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Vision Personal Training

Vision Personal Training

4.0 from 244 reviews

Unpretentious, welcoming and enjoyable

After two cesareans and 3 years with little exercise I felt weak and scared of doing exercise again. The team at VPT North Sydney have turned that around for me. I feel stronger and happier, and am losing those annoying last kilos, thanks to them. It’s a completely unpretentious, welcoming and relaxed gym, which is a first for me. No supermodels in makeup and spandex in sight, just normal people working hard on their health, I love it.

Vision Parramatta Team Rocks

I have been a visionary member for over 6 years, I wouldn't go anywhere else, great trainers who listen and advise you, I am fitter, healthier and stronger thanks to the team at Vision Parramatta. Everyday I walk into the studio the team greet you with a "Hello/Good Morning Sandy", with their cherrie and happy attitude, puts a smile on my face everyday and makes me feel very welcome. The Vision Family is what I want to be a part of. Thanks Team !

Value for Money

Very grateful to my trainers at Vision Lindfield - at 45 I am the fittest I have ever been!

I had never been able to stay committed to a Gym but thanks to my trainers Jo and Luke at Vision Lindfield, I have been turning up consistently now for almost 2 years :) Thank you! I love feeling stronger and my doctor is so pleased with how my health is looking. I have reversed type 2 diabetes, no longer take blood pressure medication and am 30 kilos lighter. Exercise has become a habit now - I hate to miss it! At 45, I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been!

Value for Money

Make Vision part of your life and you won't look back

Training at Vision Kogarah has been a real life changer. The culture Matt, Danny and their team have created is fantastic. I leap out of bed and look forward to coming in every day. The trainers are supportive and go out of their way to help in any way. Vision Kogarah makes training fun and enjoyable and I would highly recommend them to anyone. They will definitely help you achieve your goals!

Value for Money

My greatest fear is: Not being able to go to my Vision Studio

Vision is a part of my life that keeps my body healthy and fit. The trainers are first class and the programs they use deliver outstanding results. I have achieved weight loss, fat loss and fitness beyond what I thought i could and I really enjoy working hard out and being pushed in the safe environment of Vision Takapuna - the best bit is, I still have lots I can achieve.

Cheers! To the Vision Teams

I've been a Vision 'Groupie' for 5 years & I still absolutely enjoy attending classes, events & of course, my PT sessions. Like most I was nervous to start & it took me a little while to get into the groove but everyone is so welcoming & encouraging no matter what your goal or reason for being there. The old theme song from Cheers sums it up perfectly!
Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name
And they're always glad you came

Value for Money


Vision in Kenny Street Wollongong NSW is an awesome community feel gym where all Personal Trainers not just your own PT greet you the minute you step in the door and ask how you're going. My PT Rachel is amazing and we have worked together since August 2018 to get me motivated, fit for the first time in my life and healthier and 18 kilos down!...thank you from the bottom of my heart Rachel and bless you for turning my life around and giving me a new vision!

Value for Money

I enjoy my weekly personal training

The studio is very accessible and all the trainers are very friendly.
I get great support from my personal trainer and keeps me motivated at all times.
My fitness has improved 100% since joining Vision.

Best training studio on the coast!

Since day one you feel like you are a part of something. The feel good culture at Vision is a fantastic thing that keeps you motivated to keep trying even when you are faced with injuries. All the trainers speak to you not just your own PT. Everybody who trains there envelopes everyone into the group. No factions which is so lovely to see and be a part of.

Life changing !

The enthusiasm at Wahroonga Vision is contagious! My wonderful Trainer Helen has seen me through Knee and hip replacement and encourages me all the way ! My goal is to get back to boxing which I discovered at 62 and love ! Thank you everyone at Wahroonga Vision !

Simply the best

I am greeted like a friend at the studio as I enter. My Session is tailored to my own needs and goals. After Suffering Cancer 2 yrs ago I credit Vision Lane Cove in helping me recover.

Very Helpful and Encouraging

I purposely locked myself into a Personal Trainer because I hate the gym. Vision Bundall have been great. The whole team was positive and supportive and I definitely felt better for going, even when I didn't want too.

Value for Money

Vision North Sydney

Vision North Sydey is a great studio with excellent trainers. After three years and several trainers, I am lighter, fitter and much healthier. I recommend Chris and his team without any hesitation.

Value for Money


The ongoing support from all in the studio is wonderful. All are there to help you achieve your goals, and give you the encouragement needed to be successful. Thanks everyone!

Best thing you'll ever do

if you want to lose weight , gain strength and feel better about yourself in general this is the place to go, you are trained by professionals who help you get your goal, it's also a friendly environment that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in

Value for Money

Vision Prahran/Best decision ever

I couldn’t imagine I would meet such nice people as at Vision Prahran. The team is great, always fun but also very motivating and serious when it has to. I am so lucky to have Lauren as my PT. She is always encouraging me and her personal achievements are a great source of motivation.
At Vision Prahran I am understood and it makes that day after day, week after week, it is a real pleasure to never miss a training session. I feel better not only in my body but also in my personal life. A big thank you and I am so excited for what’s coming next !

Vision Bangor

When entering the studio I am greeted like a friend. The Personal Training session is tailored to my needs as I am recovering from shoulder surgery. When following the macros and training plan weight loss is guaranteed.

Value for Money

Vision @Gymea

I have been coming to the Gymea branch for a while now. Everyone here is friendly and helpful. The workouts and equipment are excellent.

A big thank you to my trainer Cameron who puts up with me!

Fantastic Five Dock Vision Team

What an amazing group of Trainers who help to make all clients feel welcome and listen to their needs! There’s always something fun planned, be it community activities or social occasions to help us achieve our fitness and nutrition goals!
Thank you to the fantastic Five Dock Vision Team!

Value for Money

Vision Rose Bay

Great bunch of trainers I trust with my body. Very effective. Would never push myself that much training on my own. Always very welcoming and focused on my personal goals.

Value for Money

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Questions & Answers

Can you sign up and do just 1 30 min PT session a week, I can’t afford the $261 a fortnight for 2 a week?
1 answer
Certainly can. That also gives you access to the gym during opening hours and all group training sessions which are really good.

To anyone who has cancelled before their time is up eg:3 months into 6 months. How successful were you with the 50% back?
No answers

Hi everyone. I just started training at Vision, and a had 3 sessions with a personal trainer. First one, I did weights, second cardio (for less than 30 minutes) and third (they booked at 5.30 AM) it was only to discuss about my food plan. Is it how they work? I'm shocked. Paying more than $200 a week for it?
1 answer
Hi yes this is the first time from here you will have a mother nutrition class and then you training starts but how many sessions do you do a week and which one

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