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Life Insurance Direct

Life Insurance Direct

4.6 from 10 reviews

Perfect Service

Puja Chavan handled my unusual claim from A to Z in a most professional manner, her communications by phone or email were always polite and germane. The claim was 100% successful and the payout was prompt. She also helped after the claim to get a premium refund. I highly recommend her service.

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Terrific Service

We are extremely greatful to Puja and the team for helping us during the trauma claims process. She was very helpful, supportive and prompt. Our claim was given high priority, with payment made approx one week from submission. This has been very helpful and has reduced some of the financial and emotional stress our family has been under. Thank you so much Puja & Life Insurance Direct.

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Fabulous Service!

The team at Life Insurance Direct worked very hard to assist us with a claim. Very helpful and always great with communication. A successful result happened and I doubt without the assistance from Life Insurance Direct we would have had the outcome we did. I thoroughly recommend these wonderful people to all.

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrific customer service

When making a claim for income protection it normally comes at a very stressful time. From my experience I have found Life Insurance Direct to be very informative, supportive and provided excellent assistance from submission of the claim to ongoing support throughout each monthly claim. Their service is invaluable, thank you.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent service and support

I received such amazing support through the process of my Income Protection Claim. It was so refreshing to be treated with such consideration and compassion and to know that I mattered. I am sure there are many companies out there that are just interested in receiving the monthly premium and not about the wellbeing of the client, this is definitely not the case with Life Insurance Direct. They went above and beyond to insure that my claim was successful and I am so grateful for that as I would not have been able to do it on my own. I recommended this business with immense confidence.

For anyone looking for a life/income protection insurance company that has integrity, treats their clients with respect, is reliable and actually cares, then I recommend to look no further.

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible, takes a very long time to sort out anything.

It has taken nearly 4 months to get insurance with these guys. They're incredibly slow, and refused to listen to what I actually wanted out of my insurance. They repeatedly called me back to discuss the same issues. They got my address wrong 3 times. I had to email them multiple times regarding payment, and then got nasty and unprofessional replies.

Insurance claim madeNo

would love to suggest Life Insurance Direct to my friends

It’s nice to have objectives in a business not only met but exceeded! Life Insurance Direct Consultants provided us with skillful, responsive & valuable service. I would love to suggest Life Insurance Direct to my friends or anybody who might be interested in buying life insurance. My whole family has bought this guys and never had an issue.

Knowledgeable Advisers

Contacted these guys in the month of March 2012 after been offered by first job ( moved to australia in Jan 2012). The advisers were kind enough to help me understand the technical terms and help me choose the best plan that covered almost everything .

Can go ahead and recommend these guys to anyone seeking income protection insurance.
Knowledgeable Advisers

Excellent Help and Service

XLife really know their stuff and really do offer the best life insurance prices. The lady on the phone was very helpful in explaining everything and helping me get a great deal.

I recommend you research first though before you give these guy's a call, just to be certain you are getting a great price.
Service and Price

Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service.

The adviser I spoke to was really helpful. He offered me life insurance advice that none of the other places I called could help me with.
Better customer service and quality advice.

Questions & Answers

Isn't this just a comparison site like all the others? I am looking for an insurer and not an agent.
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Please explain how all your reviewers are claiming that you're a direct insurer when your website shows me that you're compare site.
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