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Love N Care Complete BP F250

Love N Care Complete BP F250

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Got this bassinet as a baby shower present and got to say, we are NOT loving it. The wheels on this thing are atrocious and it wakes our babe up when trying to push the bassinet into the room for sleeping. She also did not look to be very comfortable in it as well. Keen to put it on the fire pit.

Worst bassanet Ever!!!!

Brought this rubbish bassanet a few months ago now.
I just wanted to tell everyone how dangerous this product is.
The wood started to bends in the basanet as it is really cheap and flimsy
Then the whole thing stared to brake apart.
Really angry as I cant take it back as I got it as a gift.

Great space saver for first 4 months.

This is very useful for baby's first 4months until they can sit up by themselves.
I was using this in the kitchen, bed room or when we visit friends or holidays.
I can't imagine how babies can fall off from this like other reviews when they canot sit up or roll by themselves.
This has very secure bottoms to attach bassinet and the stand.
The bottoms were very strong and stiff so I needed to ask my husband to take them off.

I liked this product very much.

Dangerous bassinet

This is a dangerous bassinet and I am taking it back to the store I bought it from. I bought this bassinet as a gift for my daughter for her first baby. She used it for 6 weeks for the first baby and it was fine. However, with the second baby, the baby tipped it over whilst crying at 4 weeks and could have killed himself. The bassinet fell off the stand and baby, bassinet and stand ended up on the floor, fortunately carpeted. The clips fastening the bassinet to the stand had come loose whilst being rocked. Fortunately the baby only received a bruise on the side of his head. We are all very upset that a design fault like this can occur. I bought the bassinet two years and two months ago.

Clips fastening the bassinet to the stand are not secure. If the bassinet is rocked the clips come loose and yet the stand comes with wheels which gives the impression that it can be wheeled or rocked.and a small baby whilst only crying normally can tip the cradle off its stand.

Terrible manufacturing

I've just purchased this product and put it together only to find the hood is faulty it has been made incorrectly and to have this problem fixed I would have to pack the whole thing up and return it to the store and wait for a replacement which I don't have the time for. Although I can use it without the hood I'm extremely annoyed and the quality of this after paying $180

Great item

I love our bassinette. I was able to put it together by myself without my hasbands help. Its also just grogeous to put bub in. It comes with a matress protector, mosquito net, blanket , pillow and toys as a set and fits nicely into any nursery theme. for us, it even fit well into our room.

very average, nothing special and with major flaws in most important aspects of a baby bassinet

my wife was about to write the review but since its me who puts these things together in the first place and i am the one who most of the time has to wheel the bassinet from one room to another, we decided its best i write the review.

we purchased this item brand new from one of the leading baby stores, we did it couple f months before the baby was born.
here is the first thing i should have checked, the shop floor was a carpet\linoleum type. Our house has tiles\hard wood flooring only. However, since you purchase a baby item you believe the one who designs it has put all his\her expertise in designing and choosing best suitable parts, not in this case.
the wheels DO NOT work on hard floors, they only spin across the grooves between tiles, on the tile or hard wooden surface they SLIDE!
you can imagine the screeching noise the brittle cheap plastic wheels make when pushed in the middle of the night when rocking the unsettled baby or when trying to push the empty bassinet from one room to another...useless!
this weekend i will be paying a visit to a local hardware shop to see if i can find replacement wheels made out of hard type rubber, but i shouldn't have to, the designer of this bassinet should have thought of it, they didn't, instead chose cheap plasticky wheels that even under considerable weight (lets say 5 KG baby) still don't spin on hard surface floors.
the mattress, like other owners have pointed out, is also of a lesser quality than other parts of the bassinet. too thin and in constant need of turning to avoid prolonged "denting" This should have been made of just a tad firmer foam or other suitable material, again the company chose cheaper materials.
Putting the bassinet is straight forward and the instructions are written in orderly manner with point to point instructions.
when purchasing it make sure the shop floor has some hard surface available for testing, you will see how unsuitable this bassinets wheels are for hard surfaces (tiles and hard laminate or timber floors)
easy to put together, instructions clear and precise.
cheap plastic wheels, thin mattress made out of second grade foam.


We bought this bassinet very cheaply secondhand because we weren't really going to spend a lot of money when we've bought a cot as well, but this has been really great for the first few months so that baby can room in with us and sleep in the lounge area during the day. I've even taken the basket part to my parent's place when we've stayed overnight. It is a bit heavy though, and I needed help taking it upstairs. I would definitely recommend this to friends who have newborns.
It's so handy to be able to move the bassinet from the bedroom at night to the lounge area during the day. The basket underneath is very handy for storing all of baby's wraps and blankets and sheets. Was really grateful that it came with a mozzie net as I saw a mozzie in the house one day and couldn't catch it.
the canopy makes loud clicking noises when raised and lowered. The mattress have seem to have gone a bit too soft and saggy in the middle and I think bub doesn't like it very much sometimes- it's not very firm. The wheels are also not very smooth. We bought ours secondhand, so maybe that says something about the durability? I find the ruffles gets in the way of access to the basket.

Glad I purchased!

I was originally going to put my baby straight into a cot from birth, but decided I would want her much closer to me at night, and also felt she wouldn't feel secure in such a large cot. This bassinet was fairly cheap in comparison to some others and I believe it was worth the money. I could move it around easily if needed and could take it with me if I was going to be at other people's houses when she needed a sleep. I never put the hood on and didn't use the bedding that came with it (don't think it meets the sids guidelines?) so that was an unnecessary addition. She was in it until she was 4 months old and I will definitely be using it again for the next baby!
Attractive, fairly cheap

It did the job

The basinet was easy to assemble and light weight. It was a little pricey but it did the job. Good colour range. Bassinet contained everything I was looking for in a bassinet: adjustable hood, detachable from frame, mesh sides , wheels and basket underneath. Very handy to detach from frame to take out and about (ie when grandparents were baby sitting).
Great to detach basinet from frame and take out and about. Handles good length for carrying. Basinet lightweight and easy to detach. Good height for placing baby into. Not too much bending down and over. Wheels were good on tiles, but would catch on the edges of tiles and be difficult to steer smoothly. Good size basket.
Draping does not allow for good air circulation. Living in tropics baby often get hot. The hood makes a loud clicking when being adjusted, wakes / scares baby. Hanging toys, blanket and pillow were useless.


This bassinet is good value for the money. It does its job well and certainly looks lovely. Has everything (basket, mosquito net, hanging toys) that a bassinet should have.
Inexpensive and looks nice, light and very portable.Storage basket underneath is quite handy, mattress cover is really good quality and stops the unwanted leaks getting through to the mattress itself.
Small wheels made it very difficult (awkward) to move from room to room.


Baby is very comfortable and loves to sleep in her bassinet. It's worthwhile to invest in a bassinet so baby can sleep in your room when feeding in the middle of the night. It's also much smaller than a cot so baby feels snug and safe, however bubs is 4 months now and still has heaps of room. Whenever bubs stirs in the middle of the night I just zoom the wheels across the floor and this is enough to put bubs right back to sleep.
Light and on wheels so easily transportable from room to room. Frame constructed of metal and not plastic like other cheaper brands. Gender neutral colours.
Can't detach the fabric on the hood for washing. High so you need to get right out of your own bed to reach baby in the middle of the night.


Overall would recommend this bassinet to anyone, I had no problems with it. It was a great buy and will use it for the next baby. It is easy to store away and clean.
The bassinet includes removable toys, mosquito net, and removable basket which is great when visitors come over to see the bub you dont have to take them into the room as the basket can be removed from the stand. Reasonable price and very easy to clean.
The mattress is a little thin but I folded a blanket and put it under the mattress for more comfort. Was no big deal as all mattresses are thin when it comes to a bassinet.


This is a lovely basic bassinette which is light, portable and has a handy storage basket underneath. The mattress did seem a bit thin, we would often put a soft blanket under the sheet to make it more comfortable for our baby (which is likely not recommended for SIDS purposes). The canopy is excellent but could be made of less see-through material in order to make it darker for the baby during the day. It would be ideal if the bassinette could be safely tilted upwards at the head end for reflux babies. A great product for the price, I would highly recommend.
Very portable, easy to clean
Thin mattress


I brought this bassinet for my daughter so that she can be close to me and sleep in my bedroom. It was one of the best things I have purchased so far and would recommend to any parent.
Great price, easy to take from room to room and comes in a great range of colours and designs. The tray under neath is handy to place toys etc inside. For summer months you can use the net that goes over the top to block insects from harming your baby.
Can't take off the linen to wash unless you take the whole thing apart.


Was really happy with this product. It was easy to move around the house. We even took just the bassinette away with us. Folds down fairly compact when finished using. Baby always looked safe and happy.
Great that it comes complete. Easy to move. One of the cheaper ones we found.
Hard to take apart when you need to wash the bassinette liner.


I was given this basinette, but would not hesitate to recomend it. The only bad point was the matress that had a dent from the head every few days - I'm not sure if this happens with all basinette matresses though....
This basinette was easy to move around on the wheels. It has detachable toys which were handy. The covers can be easily removed and cleaned.
I found the foam matress was very thin and needed to be flipped every few days because it got a big dent from bub's head. You need to be careful when buying extra sheets for this matress, as not all sheets fit it.


I got home for hospital thinking I was going to put my newborn in her cot, but I just couldn't do it, I was constantly worried if she was ok being in a seperate room. I made my husband go out and get a bassinet and he came home with this one. Its great, gives me peace of mind knowing baby is just beside me at night. Easy to move around with the wheels, its great to take out with you, I take it with me when I go visiting so baby can sleep in it. Very practical and inexpensive bassinet!
Resonably priced and comes with all the extras
Mattress is just made of foam so it needs to be flipped constanly otherwise it gets dents in it


An attractive and cost effective piece of furniture. It looked wonderful in our bedroom, and was great for my peace of mind. Our daughter slept in it for just over 3 months, and then decided she wanted to sleep in the cot. I look forward to using this again!
Very easy to move from room to room if you want to keep an eye on baby.
Storage basket underneath is great for changes of linen, clothes, nappies etc
Mosquito net is a brilliant addition.
Attractive linen and soft mattress.
Only problem I had was that the cream colour of mine did not block any light. I always had a separate dark piece of fabric covering the hood to help darken the bassinette.


I bought this product in a really pretty green and just love it. It is really sturdy and easy to put together. The mattress is good quality also. It has a large basket underneath that stores blankets or whatever you need. I took this away with us for a weekend rather than taking a heavy portacot and my daughter slept really well. This is just a great buy and I loved it, my daughter slept in it until she was three months old.
Well priced, comes in a range of colours, wheels make it easy to move, sturdy, large basket underneath to store blankets etc. Retractable hood with removeable toys.
None, this is a great product.

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Can you please email me the manual to put the bassinet cover back on as I undone it to wash it and have lost the manual Or call me 0412674998
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How do i take the hood apart so i can wash it?
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Love N Care Complete BP F250
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