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Lux Soap

Lux Soap

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Ronna Scott

Ronna Scottsydney

  • 5 reviews

the violet one is what I use


I love the scent of this soap, it's not overpowering and it leaves my skin soft. I buy this in value packs as I realize it saves me some money.


louisa2015Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Lux for Everyone ☺


I've been using lux for 5 plus years and my opinion it's a good and cheap soap. It has a beautiful smell and i dont have any problems with it☺i gi e it thumps up.


doinafriggantGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 12 reviews

Smells good, feels good and smooth on my skin


Some soaps dries up my skin. Like after taking a quick shower, I felt some skin tightening and drying. It was because of a cheap soap that never works then I figured I should change what I'm using. I saw this on the soap stand and bought it immediately after reading its "moisturizing" claims. Right after a few days of using it, I never felt the tightening and dryness especially on my elbow area. I guess this product is awesome.


LeeNSW, 2560

  • 13 reviews

I love Lux


Lux soap has always been great. I love the fragrances, it feels lovely on the skin, and is well priced. The multi-packs are great value. The only thing I think would be great is packs with mixed fragrances

I love it. ♥


Fantastic quality product, incredible on my skin and they smell great too. I use them for myself, both my children and husband. My kids and I have really sensitive skin & eczema flare ups, since using the Purify soaps this has been decreased by a dramatic amount. Would recommend these to anyone seeking a more sensitive option.



  • 37 reviews

Less Soap for money


I like the soap but I do not like the way customers are getting less and paying more.
I bought Lux Soap Soft Caress. The Soap is smaller than it used to be. To top it up there is a chunk of soap missing in providing some contour as an excuse for it.
I could not recommend this product. Look around for better value for your money.



  • 7 reviews

Smells good but leaves sticky feeling


I love Lux when I was in my teens but it has changed through the years. Now that I am a mum, I usually buy them but not for daily use. The petal touch and the soft and creamy scents are good but they leave a very sticky feeling after lathering. It seems to be full of muck and sticky ingredients. It maybe the moisturizers but I did not like it as compared to what I smell and feel before, the skin feels silkier without all that sticky feeling before compared to the new formula.

Paul Hogan

Paul HoganNSW, 2060

  • 18 reviews

Another Product Made In China


You have to be kidding me !.

I'm recently back from many years living in the UK, used Lux here up to 1998, used Lux in the UK for 17 years, back to Australia in 2016 and now Lux is made in China.

The only reason I found out was because I came out in a rash just after using it and checked the pack.

One can only dream of what illegal chemicals the chinese may have added to poor old Lux.

Lux soap


It just dries out my skin, it's not good soap at all, if you wanna test that, alright, use it for few days, and after a month or so, you will see cracks developed in soap, I would say, if a soap itself can't be good how is going to keep our skin healthy??

bad soap and I'm changing brands


I am changing brands finally. Your soaps are getting smaller AND they shrink in size in three (3) days and wash away very quickly so I'm constantly buying new packs of 8. Not good. I want a soap that lasts more than a week and has powerful cleansing qualities. Bye Lux.



  • 2 reviews

Crap at Best...


Lux lavender soap bar caused the tattoo on my leg to raise up and cause eczema... It was raised and ugly and caused me to scratch to my wits end. The only thing that eased that pain was 100% pure coconut oil.
I was not home and did not have access to my regular organic soap...Tsk tsk lux - this occurred on three consecutive mornings - with extreme agitation to 3/4 of my leg. Never again, never!
So what's in your soap bars these days that cause such a reaction?



  • 159 reviews



Its been a long time since Ive used this product. Actually its been a long time since I have used soap bars. These days, I mostly buy Lux Soap bars for my grandparents who still havent quite gotten out of the using soap bars era and are still happy experimenting with different fragrances.
I like the vast variety in fragrances and that it is cost effective. The bars are cheaper than shower gels.
Lux Soap bars tend to dry out my skin, leaving it feeling tight right after a shower. It does not feel as comfortable as opposed to using a shower gel.


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews

A great family soap for the entire family


This is a great soap which has been around for a long time and it smells great and is a great soap to rely on. The fragrances arent too strong and its easy to use this soap for everyday use anytime of the year. I like the fact that this soap doesnt melt in the water like another well known moisturising soap and it doesnt loose its shape. Overall this is a great soap that I can depend on because its easily found in the shops and it really is pretty good value for money.
This is a good soap which I find doesnt really dry out my skin and its smells great too.
It is a soap so if you want a soap free product with more moisturising, then this isnt it.



  • 43 reviews



The Lux soaps are great value and would be good for a whole family. The scents are not too feminine or too masculine and are pleasant. The lathering qualities are good, and these soaps seem to last longer than some other brands. They are quite sturdy and don't dissolve too easily. Leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh.
The Lux soaps are fantastic value for money. You can get them in larger packs than other soaps which is economical. Some stores such as Big W sell these in packs of 8 or 10. The scents are also rather nice.
There is nothing I do not like about these soaps

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Yes! Lux is very good soap and reasonable for all type of people.. Also it can be used in all the seasons .. Am using lux from past 13 years.. I can't remember any negative about Lux.. It's good.........



  • 221 reviews



A good price on this product and it might work for people with less senstitive skin than myself, it just wasn't for me!
The smell of this soap was beautiful when I tried it a couple of months ago, so whoever is in charge of the aromatherepy potion of the product is doing a good job. The price is decent and afforable and it's easy to find, it's often on sale in my local Coles.
My one issue with this soap is that I felt it really dried out the skin after a few days of using it. The smell is pretty but for long term use, I prefer a product which doesn't dry out my skin!


beautyqueenvic, 3824

  • 228 reviews



overall i like the lux soaps, i do not use soaps too much as i prefer body washes and shower gels but if i use soap then this is one of the brands i buy, my husband uses soaps alot so he likes this one as it leaves his skin feeling soft and smooth
the price of lux soap is great, especially when i special, i love the range of scents that are available, they are devine, doesnt leave your skin feeling tight and dry like other soaps can, the packaging is cute which is important to me,
there are no cons for the lux soaps


MotherMoonWA, 6210

  • 455 reviews



I must admit I have a terrible hang up about using soaps this is until I tried Lux. It is gentle on the skin and it has a lovely soft smell to it also. It did lather up very easy and all I can say is my skin felt lovely and fresh after I used this soap and smelt gorgeous.
I must admit I am a bt iff'y with all soaps but I wanted to try some so it was this one or Imperial leather, I chose this one Lux as it smelt so nice.
It is a soap and I have a terrible hang up about using soap's until I tried this one Lux.


ReviewPrincessNSW, 2340

  • 42 reviews



'Lux Soap' is an economical buy, particularly for a larger household, where single or double soap pack purchases are simply impractical. It is an excellent grease-cutting soap which is not too harsh on the skin. The fragrances are lovely and make excellent drawer scenters until one is ready to use them. The packaging is attractive to the eye, so it is readily sighted when hunting it out on the supermarket shelves. A round edged soap of a good size, which feels good to hold and lathers well.
Lathers well. Lovely fragrances. Not too harsh on the skin. Good grease-cutter. Economical bulk pack buy.
Nothing; this is a good shower, bath or basin soap.



  • 9 reviews
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I love Lux Soap and no matter what other soaps i use for a change, i always come back to Lux Soap. There is no disappointments when using Lux and i feel it is one of the great brands on the market at the moment. It smell great, moisturies and cleans my skin leaving me feeling great for the rest of the day. The only thing i would change is the price because it is only soap and i sometimes think that like everything,it is a little bit expensive
Smells great, moisturises as it cleans my skin and leaves my skin looking great.
Could be a little cheaper.



  • 374 reviews



good soap with nice fragrance, its cheap and does the job, personally i wouldnt recommend it for people with sensitive skins
does the job, removed dirt and oil from the skin. Leaves skin feeling clean and soft. cheap, available in bulk packs and has a nice fragrance
Dried out skin quite alot and left it feeling tight

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Questions & Answers

Margaret C.

Margaret C.asked

After soap is half used I am getting black marks on the ends of the soap that seem to go right through. Is this a mould

No answers



Is lux good for pimples?

1 answer

I dont know how you're going to use lux to clear up your pimples, but its just a soap to wash your body and face.I would recommend for you to try Clear pimple cream instead of lux,but lux is good to wash of excess dirt from your face☺hope this helps.



My dermatologist advised me to use lux white soap on face as I suffer from pimple..Nd allergic...So shall I use it?

1 answer

Same problem acne acne acne yes you can use lux bar as it is much better than facewashes tried a million of facewash but no effect in fact it has increased my acne better to use bar

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