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Kogan Deluxe Shiatsu KAFMSDLSHIA

Kogan Deluxe Shiatsu KAFMSDLSHIA

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Gets the job done

I got this a couple of months ago and I have been using it for about a couple of times week. It does what it is supposed to and I have no problems with this product, especially since its fairly cheaper than its counterparts. But, having tried out other foot massage devices, this one isn't the best out there. There are certainly far better ones. Still though, this model still works fine for me.

Poor design and quality of manufacture

"You get what you pay for" is true here. I just used this unit again now and that has prompted me to write this review. I paid about $50 plus postage and although I did get some reasonable foot massages, the unit has steadily been failing and I was only using it about 3-5 times per week to begin with. Like everything made to a price, this is made in you-know-where. Most of it is plastic. It has six sets of rotating balls, each set has three balls that revolve on a spindle and there are three sets on each side (one per foot). These are set under a grey thin membrane, upon which you rest your feet. This membrane is actually the best part of it. You can also select a heat function and the balls will get warm after a rather lengthy wait, and then uncomfortably hot after a while of use. I always selected No Heat function due to this variation in temperature.

The unit works reasonably well, WHEN it is fully serviceable and IF you move your feet around. But on mine, first one of the sets of balls stopped working very early, meaning I had to shift my left foot up higher to be able to use the remaining top two sets. Then a few months later the middle set on the same side stopped.

As for the design -for me, it leaves a lot to be desired. I am not an engineer or health professional, but I know I could design a more efficient unit than this. The top curve is wrong, meaning that to get a consistent massage on most of the areas of the foot, you have to continually move your feet around to be able to get the right pressure on the rotating balls in order to be able to feel an effect. Also, unless you have big heavy legs, or very sensitive feet, you will feel you need more pressure acting down. Otherwise it is just a useless type of tickle sensation, and will do nothing for you. If used the way it was intended to be used, it is pretty much a toy. If you want the most out of it, it then is not a relaxing time because you have t o continually move your feet around, tilting them and pressing down on different areas of your feet to get an effect. And that is an effort.

I would not recommend it but other people who are not as fussy may get extended service out of it; if it lasts longer than a year with everyday use, you will be doing well !

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Hi Steven, Thank you for your review and for your balanced feedback. In this case it seems some parts of the product have failed prematurely and we'd like to see what we can do to resolve the matter as it's not the quality you should expect. You can contact our Support team on 1300 304 292 or submit an online inquiry here: https://www.kogan.com/au/help/question/new/complete_question/support/

happy chappy

product from kogan not so expensive and work perfectly similar like others. very happy with the product. great value for the money you spend there . will buy more stuff from kogan and recommend it as well. my whole family loves it as I have a standing job as soon as I come home have a 15 min massage gives you great relaxation. must get it

This Kogan massager works for me!

i would recommend this massager as it cured me of nagging leg pains in a few days. Admittedly these pains were self inflicted because, as a seventy year old, I should stop and smell the roses. Instead, I continue to cycle most places, rather than drive, and mow a large lawn, rather than pay a gardener. But these activities were causing pain in my legs until, in hope, I purchased the Kogan Deluxe Shiatsu massager. It cost only $38 - unlike many other expensive foot massagers - and gave relief from the outset. I now use this device several times a day while watching television for as long as the program lasts. Plus, I find it easier to massage one foot at a time and then change feet at regular intervals.. After one week, my leg pain has gone, I am able to cycle and mow and, as a bonus, I sleep much better. So I can confidently affirm that - this Kogan massager works for me!


After 2 hind foot reconstructions, this is the relief I have been looking for! Quick relief from muscle soreness and pain. Compact and easy to store. Light and easy to carry. I use this product at least a couple of times a day and am now able to walk a lot better.
Easy to use. Instant relief

Questions & Answers

I lost the power cable. Can I get a substitute cable or can anyone share with me, if he/she doesn't need it anymore?
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My 89 yr old mother has leg swelling by days end and has been told by dr it is lack of blood circulation. Would this machine help please ?
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hi, as per my review, I don't really recommend this due to design and low quality of manufacture but if your mother has heavy legs, she might feel some positive pressure and may get some improved circulation in the feet. Whether or not it helps the circulation further up the legs, I couldn't tell you. Being active, moving around, is the best thing for overall circulation. People stiffen up, decay and generally have a shorter life or less quality of life when they are not active. She may (or may not) feel some other benefits also as the soles of the feet are covered in accupressure points representing areas all over the rest of the body. I would recommend she use it twice a day - (the built-in timer only goes for 15min) - morning and night and try and move around for some hours during the day. But using it twice per day I would be surprised if it goes longer than one year. But that doesn't mean not to use it more. They do have a warranty. Hope that helps.Hi Janet, Thank you for your question and your interest in purchasing from Kogan.com. While we advise that the infrared heat function can help ease muscle stiffness and tension, we're unable to advise regarding suitability from a medical standpoint. We would encourage you to contact your GP and advise the product has that infrared heat function in addition to its roller massage design and see if it's right for you.

Wouldn't using the device more than once a day either be overkill, or a sign of a more serious condition that needs more than a $38 machine?
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Yes, maybe so. My condition is quite simply old age (I turn 72 this year) and most probably over exercising. I use the massager to maintain flexibility in my legs - much like stretching before and after jogging. For that purpose the machine seems to be useful. For more serious medically diagnosed conditions, perhaps not. PS this Kogan massager is no longer selling for $38 but now cost $50 - still cheap compared to others.


Kogan Deluxe Shiatsu KAFMSDLSHIA
CategoryFoot Massagers
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Release dateJan 2013

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