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Maclaren Twin Techno / Twin Techno Elite

Maclaren Twin Techno / Twin Techno Elite

Twin Techno and Twin Techno Elite
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Does the job...

Great compact double.

- Fits in small car boot reasonably well
- toddler can independently climb in/out (no need for me to do any lifting)
- fits through standard doorways with ease
- fits a tall 3.5y/o with enough comfort to nap
- manoeuvres reasonably well on footpath
- generous hoods/sun protection.

- baskets under seats are small and difficult to access
- recline is fidgety
- Buckle on 5-point harness can be tricky
- unfold is tricky, stroller feels very stiff despite my having applied silicone spray to all joints I need to jiggle-push-jiggle-push (push down on unfold foothold) repeatedly.

Overall, the stroller works fine. I prefer it over the City Mini for compact size through doorways and takes up less room in cafes.

Great till took outside and brake is broken

I loved this pram for my twins so light and easy to take to the shops fits through doorways etc. bit flimsy but needs to be to be light I guess. Took to a zoo and it was terrible could hardly get around . The brakes never held particularly well so I always faced sideways in case but now the thin metal bar where you lock the pram open is broken one side and I can see its wearing through and about to break on the other. Shame as I love this pram and have had less than a year , used six months. I need to buy a new one now as its too dangerous without brakes.

Expected more

I have 18 month old twins, and have used a Bugaboo twin pram since their birth. Given the Bugaboo's size and heavy weight, i wanted to "downsize" to an umbrella stroller, particularly for when just quickly ducking out to the shops. Needing a stroller that was long in length (my kids are very tall for their age), could carry the weight of two large toddlers, and was deep enough to handle two fidgety children. I decided on the Maclaren twin techno as it fit the bill for those criteria - long enough, light enough and deep enough for growing children. However, it does have several downsides, which perhaps makes it not worth the money it retails for:

* definitely not as easy to handle as the Bugaboo (which, granted, is a luxury pram). Very difficult to push on grass/uneven surfaces. This is definitely not an all-terrain stroller (if there is such a thing);

* very difficult to turn left and right, despite having front swivel legs - which, despite a narrow width, makes it difficult to turn into doorways (very awkward!!), and a major turn off for me. But so far, it has fit through all doorways without issue.

* finicky to recline the seats

* wheels are small, and so the stroller does not "glide" when pushed

* the 5-point harness is sometimes difficult to undo, as you need to push it in from both sides to undo

* being 183cm tall, i have a very real problem not so much with the height of this stroller (which is great), but with the fact that there is a third wheel at the back of the stroller, positioned right in the centre. So when i walk and push it along, my foot keeps hitting that wheel, causing me to trip a lot. Perhaps for that reason alone, i would not recommend the Maclaren twin techno for anyone who is tall, as it is very awkward pushing it along - you have to bend over quite a bit to get the stroller some distance in front of you, so that you can walk without tripping. I would suggest "road testing" it in-store if this might be an issue for you....

* i find unfolding it surprisingly difficult. (the Bugaboo, which is complicated and bulky, is surprisingly easier?...). It seems to catch a lot, and despite my height, i still have issues unfolding it.

* the brake system could be better - i would have preferred having to only push one brake lever, instead of the two - one just seems more secure forme, if needed to be applied in a hurry.

I would suggest anyone interested in purchasing this stroller, check out the demos on You Tube (there are PLENTY!). It's quite a plush looking stroller, and i'm glad we bought it, but it's not worth $500-$600 that i think it retails for. I purchased it off someone As New for $150, and i think that's all it's worth. I think the additional pricing is for the branding. Unfortunately, given its shortcomings, i will still use the Bugaboo for longer outings, and leave this stroller for short shopping trips/doctors appointments etc. Using two different carriers defeats the purpose of me buying this stroller, but i did expect more for all the hype. (I can say though that i would have perhaps given it a 4 star rating were it not for that 3rd wheel on the back, which imo, is a trip hazard).

I'd recommend the stroller to others, despite its issues, as it would still have to be one of the best umbrella strollers on the market?....
Attractive looking; lightweight; long in length; deep seating; comfy padding; extendable leg rest; individual baskets under each seat; UV protection sun canopy; great height; effective 5-point harness; max weight of each seat is around 25kg
As above

Perfect store in the car double

I have three kids and needed a light double for the first 2 when I was pregnant with #3. Very easy to use and fits in most cars. It is expensive but consider how much you will use it. I love the fact that the kids sit next to each other and chat. You can also fit a lot in the storage baskets however once the seats are down you can't access them!
It takes larger children than most umbrella doubles, i have my 5yr old still using it sometimes. Fits thru doors, in most cars and is light enough to collapse and use on public transport.
Small wheels so great for shopping and good footpaths but not a walking stroller.

good for a stroller bad for the hip pocket I like it

I have quite a large first child and a normal sized second child. I wanted a side by side so my kids can play and talk to each other also needed one that folds down compact for the boot of the car. I researched for months this was the only side by side stroller/pram that I could find to support a child was over 15kg that I could fit in my car with room for the shopping. The price was a bit scary as most others are around $200 to $300 this was $500 on special (I waited until there was a sale it was a few months waiting and looking around until I got it at this price) over all I'm happy with it, it is a bit hard to push but I see it as a little more exercise for me.
Folds down compact, Supports larger weight child, Easy to open and close, Fits through standard doorways, My kids can't unclip the harness and get them selfs out, easy to pull apart andd clean
Cost, I had the hood replaced as it was twisted from been folded, No access to the basket when it is fully reclined, Reclining the sits can be tricky as you need both hands, Heavy to push in grass. my very large 2 year old can't lay down with the harness on.


Fantastic!!!! Apart from the problem above, once fixed would still not choose another pram. So easy to use, takes no time to get out of the car and get my twin girls in. Have used since they were newborns and they were six weeks prem, no probs.
Fits through standard doorway, lightweight, easy to use fold and unfold ect.
Screw that holds the cross over bar under the pram keeps coming undone. In the process of taking back to get fixed. Im sure its a one off because everything else is great.


My overal opinion is that this is a great pram. I have had two, thanks to an airline breaking one and replacing it, I've never had a problem with it. Easy to clean, kids can lie back and sleep beautifully or sit up.. fits through a standard sized doorway and up most shopping isles (except the really small ones)easy to manouvre - I really can't think of a negative and the new styles are gorgeous.
Fits through a standard door, side by side so kids can still communicate with each other, isn't heavy once folded, fits in a standard car, easy to take on a plane, can come apart and go in the washing machine to clean.
Hoods can go out of shape if not careful when folding, but that's all I can think of.


I found this double stroller bulky and heavy - I only used mine for a couple of months. I found it not so good for walking any long distances and also you could not reach anything in the baskets when fully reclined for a sleeping baby/child.
The Maclaren Twin Techno fits two childen easily, mine were of different ages. I liked the added extras you got in the price, like the boot covers and head rests.
The hoods on mine went out of shape in the first month, also the cup holders broke easily, even though I was careful to always store it with them facing upwards. The baby never seemed comfortable in this stroller - she always looked like she was being thrown out the front of it when in any position execpt fully reclined.

It did the job.

With a toddler and a brand new baby, I needed something to transport them both. Not wanting to give up my Mountain Buggy, I got a Freerider buggy board but my toddler was just a bit too young to stand on it. So I researched extensively and ended up with a McLaren Twin Techno.
I have walked multiple occasions on concrete footpaths, up for a few km's, with baby and toddler - its hard work and the wheels get stuck on uneven bits and its impossible to push on grassy naturestrips! Gravel is ok in small stretches. Smooth surfaces like shopping malls are fine.
It fits through standard doorways, just. It fits in the boot of my car. When I'm done with it, I figure the resale will be good - but if I was buying it again, I would be tempted to go with a cheaper version as I can't see me using it for any longer than I absolutely have to. If I had twins, it would be different as I would get longer use out of it, making the purchase worthwhile. The ability to have a toddler seated upright and a new baby fully reclined, side by side, was the redeeming feature.
It transports both new born baby and toddler; the materials are nice quality, the kids both seem very comfortable and safely harnessed; overall a quality stroller.
It is expensive at over $500. It is hard to collapse and re-open - the mechanism is very stiff cf. my single McLaren Quest stroller. It is a bit of an effort to lift it into the car as it's over 10kg.


I'm not particularly impressed with this pram given the cost (around $600). I thought it would be a little bit more user friendly given that it is designed for the frazzled parents of twins or two young children. Having said that, I don't know what other twin strollers are like so I have nothing to compare it to.
fits through doors, relatively light weight, collapses quite small, attractive looking, suits from newborn.
reclining the seats drives me crazy!! You need both hands and if one seat is already reclined it is hard to reach the release for the second seat.

The seats are also quite shallow so baby slips down it all the time - doesn't seem comfortable.

The hoods are incredibly flimsy!


Great looking pram(in black). The width and the difficulty to move up and down step was the downfall for me and has forced to me to move to a Phil and Teds. Sorry Maclaren
I was an owner of the Maclaren Techno single which is a fantastic pram so having no 2 mad sense to purchase the twin techno. I love the simplicity of of the twin. It all makes sense. Things I loved about the pram include- independent seat reclining, great sun protection, easy to attach foot muffs, easy to collapse.
It was quiet heavy, heading up and down steps I needed to put my foot on the middle back wheel to pivot the pram. Walking down hill my foot would hit the middle wheels. It was just a little too wide for inner city streets.

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Twin TechnoTwin Techno Elite
Price (RRP) $495.00
Seating Type Side-by-side
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 25 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesHeight-Adjustable Handle, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialSolid
Weight11.9 kg

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