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L'Oreal RevitaLift

L'Oreal RevitaLift

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Dangerous- do not use

I bought Revitalift laser x3 day cream and serum on Sunday and on Wednesday woke up with the most painful, red, burning rash and swollen face. My husband said I looked like I had been stung b a thousand bees. I’ve now been prescribed cortisone cream and anti histamines but after 3 days I am still suffering, have not been able to work, have anxiety thinking this has irreparably damaged my skin as it is now horribly lined and peeling. I made a complaint and their response was well ‘you can have a bad reaction biting into an apple and I don’t know what you expect us to do about it’! This stuff should come with a warning. Will never by any of their products again.


I have tiny bumps all over my face. My skin is red and seems dried out. I will have to throw it out. It's too bad. It was kind of pricey. I will have to find an SPF that is fragrance free.

Horrible “sunburn” like reaction with swelling

Absolutely painful “ sunburn” like reaction. Redness, swelling. Nothing soothes it. Please pull product off shelves!! Worst experience ever!! It’s been 4 days since use. In pain and do not want to be seen in public. Will be calling out of work.

Bad skin reaction

Like many other users on this site, I also had a very bad reaction to L'Oreal revitalift. I used the product on my face only, for two nights in a row, and now my face is swollen, itchy, and bumpy. I discontinued use of the product 3 days ago, and while skin condition is improving, it is not 100% yet, and is still quite irritated.

Horrible rash

I wish I had read these reviews before using this product!! Now I have what looks like a sunburn in the middle of winter and it itches like hell!! If they aren't going to take it off shelves, it should come with a warning label. I am too embarrassed to go out in public now or Id return it :(

Face on Fire!

Used this Revitalift yesterday morning and despite having thoroughly cleansed last evening and washed this morning, I have a raging rash as though suffering of over exposure to the sun. I am an older user and in my life have never suffered such a ghastly rash. L’Oreal should remove from shelves and withdraw from the market.

Itchy reaction

After using this product first thing in the morning. I noticed a very itchy face and burning lips. After a few hours, I was itching all over my body. The skin is the biggest organ in the body and whatever is in this cream was going into my bloodstream and going around and around my body. Anti-histamines have not helped much and I am going to see my doctor tomorrow.
This cream should carry a health warning.

Allergic reaction

Face and hands now swollen after day 2 using revitalift night mask and cleansing cream. Very swollen and painful never using again will be returning to the store... Waste if 17.00

Red swollen and painful worst cream ever

I bought Revitalift with sunscreen by mistake thinking it was what I had been using but with sunscreen added. Thursday I applied to my face and ears since it had sunscreen it started burning. My entire face swelled and turned red. This is the 4th day and it is still so painful I’m going to the doctor. My face has peeled And feels like hot sandpaper.'

January 8th 2019 Update: Worst cream ever!

I thought I was purchasing the same cream I had been using but with sunscreen added. It was not. Within minutes of applying liberally over my face, neck, and ears I had what appeared to be a chemical burn my skin was so red it appeared to be purple. It was so severe I had to go to an urgent care facility for a steroid shot and Rx. It lasted for more than a week leaving my skin dry, extremely wrinkled, and feeling like sand paper. I have had 3 flare ups. Each time I’ve had to use ice packs for the swelling and heat generated from the burn. I only applied it the one time. I have had to see a dermatologist.

I’ve now had a steroid shot, Rx for Prednisone and also taking Benadryl. My skin is like sandpaper everywhere this cream touched. There should be a huge warning on the label!I’ve had 3 flare ups which the doctor said could happen and no I have not used that cream again. The last time i has a flare up was Christmas Eve and it lasted until Jan 2. I had to keep ice packs on my face. I finally Was able to see a dermatologist. Im using Cerave Cream and the foaming skin cleanser. My face is feeling better.

Dangerous if you have asthma

On the 1st day that I applied, I immediately noticed a very strong overpowering "fragrance". With 1 minute, I felt that I was being strangled and couldn't breathe. Grabbed my inhaler. Washed product off and attempted to catch breath. After about 5 minutes, the reaction left. Threw product in trash where it belongs.

I had allergic reaction too

1day after using revitalift I noticed a couple of red areas on my neck but didn't think much of it. After the second use my neck is now completely covered in a raised, sore, red itchy rash. Couldn't believe it was this product but decided to check online and found this site. Wow! Cant believe they are still selling this. Have thrown the stuff straight in the trash and won't be using any kind of Loreal products in the future.

Dangerous - do not use!

Severe allergy requiring steroids & antihistamine. Swelling around eyes, nose and forehead, complete breakout of inflamed, red blotches. I can not believe this product is being sold so readily! I have always had clear skin with minimal breakouts - this is similar to a chemical burn, very dangerous!

It makes my skin peel.

I normally use a different L’Oréal cream but this time I bought L’Oréal revitalift and it is causing my skin to peel. It looks horrible and I can’t put make up on over it.

This does not work

Didn't get the instantaneous results. After 1 month no change at all. Very disappointed. All bags under eyes still there, and even the tiniest wrinkles have not changed or been reduced at all.

Anti-aging cream

I’ve been using the day cream for a couple of months now. It absorbs almost immediately and the wrinkles are starting to disappear and my face feels really soft - Highly recommended

it cause my eyelid itchy, swelling, then very winkle and dry

I had same tragedy like all of you guys while using Loreal eye cream Revitalift and age perfect Hydra-nutrition, it is terrible, I dont even want to go out now, it looks really ugly.

Can’tbelieve How bad this is

Looked good, felt good at first. Have used moisturises since I was 10 and now 67. Have never had an allergic reaction before until now. After a week of using Golden Age night and day cream my eye surrounds are burning red and swollen as is my face. really irritated and sore. Waste of money - L’Oreal should be refunding our money

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This post is not correct. My review was for L’Oreal Golden Age day and night not revitalift

Face is so itchy

Not a happy first time user but I can assure you all - will use no more. What a tragedy! You don’t know if you’re allergic to a product until using it - big fail L’Oréal marketing...
Face is still itchy and tingling - like a million bugs crawling under my skin. Bad product!

Stay away!

I have used creams on my face since I was 15 (I am now 54) and I have never had a problem. I used age perfect night cream for the first time the night before last, and I woke up seeing stars in front of my eyes. I went to the bathroom, and I had an open burn under my eye and had a very puffy eye which I still have. My eyes still burn and sting, as does my face. I am furious to see (now that I see so many other people complaining about it) that they still have it on the market. If anyone wants to start a class action, count me in! I am in so much pain.


I used the day cream and night cream for 2 days and developed blisters on my face. The itching was horrible. Stopped using it and it is taking forever for blisters and itching to go away. NEVER AGAIN will I trust any of these products.

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Can I use age perfect day cream and revitalift day together in the morning?
2 answers
I really dont know, My experience of their latest products has been awful, after using their products for a couple of years, but I won't go,back to them againI dont know but I used the Revitalift and had to see the doctor as my skin was sore and very red.

Is this product a yellowish cream?
1 answer
No, the cream was white in colour

How to remove the dark eye?
1 answer
Use revitalift eye cream


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