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Luvele Ultimate Meat Grinder LPMG700

Luvele Ultimate Meat Grinder LPMG700 Questions & Answers

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Hi, I'm looking to purchase a meat grinder/mince to do chicken and its soft bone! Would this be adequate to do the job ?? Cheers Jeff.
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I think you will find this would be ideal. We use it for Pork and turkey and the occasional turkey bone slips through and we have had no problem. It is very robust and it there is a blockage, simply use the reverse feature to correct. Honestly far better than our more expensive small professional model.I honestly wouldn’t put bone through. That’s not a reflection of the machine but my respect of it. I might let a bit of cartilage through.Chicken bone is fairly soft Mat, I thought with it being a mincer/grinder it would manage

Hello, we live in Melbourne and want one of these as a Christmas gift. Can we get it before Christmas if we order it though you?
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Hi there, Thanks for your question. If you place an order at luvele.com.au before 10am this morning and select express post, then we can do our very best to get your order to you by Monday the 24th. Unfortunately at this time of year there are no guarantees however. Cheers, Tim

Hi there, we have bought a grinder recently and after using it for a couple of times, it stopped working today. It actually turns on, but it stops working after just a few seconds. How can we fix it?
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Hey Mason, Thanks for your message and support. I'll be happy to help with a fast solution :) It does seem odd as we haven't had this issue before. Can you please send us an email, preferably with a video of the issue, this will help us assess if its a fault faster than you having to send it back. Our email is support@luvele.com If it is a manufactures fault we will replace or refund you :) Let me know via email so I can get you sorted ASAP. Appreciate your patience in advance. Kind Regards Tim

My partner has put the mincing parts in the dishwasher. When I found them the next day they were extremely tarnished and with a black coating, I was furious to say the least. I scrubbed them up though haven't used them yet. Are you able to tell me what the long term affects of this are, how it will effect my mincing in the future and is there anything I should do before using it again? Cheers Emma
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Sorry to hear.....the manufacturer's specification says specifically not to put any parts of the mincer into the dishwasher, so I have made sure I always soak them in soapy warm water (for about an hour) then hand wash them. I suggest you contact Luvelle direct and ask them for advice. Sorry I can't be more help.Hi Emma, Yes Mia17 is right here, we do recommend washing with warm soapy water, as the hopper plate and head and grind screw components are not dishwasher friendly. Please email me at support@luvele.com, I will send you out a replacement. Kind Regards Tim

Is this mincer suitable to grind chicken meat containing bones? (neck, thigh, wings?)
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Sorry I can't help. I have never tried to mince bones. I would contact Luvele.Hi Annakeee, Thanks for your message, Unfortunately we can't recommend using our Meat Grinder for any bones or frozen goods, the gearbox and motor aren't designed for this purpose. This is designed for household consumption, so you may be better off considering a commercial grinder that is built to take the task. However If used correctly our meat grinders will last a very long time, I can't think of many if any warranty issues with this models motor and gearbox, it's a very robust meat grinder. Thanks all the same Tim

1. Does this grinder have a reverse function when meat gets stuck? 2. Does have variable speed? 3. Is it dishwasher safe?
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1.No 2.Yes 3.No Suggest you contact supplier for best information re productYes it has reverse function. It has one speed only, no multi speeds. No,you can’t put the pieces into the dishwasher. The main pieces to clean come apart easily and find it is all pretty easy to clean.Hi Nazir, Thanks for your message. Also thank you Cecha and Mia17 for your input. I believe Mia17 has answered everything correctly. Yes the Ultimate Meat Grinder does indeed have a reverse feature :) Also it only has the 1 speed, however we have never had a request for further speed settings The hopper plate, Head, Nozzle and grind screw cannot go in the dishwasher, best to wash with warm soapy water. Please also note that this is for household consumption, so please remember that it isn't designed for grinding bones or frozen foods. Thanks Tim

Can this minder be used on fruit and veggies?
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No. It is what it claims to be - a meat mincer, not a food processor.No...not at all! It is only for meat....

your luvele ultimate lpmg 700 meat grinder / how many kg it can produce in 1hour /in what country its made / is it noisy /
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I haven't minced for more than a few minutes as I don't mince more than 2kg of meat, as that will Last me a week or so. However being a domestic unit I don't think it is made to continuously run for hours on end. The longest I have run it is about 10minutes when I was making sausages. You do have to make sure your meat is frozen/semi-frozen as it does make a big difference in the time it take to mince. If the meat is totally defrosted then it comes out like mush and takes longer to mince in the finer plates if your putting it through twice. I haven't looked where it is made and I haven't used another domestic mincer so am not sure if it is loud compared to other machines. If it helps, it is similar in sound to a food processor but slightly quieter with no banging.Hi Oli, Thanks for the great questions. Most meat grinders will make some, however we have just reconfigured our gearbox to reduce noise so compared with other machines ours would be less noisy. You should expect that all meat grinders will produce some noise. However we are confident as we haven't had any customer complaints about the noise :) This is a meat grinder designed for home use, so we don't have a production capacity caculation for this machine, however I can tell you and from our customers feedback, you can grind alot of meat. We don't recommend running for longer than 10 minutes at a time, then you can rest for 10 minutes, it's not a commercial Meat grinder. The machines are designed in Australia for the Australian and European market and produced in China. Hope that helps :)

Can this do soft bones like chicken wings for pet food?
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This is from the instruction manual. "• Remove all large pieces of fat from meat before grinding. • For fatty cuts of meat we recommend that you cut meat into 5cm cubes. For lean cuts of meat; cut into strips approximately 15cm long and 5cm thick or into cubes. • Remove any bones from meat as this may damage the grinder." The below link is the contact point for Luvele and I found they were extremely prompt in reply to any questions. https://www.luvele.com.au/pages/contact-usSo sorry for the delay on this, we are fairly new to Product review and only just seen this message. Unfortunately this machine is for home consumption only, which means you will need to remove the bones and large quantities of fat of the meat before grinding. Cheers Tim

i want to use the grinder to make cats homemade food. I need to use the grinder to mince rabbit and chicken bones. Will this Luvele machine be powerful enough for this? I know it is not the primary use and I dont want to waste my money. Thanks in anticipation of help with this question
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Hey Sue, I don't think the power itself would be an issue on raw rabbit and chicken bones but I couldnt be sure if it grinds fine enough for bone fragments not to "shard" at all. Best ask the manufacturer themselves. Jason.As I am a butcher no mincer will mince bones they block the plate not even industrial mincers go to Bunnings and buy a cheap shrub mulcherThanks so much for your answers. Really appreciate. The shrub muncher is a great idea.

Where can you buy this mincer/meat grinder?
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Online at luvele or their eBay store. I bought on ebay with express shipping. Got in 2 days.Ktdp is right, or you can grab here: https://www.luvele.com/collections/mincers-slicers/products/pro-meat-grinder

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