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Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines

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Plenty of room for improvement

Rated OK, barely. Wanted to give it two stars - it really doesn't deserve 3.
This review is particularly about the Sweat products from Kayla Itsine's site, but also a little about the site itself.

I signed up to the program early last month. Slightly confusing and a bit of a delay in activating the account, telling me my subscription had expired even though I'd paid for the month. Sorted itself out within 24 hours, but was a bit baffling.
Program interface is very confusing. It feels budget built over function.
Anyways, I got excited and ordered a couple of items from the shop.
11 March: Instant payment and order email received, dispatch acknowledge email received. But no tracking email (it says you'll get one when you order). Orders take up to 10 business days.
10 business days pass and nothing.
21 March I lodge a query through the support page. Auto response saying they'll respond in 3-5 working days.
26 March (three working days) very polite response from customer service saying they've looked into my order, confirmed payment was received but the items had not been dispatched from their warehouse. They offered to manually process the order and ship "today" or offer a full refund. I opted for it to be shipped asap.
27 March confirmed order and refunded shipping amount.
29 March I contact them because still no shipping tracking recieved
3 April they respond with they are still awaiting confirmation from the warehouse
4 April shipping info received and KI/Sweat refund the amount of one of the items ordered. They explain that's as a courtesy because of the inconvenience, but all items will be sent.
8 April Items finally received. Name on parcel is partly incorrect, but I got it. From tracking to receipt it was pretty quick.

So, customer service, while excruciatingly slow were extremely polite and seemed to genuinely understand the customer's frustration. I feel like it's out of the control of the person on the customer service end. But... I think KI needs to invest in some excellent service providers - warehouse and website design.
I have a Sweat/KI account, because I'm a program subscriber. Other than the emails I received I couldn't log in anywhere to see my order in my account. All the aspects of the program seem to be run by different groups: exercise one group, support another group, forums - facebook self regulated, shop/warehouse - another group. Business wise they seem to be doing very well, but it doesn't appear much (if any) is being invested back in customer or user experience.

I think the quality of my two items is good. I got the skipping rope and really like the style of it. I'll be curious to see how the rubber around the handles keeps.

So, I haven't written them off just yet. Now that I have my items I'll give the fitness program a month.

Value for Money

No Customer Service!

The program is decent however I contacted Customer Service 4 times and never received a response! There are so many people out there that offer exercise programs and instructions for free. Save your money!

Not worth your money

I got so bored following this program because it was all the same. I felt that it was too over priced for what it was worth and I felt ripped off, you can find this information for free online without needing to pay for expensive programs

Exercises you can do at home (not sure you need to pay for the program though)

I purchased the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.
It is a good, easy to follow, at home workout guide that you can do without any/too much outlay. It isn't ground breaking to be honest but I did follow it for a couple of weeks before losing interest as there isn't much variety in the exercise (all circuit based training with the same exercises). I have had better results with Michelle Bridges exercise books which you can get free from the library or at a much cheaper price than this program.
Overall its probably ok to help you get started on your fitness journey, but once you've done it for a couple of weeks you'll probably need more of a challenge.
Also I don't think all the ab photos on instagram of the "BBG" girls are only following this program - they must be doing other weight training based exercises.

Sweat app program

Been using the app for 45 weeks and I can say that I am 90% happy . I am definitely physically stronger and fitter although I have not lost weight I have lost on my measurements. I also have the cook book which has some great easy recipes and a great go to book. The reason I only gave 4 stars is sometimes the app would not work however this was early in the launch and I think tech issues are better now. Customer service is also pretty good.

No customer service at all, such a scam! I keep paying when I can't access the app!!

I have wanted to cancel out of my payment with this company and they have told me to go back to apple to cancel. As it is cancelled with Apple I am still being charged! I have contacted their email address numerous times with my last email over 12 days ago with no response. I have been paying for the app for over 5 months and I cannot use the app because there is no support to log in and i cant even properly cancel this! so so frustrating! Please reply to my emails so I can stop paying when i can't even open the app!!

Beware of this money hungry scammer

I signed up for her "Free 7 day trial" on her app and now I get charged every week. Not happy. There are so many other amazing plans out there. Stay away from this one unless you don't mind paying money to her constantly and you want to hurt your joints through her vigorous, dangerous exercises. My joints are stuffed!

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