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waste my time

I joined the life insurance with my husband. when I asked the staff they was very friendly and very helpful but they never took insurance money so we called and explained our situation. One of staff told us they gonna fix and send the contract with all the life insurance information. We haven't received anything.
They keep saying they gonna fix it but just talk.
Don't waste your time.

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Discriminatory exclusions

The staff during application were friendly, and the quote was great - BUT they placed a 2 year blanket exception on ANY mental health claim, simply because I'd previously had some relationship counselling. I'd hate to think how somebody with a diagnosed mental illness would feel dealing with these people - it's like having a bad knee and being excluded from any claim related to your physical health.

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I never expected such a great service experience

After I saw the NobleOak TV ad I was interested in finding out more as I was looking to get income protection insurance. I was expecting the typical hard sell and confusing terms and conditions but was pleasantly surprised by the straightforward terminology and easy conversation I had with the sales representative. Even better, the quote I got was better than two other companies I spoke to that day. I'm also going to think about getting life insurance also with them now too,

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