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Leander Cradle

Leander Cradle

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Love the cradle, linen options are limited.

I bought my Leander Cradle 2nd hand which made it a great buy. Love that everything is machine washable. Really struggled with buying sheets for the mattress. So many online stores that claimed to stock the Leander sheets had 'waiting times' for Leander products and/or ordered directly from the vendor to post out once an order was received. Postage on the sheets (from multiple stores) was super expensive too which was ridiculous. Anyhow, long story short I found out that BaBu make and oval Organic Bassinet Sheet Set that fits the Leander Cradle mattress. I purchased the Babu set through The Sleep Store and had the sheets delivered in 3 days, they are great quality and it saves the hassle of buying the Leander brand. Also there is an online store that makes custom size baby sheets and mattress protectors to fit Leander Cradles (http://www.customsizebabysheets.com.au/). Hope my hours of frustration and research trying to find sheets saves someone else the hassle :-)

Beautiful and functional

We love this cradle - not only does it look absolutely gorgeous, the rocking makes it easy to swing little mister to sleep. We've found it extremely stable and safe, even with pets running around the tripod legs. It's also surprisingly easy to disassemble and completely wash in the washing machine which I have found to be a great bonus.

Best cradle out there!

I bought this second hand for my last baby. I wish i had found it sooner. Absolutely amazing. I used it with the ceiling hook as I'd heard that with the stand it can't swing as much as it bumps the legs. You can get a great big gentle swing going and my daughter just loved it! So easy to get her to sleep at night. Also when she wakes during the night her movements are enough to get it gently swinging and it can sometimes send her back to sleep which is fantastic.
The style of the cradle is beautiful in it's simplicity and i just adore the canopy . I get a lot of compliments. Super lightweight so extremely breathable yet not see-through enough that my daughter can get distracted like most nets for beds. I can see through it JUST enough to check on her without waking her.
I haven't moved her to a cot yet and i have to say that I am concerned about getting her to sleep without being able to rock her but I'm sure with enough patience i can get her self settling without the need to rock.

ONLY downside is, it's currently winter and my daughter has been waking up cold during the night. This is with a sleeping bag, ergo arms, flannelette sheets, a doubled up lined blanket, a doubled up bunny rug, and a lined woolen blanket. My partner seems to think that the cold gets in from underneath as the bed is elevated of the ground so much. The mattress is about an inch and a half thick with a thin piece of wood underneath. I've put 4 doubled up flannelette pillowcases and a folded up blanket under the mattress but it really hasn't helped. It's become enough of an issue now that I am looking at buying a cot mattress and moving her into her cot early which is disappointing as i do love it. It was excellent in summer though. She didn't overheat at all in bed.

Lovely cradle, my baby loves it

I can rock him to sleep which is awesome! I love this cradle, it's very beautiful and comfy. I like that I can rock him to sleep and easily re-settle him when we wakes in the night. He's getting a little too big for it now and he's four months I will get a few more weeks out of it and then we'll have to upgrade to a cot! Also - don't try to assemble this when your nine-months pregnant, it will end in tears and possibly also post-purchase dissonance!

excellent, the best money can buy

We both found this was such a delight in getting our baby to sleep, it is beautiful to look at and is quite big so we got alot of use out of it. Very well made, safe for newborns and easy to pack up and unpack if you need to move it.

Beautiful but there are cheaper options that are probably just as good...

The theory behind the Leander Cradle is brilliant and the design is stunning... it looked beautiful in our room and later in our baby's nursery. Unfortunately though, the gentle sway wasn't enough to lull our little bub off to sleep... if only it was that easy!

Our daughter was swaddled while in the cradle, so it didn't really sway without our intervention (or the window open or fan on really fast!).
It was however good in the middle of the night to be able to rock the cradle gently from my bed without getting up.

Our daughter had silent reflux, so it was great to be able to raise her head slighty by adjusting the straps. The canopy was also handy for shielding the cradle from light while our daughter slept in our room.
The cradle looks gorgeous and is completely machine washable.
Expensive for the short amount of time the baby will use it.


This did help us sleep as sometimes the baby would start to wake during the night and I would nudge the cradle, he would go back to sleep. However I think there are some cheaper options of swinging cradles available and since we bought this for our second child they would have been more cost effective.
Looks beautiful and really brightens up a nursery, although we used ours in our room. The mosquito net was nice. Definitely a plus that it swings.
It was a pretty expensive piece to buy when it can only be used for six months. If you buy it for the first baby and plan to have more it would be better value.

Beautiful and practical, and will get plenty of comments!

My daughter didn't take to her cradle until she was 12 weeks old. She was a small baby so being cuddled in Mum's bed was where she liked to sleep. She now loves her cradle. As she moves around it rocks the cradle and can easily put her back to sleep if she wakes. The cradle looks divine and I can now thankfully say it gets plenty of use.
Beautiful, simple design, cradle larger than most, easy to wash/clean
If rocked too much the cradle can hit the tripod legs, one of the more expensive cradles on the market but if purchased second hand is very affordable


We bought this cradle as I like the idea of the swaying movement as an aid to help bubs soothe. This feature worked really well as we had it set up with the tripod next to our bed and when bubs was unsettled at night I could stay in bed and rock the cradle with my hand/foot gently to get bubs back to sleep staying in a semi sleep state! I love the very minimilast design, it's larger size and how portable it is to move around the house.
Larger than most bassinettes so will get more use which means better value for money. Can easily be moved around the house by installing hooks in several locations so you can take baby with you (especially useful if you're over two or more stories). Helps to soothe baby with it's gentle swaying motion. Beautiful classic minimilist design!
Don't have any!

Great bassinet

Love the Leander Cradle as it safely and snuggly keeps our little one content and happy. The swinging feature is great, however because of the size and shape of the actual cradle, it usually hits the tippee legs and startles the baby.
Only other down side is the size of the whole thing, as the legs take up quite a bit of space, but it is a beautiful piece and is a standout amongst other bassinets or cradles.

Would highly recommend it if price isn't n issue.
Style, functionality,

Questions & Answers

Did you work it out Donna? I'm trying to figure it out at the moment.
1 answer
Directions for removing the cover are included in the assembly instructions. You can download these at: http://www.leander.com/customer-service/assembly-instructions/ . The straps unhook at the top... tricky and clever design. Good luck!

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