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Kogan Multi Function Cooker

Kogan Multi Function Cooker

4.0 from 10 reviews

Great cooker

I purchased this a few months ago I love the 24 hour pre set many times I have just pre set a roast and off I go then later arrive home all I have to do is dish up so easy I made cakes, soups, and of course roasts just the right size for a family of four.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

So easy set and forget

Very easy to use, cooks beautifully and is so easy in the colder weather to cook wholesome meals so easily. I cooked a Casserole and the taste and tenderness was beautiful. I usually buy more expensive cuts of meat but for this I used Gravy Beef and it was just beautiful. So easy to clean and has so many features that you could not possibly ask for more.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Excellent support

I agree with Val on her assessment, that the product is easy to use and Kogan are a great company to deal with. However, this cooker is very difficult to clean the lid which gets a lot of product on it. Would love to know how to clean this inside of the lid as it is not removable. Kogan were very good with support and have always given great service.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Confused with the timer function

I have been trying to work out the timer which only goes as low as 2.0 which am sure is 2hrs and way to long to pressure meals the model I have is KAPRSCOOKZA-A. If there is a problem with timer function at all I would like a refund. Have tried holding the timer button for a period of time ..done the - and + and still does not go any lower than 2.0 ..what the manual says is misleading and am not the only person having trouble in that area. Any help would be appreciated. thank you .Im rating it poorly cause of this issue and how hard it is to get any reply with help.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

You'll Have To Guess How To Use It

I have a love/hate thing going on with this Kogan Multi-Cooker. I love it because of the things I've been able to make with it, but those things have cost me a LOT of time trying to figure out. The downloadable manual is virtually useless. Example: to cook oats, the instructions say to select the pre-programmed "oats" setting which will cook for 30 minutes. But when you make that selection, the oats default is actually an hour. Far too long if you don't want to end up with a giant mess. So you have to manually change the cooking time, and the only way to do that is by cycling through 11 more hours until the machine goes back to zero. In some settings, i.e. "slow cook", if you wanted a cooking time of 4 hrs., the nearest you can get is 4 hrs. & 10 min. It just won't let you set 4 hours even. The manual also gives the wrong information about the machines display lights. It says when it's blue, it's in "standby", and when it's red, it's "working". It's actually the opposite. It doesn't make any sounds, but the light turns green when it goes automatically into a "keep warm" cycle. Even though I've gotten lucky with a few of many cooking attempts, I simply would not recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the time to figure out how to use it through sheer trial and error.

This is fantastic, I love using it.

This product is very easy to use, simple to clean. It is a great product to have in my kitchen.
I find Kogan a great company to deal with, would definitely recommend them. Products always arrive on time, so I would continue using this company for any further products I need.

Tiny pamphlet and limited instructions?

Difficult to start cooking with a new product - with a tiny pamphlet and limited instructions. More by luck I made an excellent chicken casserole (on stew setting), that came out perfect. Serious thought by Kogan should be given to provide a 'readable' instruction book.
Like one of your other reviewer, I also could not find 'warm up mode'. Likewise, I will have to work by trial and error.

I am happy with this machine

I am happy with this machine, but am disappointed with the information, that comes with it.
When making bread, it says select warm up mode, but after spending time looking for it, its not there, very confusing, So you need to work out everything using trial and error, which is frustrating.

Great product

I have had this for a few months now and I can honestly say I am very happy with this multi-cooker.
I love the fact that you can set your own temperatures and time and also to be able to set the time for when to start the cooking.
I prepare the ingredients around midday then set the cooker to cook at the appropriate time and it works great.
Once you figure out what you are doing it is so easy to use. So far, I have made spaghetti bolognaise, stews, soups and list of other recipes. I really don't use the recipes as I use my own and it's just a matter of working out your own ingredients just like you would use an oven or stove top. In other words I use all the functions but set my own temperature and time. I haven't tried the deep fry because I have an air fryer.
To sum it up, I would recommend this to a small family without hesitation.

Great product for the price

Great price, I got mine cheap from an auction from Kogan on eBay for $42, I would definetly pay full price for one though well worth the money. works well, has so many different functions eg yoghurt, soup, slow cook, fast cook, boil, steam, stew and more and it automatically keeps the food warm when finished. You can adjust cooking times, as well as the temperature.
Easy, can leave it going when you go out.
Would have liked more recipes and better directions in the manual.

Questions & Answers

Do you have a recipes book to help
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I just received my multi cooker but had issues with the cooker burning the rice when it is in keep warm mode after cooking. I also noticed that my cooker is boiling the water even though I set the temperature to 60C. Has anyone else had these issues? I’ve tried emailing kogan but have not had any reply for over a week
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How do I start the slow cooker button?
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Multi Function Cooker
Price (RRP)$89
Motor Power700

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