any changes or even acknowledge the solution they came up with since I have a 2012 model most notably the innovative Kawasaki Air Management System (KAMS). The KAMS system on the Voyager was designed to fight off those annoying engine heat problems present on the V-Twin due to high temps from the exhaust and rear cylinder. The first to use an air management system, Kawasaki designed the KAMS to increase comfort for riders on the 1700 Voyager, especially while at a stop.It doent work all it has done is added more dollars to kawasaki bottom line. One thing has to be said is that the dealership knew of this complaint from other coustomers but didnt advise any potential buyers of this I mean why would you just dont mention it get the sale first then deal with any other problems after that Kawasaki it dose not work fix the problem Have owned one now for about a year never had any problems at first the gearbox was a bit clunky but now it has bedded in it's fine soft and quiet gear changes. The heat problem is there but is not as bad as its sounds yes its hot sitting in perth traffic in summer open the vents and ride it's one little problem on an exceptional cruiser. I have owned this bike for about a week now. Have less than 500 kms on it and have had to fill the gas tank 3 times. Horrible bike and would not recommend. I had problems going up a small hill. Drive belt is noisey. The passenger foot pegs are in the way for stopping. Cheaply made. If I was allowed to take it for a test drive before purchasing it I would not have bought it. Regret my purchase but now stuck with it. Only good thing is it is comfortable for the passenger.

Questions & Answers

Is there a way that you can move the trunk back on a 2018 Vulcan Voyager? I have seen videos to modify the bike so that you can remove it completely, but I just want to move mine back an inch or 2.
No answers

Anyone ever put a stabilizer bar on the there bike and that fixed the shaking of the front end , just wondering
No answers

I have a 2013 Volcan Voyager 1700 , why does the front end shake so bad.i have new tires, new bearings? Balanced tires , air in tires r good . We can't finger this out , help please
3 answers
Have you tried replacing steering head bearings? If not this may fix and if it doesn't sell the dang bike there is no fixWe have done everything, nothing has worked. I'm gonna try lower the air in the front tire. I called the bike dealership and basically they said dont take ur hands off the bars , wow right. Thx for the comment thou , I appreciate itI had the same problem with my 2012 vaquero. Never did get it fixed dealer spend several hours on it they even contact kaw mo help what so ever. After 3 years of fighting it I sold it.


Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS
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Release dateJun 2010

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