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Ashy Bines Booty Challenge

Ashy Bines Booty Challenge

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The basic booty app

The booty challenge app was free to download at one stage, and I downloaded it. It’s pretty old now I guess, but as a stay at home mum of tiny kids it is perfect for me. Good accompaniment to my jogging schedule.


So I signed up to the squad tour and I thought it never went through because I received no email or anything. Then a couple of days I go I realised money went out every month! $20 deducted with no receipts or anything!!! I was unaware of this happening. So dissapointed! What a rip off nobody but anything she’s selling!!!

You can find better tips for free online

How would you compare your expectations to your observed results? They show all these amazing transformations and I never even made it half way through the program
Were you reasonably able to follow the program? No
I was not impressed. I feel like I was better off watching YouTube videos for free!!

Do Not Get This App!!!

I signed up to the app and was unaware with how much it was. Too expensive for nothing!!! Do not get, you will have a random 60 dollars taken from your account!!!

Not worth purchasing

Not worth the money paid for it. I also got charged an extra $30 for something that was not clearly stated when signing up. When I emailed about it, they advised it was in the small T&C's and no refund available. Really unfriendly service.

No worth your money

I only paid $7.70 but even then not Worth it. Because it wasn't ashy's passion anymore the support group isn't a support group. Meal plan is okay and there if variety but I am having trouble accessing it.

Stay away! Deceptive company doesn't value customers

I bought the Ashy Bines Clean Eating program back in the day for $69. I was extremely disappointed and swore off Ashy Bines as the recipes were plagerised and appalling grammar. Stupudly I purchased her Booty Program for $7. It was ok and i did use it but I had no idea i had been automatically signed up to The Life membership! Ashy and her team speak rudely to customers and delete and block anyone who tries to provide constructive feedback. Ashy only wants positive feedback she is not interested in what her customers want and often replies very rudely to them. She thinks anyone with feedback is a "troll" and plays the victim and says she is being bullied!
Ashy ditched her Booty girls when she created "Squad" Ashy left the booty forum and is now charging girls $20 a month to be a part of it. Ashy spreads herself thinly and doesnt dedicate herself to perfecting one business. She is money hungry and quickly moves onto the next venture.
Ashy has been caught out lying many many times. Her business isn't professional or transparent. They are always lying to cover up. Do yourself a favour and stay away from her business! Follow Emily Skye or Kayla Itsines. These ladies are professional and experts of their craft. Ashy is a liar and plays the victim card!


You get what you pay for which isn't a whole lot untill a few months later with no notification what so ever that they've deducted $40 I'd like to know we're my receipt is or even an email for what I'm paying for that was only suppose to be a 12 week booty plan ... defiently will be spreading the word on this scam trying to get healthy but you get ripped of instead

Thank you for your honesty

Firstly ashy is amazing and so are her friends for always trying their best and being ambitious to having a better future for them and their family.. I will be attending the squad tour in the US. Those who don't like what ashy does just move along, don't you have something better to do than to criticize someone who is successful. why do people always want free stuff put yourself in her shoes how would you pay for bills and all the employees plus everything else if you give everything for free.??? Mmmmm.. Also wouldn't you advertise for your friend or family if they were making or selling a product.... exactly cause I would, Especially if it's good, so don't hate!! Again just move along or stop with that negative energy and just take from her the parts that you like and ignore the rest. She is a great role model especially for young girls and an amazing mom. So ashy we love you! See you in the US!!!

Life changing!

Unfortunately there are some people who don't read what they sign up for then get angry that they get charged! It is an amazing program and has changed my life! I'm in such a healthy place now, both body and mind! The forum is strictly for booty program support which I love! The ppl that have been removed have been either bullying ppl or bitching about totally non booty related topics! I definitely recommend it! I found it so easy to stick to and the support in the forum is fantastic thanks to Ashy and her team keeping the negative and irrelevant posts away!

Terrible environment

They take money from your account without your knowledge, the forums are where you get backed down and then BLOCKED simply for offering a different opinion or giving your honest feedback. Ashy is not open to learning from feedback, and thrives off of vulnerable women who fall for it. Once you're in the ashy world, you watch her snaps, buy her ridiculously expensive products that she continually shoves down your throat, and shoot down women who are different or have better knowledge. Terrible company too btw.

Ashy Bines doesn't like to be challenged

I have been apart of the Ashy Bines feee Booty Challenge Progam. Today on the site a participant was devastated that Ashy was actively soliciting companies to endorse their products for $$. Of course she was called a hater and troll and her post deleted. I have had some boggling concerns about her business practices and was sick of being told that we should be grateful because Ashy was giving us the program for free. I challenged being called a troll and a hater and asked that if Ashy was getting paid to endorse a product that she tell is. I also commented that from a business point of view giving the program for free was smart, because just from the forum posts it was obvious that she was experiencing increased product sales, gaining more followers and having a captive audience to directly market her new products to. I was getting a significant number of likes and then bam, banned and blocked. All people I business experience negative feedback from time to time, if you can't learn from it then get out of business.

Long time follower!

Ashy bines programs are NOT A SCAM, people who say this didn't read the terms and conditions properly! I have been a long time follows, have done the life, abbbc boot camp and the ab/ booty challenge. Follow it all and you will get great results (I've lost 30kgs over the years) but now I'm 2017 I'm so disappointed, her Snapchat and Instagram has changed and I now feel she just uses it to advertise her or her friends products, please go back to how it use to be!!

Thief, money hungry, snake, disgusting

I purchased the Ashy bines booty program and never new she would be taking unauthorised payments out of my bank once a month for a stupid app! I had to call my back and cancel my account so she can't theive from my family anymore! She is horrible and what goes around will come back around she's going to end up with nothing once she gets taken down for all the woman she has stolen from! Don't purchase from her, she will take your money monthly from your account! Disgusting!

Beware of The Life programme

Beware of the Life Program offered by Ashy Bines - after knowingly signing up for a 1C payment, they have taken $247 from my account without permission. They did not initially respond within their 48 hour timeframe promised to cancel the payments and in that time took a further $40 payment. Disgraceful!

Before signing up for any programme with this dodgy company, please read a little bit about their practices and the less than favourable experiences that other many, many other customers have had. Such a shame that a company that purports to be about empowering women to feel good in their bodies, is actually merely about taking advantage of people through misleading practices.


I bought the $7 booty App - In August 2016 but have only really started doing it now with the 3 Jan Forum challenge as previously i would stop due to sore muscles etc. But the forum is so motivating that I have managed to keep going this time around and I am up to day 9.

I think Ashy and the Team have done a FANTASTIC JOB!!!! - If you read the guide everything is very clear and helpful. The workouts are by far some of the best leg/booty circuits i have come across (again i previously had to stop due to how effective they were). While some of the recipes im not the biggest fan - her guide allows you to make your own recipes/meals.

In respect to everyone complaining about the extra money - that is in relation to the Life program which it states in the terms in conditions that you will be charged a monthly fee until cancelled. I signed up to this upon purchasing the booty program (i knew I clicked yes) but found that I didnt use it enough to validate the monthly fee - I wrote to the team before my next payment and it was cancelled without any hassles. As long as you read the terms and conditions for what you are signing up for (which you should always do!) than you wont have any problems.

Keep up the Great work Ashy and Team!!

What a rip off!

Many many months ago I saw a special on Tv for like $5. So I signed up. Unfortunately when I logged I saw that $5 didn't get me really anything and I'm sure that the ad said you heaps of things for a special price. Seeing I couldn't access a great part of the site I deleted everything and forgot about it until last week when an amount of money was deducted from my acct for ashy Bines! I never authorised this Deduction and I'm sure I didn't see anything about auto renewal either. I have emailed many times asking for a refund but have been ignored so far. Serious what crap!

Fake, Lies and a disgrace!

The program is filled with flaws and honestly the culture being created is terrible. Women turning on each other, nobody is allowed to express an opinion unless it is exactly the same as Ashy's.

The 24/7 online support forum is not monitored and there are no professionals answering questions. THERE ISN'T ANY SUPPORT! The meals are all found online for free.

Ashy is building a following; however all the old followers have been forgotten. She claims to be real and raw, however when anyone makes a suggestion they are either torn down by her and her followers or blocked and deleted.

Stop giving this company your money!


This company is disgusting, don't ever sign.
Try the ONCE OFF PAYMENT that continues to take payments. No terms and conditions to specify until you apparently click on some separate link that signs you up for life! Bull !!
Girls are rude, argumentative and extremely unhelpful, provide incorrect information and send snips of the incorrect terms and conditions to try and catch you out, they have no interest in helping their customers! No wonder they are making there money, they are lining their pockets with false advertising!

I don't even want to give them a star, I am someone who works in customer service and this service is appalling!

Stay away from them!! Worse experience of my life!

Brilliant support, great exercise

I'm so grateful Ashy offered this for free for a short period in December. Her thoughts were with the people who could not afford her service. People who had bought this a few months ago complained that they had paid for it and now it is free, however, many items are bought for full price in shops or online in Sept/Oct then go into the Christmas sales. No one complains about that.
Ashy did a very generous thing and I am forever grateful to her. The exercises and meal plans are brilliant and easy to follow, but above all the support on the forums and Ashy herself is priceless. Recommend this above any Kayla Sweat app which I found very hard to use (they also charged me when I had cancelled the free subscription in time).

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Questions & Answers

How do you unsubscribe from the booty challenge ap? I don't want to pay for this for the rest of my life is possible? No hate to ashy - I just don't use it!
2 answers
Hi! You need to email the support team and request a cancellation. I'm not 100% sure of the email address but it's on her website. :)GET A NEW BANK ACCOUNT as she will keep taking money out to fund her lavish lifestyle with trips overseas, trips interstate, lavish restaurants and cars and clothes and makeup Thats what she spends ‘your’ hard earned money on.

If i buy this is it one off or will i have to pay extra monthly fees?
4 answers
They take money out of your account unauthorised amounts from multiple companies. Dont do itIt is one off, as long as you read what you are clicking yes to!Even after cancelling they continued to take money out of my account

Good evening,  I purchased the Ashy bines booty challenge on  5/6/16 and am unsatisfied. I am requesting a refund. My username is dmarie14@live.com.  Respectfully,  Deanna Martinez  702-521-7093
1 answer
Hi Deeanna, I have just reviewed the correspondence between you and our support team. I can see that they have responded to you on 14/05/16. Please check both your inbox and junk mail folders for the email from our team detailing this.


Ashy Bines Booty Challenge
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