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Vision Personal Training

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Vision - Surrey Hills

I was a client of Vision PT Surrey Hills Vic last year and although I liked my actual PT the owner was dodgy.
Firstly I was speaking directly to the owner about coming in to visit the club and when I got there he was nowhere to be found and someone else was showing me around, all communication was about meeting the owner not someone else so I was a bit shocked when I was palmed off. Despite this I decided to sign up, thinking the girl I had met would be my trainer, wrong again I turned up for my first session and without warning I was palmed off to a new guy. I was really uncomfortable with all this handballing of me as if I was important at all, I didn’t need to be part of be decision making process. Despite this I continued.

I ended up being quite sick to the point where I couldn’t train so I told my trainer and emailed the club as well notifying them I’d be putting my membership on hold for the week as I wasn’t even going to work. No response from the club, my trainer however replied politely. That Friday I was charged for the week so I emailed the club straight away telling them of the error and no reply, I (stupidly) let it slide. Then I went on holiday which had been planned before I even started training and told them that so plenty of warning again saying my membership should be on hold. AGAIN they took the money from my account, I rang straight away as I was on holiday and $200 is not pocket change for me, nothing no reply no returned call, no refund. So I cancelled my membership, which I went into the club to explain to my trainer and he was lovely about it no issues, but surprisingly the owner was nowhere to be seen, never got my money back and then I disputed the transactions through the bank and by that time the owner had actually moved on from the club and there was a new owner (who I’ve been told is just as bad) so they wouldn’t refund the money.
I wouldn’t go back there even if they paid me! Horrible dodgy people.

Value for Money

Outstanding Commitment to Clients

I have been a member for 2 years at Sylvania. The guidance on food and training has awesome. Corrected a knee problem that had been booked in for surgery and strength and endurance has improved significantly. So happy that 2 family members have also joined.

Get Going is a good time

The trainers are all really professional and skilled. They're personally and professionally committed to helping their clients achieve their fitness goals. They value health and helping other people become healthy.

they're good people. and their services are well priced.

Vision PT - Definitely Worth while

I have been training with Tabs at Vision for 4 months now and I can honestly say that it has helped me so much and i have gotten results i never though were possible. The atmosphere at Vision is amazing and all the trainers want the best for their clients. The support network at Vision is one of the best and I wouldn't have been able to get the results i wanted without the support of my trainer. By tracking my macros it helped me organise my meals for the week and the amount of food I was buying from fast food places has reduced dramatically. My trainer Tabs has provided me with food receipes that i might like and helped me change my food plan when i was getting bored of the same meals. She introduced me to new snacks for between meals and helped me realise that you dont need to give up the food you love completely. It's all about balance. I always walk away from my PT sessions feeling better about myself and proud that i was able to accomplish new Pb's. Even when i dont have a PT session for the day, my trainer would write up a workout routine for me to follow.
Overall joining the Vision team has been one of the best decisions i have made I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in having a PT and wants to change their lifestyle for the better.

Vision PT

I’ve been training with Rachel at Vision Wollongong for the past 5-6 months. It’s not just about the food but your overall well-being which she thoroughly addresses with you. I’m amazed by how much training can be done in a short period of time (which is great because it doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day) & now the results are starting to really show. It’s also opened my eyes up to weight training which I absolutely love and Rachel pushes you harder than you thought you could possibly go (which you would never do on your own).

Do not waste your money or time...go to a proper PT or dietitian

If you want to waste your time or money, go here. I went for 5 months and I did the same weights machine the whole time. They make you eat like a body builder and the pressure they put on you to meet your macros is ridiculous. It's not about being calorie deficient, just about macros. Macros don't work for everyone, especially if you are Vegan like me.
I was told to eat the same food every day for as long as possible. That is not educating someone on how to eat properly for the long term!
At one stage my trainer asked me if I was interested in doing tough mudder and I said 'maybe' and then he announced to the studio I was going!!!
They emotionally trick you into signing up for example, "Isn't your health important to you? Don't you want to lose weight?" UM, yes it is but so is my bank balance, when I can get better results from people who are concerned about my health not just how much $$ they can make from me. I was paying $220 a week and never walked away from one session feeling better.
The expense is not worth it, I would say to straight to a well recognised PT or a dietitian/nutritionist. The only 'vision' Vision Personal Training has is how much money they can make from you.

Life changing!

I train with Rachel at vision in Wollongong and so far I have loved every thing about it, the motivation, the positivity, the challenges,the trainers, the atmosphere and the RESULTS!
Can’t recommend them enough ❣️


I was given 2 x $100 Vision gift cards and my first booked introduction was that the guy just pulled me into the office and for almost the hour did paperwork trying to coax me into joining! I understand its business, but was a angry that they didnt even give me a chance to see if I liked the session or not. I walked out intimidated that I had to join there and then. They should not give these vouchers if they are not going to honor them.

Good vision to make a change

I’ve been with Vision Personal Training for just under a year. It’s the only gym I’ve actually stuck with and kept a routine. It’s the friendly team, excellent short courses and shopping tours that have really opened my eyes. I struggled with getting enough exercise in daily and didn’t understand how my food choices effected my weight. I’m still on my journey to getting to my ideal weight, but happy with loosing 4cm off my measurements. i normally would leave a review but I can honestly say the Vision PT team are one of the best I’ve dealt with. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

Vision Personal Training is a Major Part of My Lifestyle

I have been a member of Vision Personal Training for almost 5 years. My personal trainers have been extremely friendly, passionate and supportive towards my program. For this reason, Vision is part of weekly routine and has increased my fitness and has enhanced my overall well-being. I would highly recommend their service to anyone who is keen to improve there fitness, well being and eating habits.

Body changing experience for me...

Prior to vision I was member of other Gym but I always lack motivation which resulted no result. Bek is an amazing PT, she always pushed me to achieve my goal. I have built a healthier eating habit and a targeted exercise plan helped me to improve my strength and energy levels .I look forward to training with Bek every time I am at Vision. Joining Vision was one of my best decision.

Well worth it!

The staff are supportive and foster a great community spirit that gets results. You are matched with a trainer to suit your goals and agree to targets together.

Fantastic great motivation, turned my life around.

Well trained motivational PT trainers who make you feel very comfortable providing usuful tools and programs to help you achieve your personal best

Waste of money and boring training

I signed up because my friend is a PT and he started working there. Their goal is not your fitness level but your numbers. My friend told me that they get a commission based on whether you achieve the numbers (weight and size) or not. The training is not creative, is not fun; same exercises on the machines every week and the only thing that changes are the weights that you use.
They ask you to fill in a daily food report and measure your weight every time you visit - that is the absolute worse part because you are constantly under pressure to achieve a certain number instead of focusing on your health and fitness goals!
I realised that this type of training could only really work for people who are overweight and want to get slimmer. It certainly didn't work for me, because doing the same exercises every time is really too boring.
Also, I should warn you to be careful with payments. At the end of the 9-week program, you won't stop being charged. If you want to cancel the membership, you need to pay for extra 90-days. They tell you that your outstanding lessons do not expire but this is not true: unused lessons last up to 6 months.

If you want to lose weight go to a dietitian

I’m purplexed at the proliferation of Vision gyms in this area- seems like there’s one in every eastern suburb! Seeing a vision gym in housewife suburbia is like seeing an iPhone in a scene of a black n white film- it’s misplaced. Why are regular ppl being put on body builder diets with insane (and dangerous if you ask a registered dietitian) amounts of protein and that heavily processed whey protein powder. And when You don’t lose weight they tell u it’s because you’re under eating! The trainers are great it’s the system I have a problem with. Call a spade a spade- tell ppl this is a body builder diet and lifestyle. It’s not a sustainable and balanced diet - too low in fibre and fats and too high in protein. It’s also very constipating! Don’t follow the nutrition plan-go to a registered dietitian not some trainer who has done an online course in vision (body building ) nutrition.

Body changing experience!!! If you want results look no further

I’ve completed months of PT sessions at other gyms but none like the one at Vision in north Sydney. Bek is an amazing PT she pushed me to achieve results! Would 100% recommend.

Ignored my needs. Money comes first.

I was enjoying it even though the training sessions were short and didn't really achieve anything. The vibe was motivational and positive. However, a couple of month in I had some unexpected health issues that were exacerbated by the high protein diet. I only had one month left on my contract, I figured serious health issues might get me off the hook. Nothing does!!! Their fix was offering to pause the contract until I was better, but since I couldn't follow the nutritional advice (medical specialists orders) and the pt sessions were so short, I never used that month up. They just took $440.

motivation plus

I will start by sawing that this review is not about incredible results in 20 min or even a couple of weeks. For me it is about a consistent lifestyle change and the motivation that the Vision team at Kogarah has helped to foster that change. Prior to Vision I would train sporadically with limited motivation and varying results. I was looking for somewhere where I could make a lifestyle change which encompassed initially some remedial training and healthy eating patterns.Once I joined up Vision I discussed with the team some chronic injuries and my then, current health issues and Vision developed a training and diet program that suited my needs. At the time I had a chronic shoulder and knee problem. Within 3-4 months both problems had improved remarkably (currently both injuries have gone). By building in a healthier eating and exercise plan both my strength and energy levels have improved remarkably.The best part of joining Vision has been the motivation to meet my goals. I look forward to training every time I am at the gym. Joining Vision has been a great lifestyle change for the better.

What a rip off!!!

As a Christmas present, my husband bought me 3 weeks of personal training which included studio time and 2 sessions with a PT a week. They told me to come in for a goals session then attend a nutrition session with them so I can get started, which I did. After completing 3 weight training sessions, then was told I need to be put on a payment plan as my voucher was finished. I was confused as I thought I had 3 half hour session remaining but it turns out that the goals session were 2 sessions and the nutrition was 1 session. 3 sessions to the value of $195, half my Chrissy present to discuss goals and nutrition!! Considering the PT is not a nutritionist and no one telling me these sessions would be charged. It should have been clear in the beginning.
Had I known this, I would have ask them to skip them till I decided to join up or ask for a refund and get a full years gym membership.

With all the cardio to be done in your own time, paying $60 for a 30min weight session is a rip off. All you need to do is work out your weight loss macros, stick with it and hit the gym for 4-6 hours a week till you get to your goal. That’s vision.

Poor management and lacking transparency when it comes to payments and cancellation.

First of all, let me say that I am happy with the personal trainers. Ultimately, they are very professional and I found the PT sessions enjoyable. However, it is the management side to it that I felt disappointed at.

When I first talked to one of the trainers about possibly joining PT, I found a 6 month minimum commitment to be really substantial, given the expensive price per week. However, I decided that it will be good for my health and went ahead with being told that I can do 2 session per week. I also did ask about any 'hidden and cancellation costs' as being a fresh professional just out of uni, I needed to plan my budget very carefully. I was told that there wasn't any, so I went ahead. It became apparent after several weeks of PT that 2 sessions per week wasn't allowed. So I quietly re-budgeted to allow 3 session per week. Also, I noticed that there was indeed an additional $10 per week I had to pay, for using the studio. I was never told about this. I only saw it in the breakdown in my bills.

Then came the Christmas break in which I was away for 2 whole weeks. In this 2 week period, I was still being charged. I knew my 6 months period was up at the end of January, and I was also moving then to a suburb about 40km away. But because there was such a delay in sorting this matter out (and I found that I was the one who always had to push for answers), by the time I had to cancel, their earliest cancellation period was the 23rd of February. I had no idea and was not told of the one month cancellation notice. So now that I have moved, I have to wake up at 4.30 am, drive 40 km to the studio for my 5.30 am session for an entire month. It is ridiculous. I was given the option to take the remaining membership to move to a closer studio but given what I've experienced in the management side of things, I have completely lost trust that they will do the transfer neatly and I do not wish to add to the already present complication.

In my 6 months there, I was assigned to 4 different trainers. I understand that this is out of the studio's control, as some of their trainers had to leave (due to work visa expiry, family commitments, etc) but I found this to be slightly annoying. This is because throughout the 6 months, I had counted myself that I had about 6 sessions in credit. However only 3 sessions were actually recorded in the 'system' and it's hard to trace back due to my frequent change in trainers. So in the end, I just gave up and agreed that it was 3 sessions even though I know I was entitled to 3 more.

Again, the problem is with management. Given the expensive fees, I expect a lot better in their customer service. Truly disappointed. I wish I had read all the reviews here before joining up.

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Can you sign up and do just 1 30 min PT session a week, I can’t afford the $261 a fortnight for 2 a week?
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To anyone who has cancelled before their time is up eg:3 months into 6 months. How successful were you with the 50% back?
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Hi everyone. I just started training at Vision, and a had 3 sessions with a personal trainer. First one, I did weights, second cardio (for less than 30 minutes) and third (they booked at 5.30 AM) it was only to discuss about my food plan. Is it how they work? I'm shocked. Paying more than $200 a week for it?
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Hi yes this is the first time from here you will have a mother nutrition class and then you training starts but how many sessions do you do a week and which one

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