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Kmart 5.5 L Pressure Cooker

Kmart 5.5 L Pressure Cooker

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Instant food at an affordable price

My mom purchased this when she was helping me out after I gave birth. She was using it all day long, cooking our lunches and dinners in this pot. We previously used a slow cooker which required much more time, which required more planning. With the pressure cooker (or instant pot as we call it) we can cook 3 different meals a day. Easy to use too. I've always been wary of pressure cookers, as my mom has a stove top pressure cooker that would make loud hissing sounds. This one is silent!
One con is probably the product manual - poorly written. I'm also not sure about the energy consumption but it's probably better than the slow cooker.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

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How do I cook beetroot, on which setting and for how long? Your answer will be appreciated!
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5.5 L Pressure Cooker
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