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Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

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Unreal in Every Way

If you have thought about buying this bike but haven't yet, then do yourself a favour and go and get it. After reading the abundant amount of positive reviews I decided to test it for myself. And, this bike really does live up to the reviews and online hype.

It looks far better in person than in photos. Which is saying something. It appears they have spent a bit of time finishing off this bike. The green/white stripe is retro and stands out from a mile away. The overall detail is pretty good. Perhaps not quite up to Triumph Thruxton 1200R standards, but it is also around $5000 less, and you get so much more value with the Kwaka.

It's got a great sized and comfortable seat for both me and the wife. The riding position is relatively neutral, however perhaps still on the sporty side. Bars are a decent width and angled well for the wrists. You could ride for days straight off the showroom floor. Tech is great. Fuel gauge and traction control systems (3 options) plus ABS all work well. I love the analogue dials with the chrome trim. Importantly, luggage systems have now been released (factory & Ventura options).

The power-plant is a de-tuned Z900 motor. However, having personally ridden both, I can safely say it is a better power delivery with heaps more low & mid range torque in its favour. It seems to have a heap of character for an inline 4, which is quite rare in modern bikes. The sound is pretty good, although maybe a bit too much on the quiet side for me. I will be looking to get the Akrapovic headers but retain the stock pipe (seems to be the best way to go).

Overall, I can't really fault this bike at all. The only thing I have questioned is that maybe it could have slightly less plastic. There are already carbon options to replace them. For the price, it wins the 'cafe racer' battle hands down for me. I have ridden all of them. The BMW RnineT racer was extremely uncomfortable. Charismatic, but in no way a user friendly bike from the showroom floor. Plus pillion options are sub-standard. The Thruxton 1200R was a really beautiful bike and sounds sublime, however once again pillion options were ordinary and came at an extra cost from the factory, on top of the already dearer price tag. Not everyone will be so pillion minded, so for them the Trumpy should be high on the list (if the extra $ didn't worry them either). But, ride both and you'll see which is better value.

The Z900RS Cafe filled a much needed sector of the market for me. Finally, we have a superb performing, nice looking/sounding, comfortable and reliable Japanese cafe racer which is ready to go. Ride one, you won't not buy it!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

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