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Kenwood TK-3310

Kenwood TK-3310

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pretty good

I bought the kenwood tk 3310 from radio warehouse for a reasonable asking price and so far so good as it's built tough to military standards in Malaysia and the lithium ion rechargeable battery cells are manufactured in Japan / I didn't like the fact that kenwood advertised it being manufactured in Singapore nonetheless it's a really good uhf radio that has the ultra high frequency citizens band channels already programmed in this delightful radio / the design of it just screams it can be dropped and keep going through I wouldn't recommend dropping the kenwood tk 3310 on purpose or any radio actually / I would recommend this radio to anyone who needs or wants a quality uhf radio though bear in mind it's not intrinsically safe and should not be taken next to hazardous locations such as areas that have gas next to them

This uhf cb radio was manufactured tough to military standards 810 c d e f and g and can handle blowing rain I would probably give it a excellent rating if was fully waterproof though it's a pretty good radio The battery life ain't all that great though especially when transmitting / it sure sucks the juice

TK3310X 80 Channel CB FreeTalk

The Kenwood TK3310X is a fantastic high spec two way radio, 2000mAh Li-ion battery, CTCSS, 80 Channels. Apparently it can now be also be programmed to conventional mode 120 Channels. We bought ours from miningtelecoms.com - excellent service and price and comes with a 2 Year Australian Warranty. This is definitely the best commercial radio on the market at the moment!!
Cheap and high spec! Water and Dust Proof. 16 hour standby battery, 1-5W

Questions & Answers

I hardly transmited on my kenwood tk 3310 just left it on standby today and the battery life is showing half full so what would be the cause of that and what can be done about it?
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Never mind too much i might either call kenwood communications section or the shop I bought the radio i bought it from as I can't have a radios battery get drained so quickly @ not with the amount of time i use it so I would possibly have to buy a backup battery or send it away to possibly be replaced under warrantyThe technician at the shop claimed this situation is perfectly normal as it's rated that way / I think if someone wants it just for normal use it might be better to buy a plain uhf cb radio

Where do I possibly buy a spare battery pack for the kenwood tk 3310?
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Hi Brian MiningTelecoms.com sells all Kenwood Two Way Radios and Accessories Li-ion Batteries are discounted by 30%. $59 plus gst plus freightYeah I already know about that shop though I somehow feel uneasy talking to that bloke though I might see what happens

I put the battery pack on the kenwood tk 3310 quite easily though the battery power gets used very quickly especially after transmitting / I might want to buy another battery pack so I thought I would ask how do i take the battery pack out now?
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Hi Brian Open the clip at the base of the radio then push down (under the clip) and the battery will simply lift off. The batteries are Li-ion one of the best available on the mkt. Go back to your supplier with the issue.I already tried that / it doesn't work / I might have to keep trying or other methods - ok thanks againI finally got it out / I was pushing the wrong way as I was trying to push it downways when I was supposed to pushing outwards - cheers


Kenwood TK-3310
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