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Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer

Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer

4.2 from 20 reviews


I was using another product for a few months and I put up with the dark circles under my eyes and eye infections, even my husband use to ask why i had been crying. I then found Long Lashes and Bold Brows and i'm obsessed. I'm now on my 4th bottle. I get continual compliments about my lashes and brows and have now purchased for my Mum and Nan! I also love that Long Lashes is from Two Northern Beaches mums!! WELL DONE AND THANK YOU

Gentle on the eyes and amazing results

I am on my second tube now of Long lashes and in the maintenance stage. My eyelashes were completely ruined by fake lashes and were basically stumps. Even though I am not that great at using this product everyday my eyelashes now are longer and much thicker and will never go back to fake lashes again. I have previously used other serums that have burnt my eyes and also resulted in eye infections. The tube last for ages and is very cost affective considering falsies cost at least $120. Its my beauty stable!

Tried and true! Amazing product!!

As a person who suffers from Hashimotos and the fun side effect of thin hair, thick and full eyelashes/eyebrows were a pipe dream. Had nothing to lose so I tried Long Lashes and haven’t looked back! Took a while to start seeing results but have persisted and wow, it really does work! No irritation (believe me, if there were any irritants in this product I would know about it). Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

So amazing, it’s changed my life!

I seriously can’t live without it, I’ve been using it for a year and I’m on my second tube.
It’s made such a difference to my sensitive eyes, no irritation at all. I wouldn’t use any other lash enhancer ever again.

Amazing product

Amazing product. I have been using long Lashes’s for over a year now and highly recommended it .. my lashes are so long and thick. Best off all no stinging or irritation .

This product has transformed my lashes!

Even from my very first use of Long Lashes I noticed they looked hydrated straight away. Persisting with the product for 3 weeks I noticed a few extra millimetres in length already! I have now been using Long Lashes for over 6 months and my lashes are long, strong, healthy, and I am always getting compliments on my lashes! I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to grow their lashes. Its also a huge bonus that its safe, vegan, cruelty free etc! I couldn't be happier ❤️❤️❤️

A truly Awesome Product

Love love this product... recommend to all my clients and friends all of which agree it’s the best brand they’ve tried .... other brands have worked but stung my eye’, this product works amazingly well and no stinging...
From a business point the customer service has been extremely good , very helpful and supportive!!
Highly recommended, wouldn’t use or sell any other brand ...

Longer and thicker lashes

Thank god I found this product! My lashes are longer and thicker! So easy to use! I have recommended it to friends who have also fallen in love with it and their new eye lashes!

Eyelashes finally!!

I have very fine sparse eyelashes until I used this producct. My eyelashes are long and visible now. Great product. Great customer service. I have told so many people about it would thoroughly recommend

This lash serum REALLY works!

When I first began using this product, I applied every single day (as you are meant to) and I was amazed at how long my lashes grew! People notice them all the time and have commented. I took a before and after and was really impressed. I didn’t find it to cause irritation at all either. Highly recommend Long Lashes.

Happy with the results

I wasnt sure at 1st if this product would work but I used it everyday and noticed little hairs growing . After about 9 weeks i had a lash lift and could really see the difference.
By the time if finished the bottle my lashes were looking the best they ever have.

Lashes longer than fake!

Love this stuff. No sting, no smell, no itch, just the most natural long lashes ever!! I’m a return customer and will keep coming back. My brows are also better than ever.

The best product/s , cannot live without my ‘long lashes’ especially

I use both products all year round and couldn’t be happier. I had used an Asian product but it made my eyes sore and red. Long Lashes is the best

hasn't worked for me

Hasn't worked for me. Have used it for 4 months.
It's an expensive product- so as you can imagine I am very disappointed. Think I will just go back to lash extensions.

11 weeks and no change

I have used Long lashed every day (with an exception over New year) before going to bed for 11 weeks now and I can't see any difference at all !!! It is not cheap so I wouldn't recommend trying it until there are LOTS of positive comments!.

Burns!!! Lies!!!

We've been duped!! It burns the eyes severely. I hate to imagine the damage it'd have on the corneas. I saw no eyelash growth but I could only use it twice before I threw it in the bin.

No change

I’m on my 7th week and I still haven’t seen any difference, and this product isn’t cheap. Religiously used this on my lashes every night. It also stings my eyes when it manages to get in. Not buying this again.

No growth in 5 weeks...

I was forced to switch to this product as an alternative to Lilash when it was removed from Australian salons. I was hoping that it would be just as good, given that it has 80% of the same ingredients as Lilash! Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out for me. After 5 weeks no growth whatsoever, in fact my eyelashes are actually shorter & finer and growing in different directions. Not being able to use Lilash on my lower lashes as it was not recommended, i used this product on my lower lashes in the hope that I could grow these but nothing! Not one lash, not longer, not thicker. Whatever the ingredients are in that 20% is clearly what I need for mine to grow.

Long this product.. my eyelashes look the best they ever have!

I bought both Long Lashes and Bold Brows and really noticed the difference after about 7 weeks - my lashes were fuller and longer and i have to get my eyebrows waxed for the 1st time in ages!

January 15th 2019 Update: I love this product - lashes look the best they have

I used this product after having not many eyelashes from hair loss . It took 8-12 weeks of daily use but my eyelashes look great and its just part of my beauty routine now.

Amazing! Works a treat

Amazing product, my eyelashes grew dramatically and became a lot thicker and I saw results within 4 - 6 weeks. Didn’t irritate my eyes at all!
Vegan product and cruelty free, highly recommend.

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