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Love N Care Rock N Go

Love N Care Rock N Go

4.7 from 6 reviews

Best bassinet !

I purchased this bassinet for my second child and loved how it had see through sides. It's great for that peace of mind. We use it daily for naps and sleeping at night. It's lightweight so it can easily be moved from to different areas of the home. It can also fold up for travel which I haven't tried but I think it good the bag comes with it . Highly recommend this bassinet !

Perfect! Used it for my 2 bub

It's Very handy and convenient. Light weight and portable. Not too fancy but purposely built. Recommended for the first 6 months of babies life. Made of mesh so it's breathable and you can see the baby from the side. Easy to set up and pack away, no fuss. Highly recommended.

See through sides

This bassinet is one of the only ones that have see through sides which can give new mums great peace of mind becasue the cribs in the hospital are see through and you don't have to lean over to see your baby!
It's comfortable enough and very light.
A great investment and doubles as a travel bassinet.
I use it daily- not just for travel!

could have been a little more chinese.

As an ex Prime Minister of a country (I wont name it), I always believed that if something should be cheap, then it should be CHEAP. Thats why I sold my soul to the chinese years ago. Australian products?? If there's money to be made, then send it off-shore. Thats my opinion.

Best bassinet

Great size bassinet so bubs can sleep in it till 9 kilos and it's long... also rocks which is great but turn the leg at one end and it is perfect for reflux babies as slightly tilted. Love it especially after our last one barely lasted 11 weeks! Highly recommend

Very handy bassinet!

We were given this as a gift from our baby registry. I though it was a little expensive to start with, but once I started using it, I would not part with it. It dismantles to be flat and has its own carry bag and fits in the boot of a car (I don't think it would go well on a plane). It weighs next to nothing (actually 6 kilos which I am surprised about).

Since using it in our travels, we decided to use this bassinet at home. Our baby loved it so much I used it as her bed before she moved into her cot. It was easy to carry up and down the stairs in our house to be used where we needed it. The bassinet now lives in our lounge room and has a little arch way of toys attached to the sides where our baby hangs out and plays.

I love this bassinet! I am worried as to what I am going to do when she is too heavy for it. That is a draw back that it is only suitable for babies up to 9kgs. But it is super handy and worth every cent!

Only Con is that the zippers on the side a tricky and do stick a little.

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