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Macpac Apollo

Macpac Apollo

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Love this tent.

We sold our enormous 3 room tent after finding the putting up/down too annoying. We have had Macpac Apollos for many years and love them, so settled on the Wanaka as a family tent (for 2 adults, 2 older kids). It is easy to put up/down, has a decent amount of room for 4 people and their bags. We use this as our car camping tent (including overseas/plane travel for car camping). It is about 11.5kg and is therefore too heavy for hiking (we use 2 Apollos for this), but fine for car camping and doesn't take up too much space at home.

Very poor quality of material for outer cover.

Liked tent, used twice on 1 trip and then stored it dry in original bag for 6 years. Then went to use it, the outer cover stank of chemicals, was stuck together like glad wrap and was sticky to touch. When I contacted Macpac they said "what do you expect of a tent with a lifespan of 6 years. The PU coating is breaking down and storing it tightly wrapped in its bag would not help. Our materials are not expected to last fore ever and as this is not a design issue or material defect, it is not a warranty issue." I am disappointed with their response and would have expected a $400.00 plus tent to last more than 6 years. If their other tents are made of the same material I would highly recommend against buying them.
Ease of putting up and alleged full warranty for life of product.
Outer cover material broke down during storage and life time warranty did not cover it.

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Of course any tents made of nylon with PU are like that. The bag is only for carrying the tent when you are traveling, not for storing. You were supposed to hung the tent open or store in a big cotton bag. I think what macpac said is very reasonable.

Durable, reliable, quick and easy

I bought my Apollo in 1998, so 14 years ago. It has finally come to the end of its life now after a hell of a lot of use. Not only did I do extensive hiking and camping overseas but in 2007 it was used every night for 365 nights as we travelled around Australia.

It was a fantastic tent which was so quick and easy to errect and fantastic being freestanding which made is so versatile when we were on rock, sand or cement at times.

The weakness that finally has got us buying a new tent was the zips on all the doors. We have had them replaced once already and now think that a new tent is due.

The thing that I really loved about this tent though was the very durable and waterproof groundsheet. On a couple of occasions I was flooded out and literaly had a river running under my tent. No water came through. I am aware now however that the newer tents don't have this same groundsheet which was very thick. It was also durable with rocks, sticks and other possible sharp things.

BAsed on my extensive use of this tent over the last 14 years I would definitely recommend this tent and we will be purchasing another Macpac shortly.

durable, easy to errect,
zips were the weakness after extensive use


One of the best tents made by Macpac, easy to setup and good value for money.
Have used many tents and this is free standing model is one of the best around.
Value for money, easy of setup, double entry.
Floor of tent doesnt seem as tough as some other models.


This is a great tent for a couple moving about the place. Not great if want to carry it due to the weight but in saying that - Serves its purpose very well!
Loads of room for 2 - large vestibules for cooking/storage. Inside mesh packets - double layer for insects/ventilation. Great tent!!
Bit heavy for cycle touring but not so bad if sharing the load and allows penty of space for the "rained in" days


I used my first Apollo for five trips around Australia, using it in all conditions except Alpine. It was terrific - Nullarbor limestone, Pilbara rock, mud, sand etc. I have now replaced it with another Apollo, which is just as good, but maybe with a few improvements. I do replace the original equipment pegs with triangle flange pegs for better performance in stony ground.
Easy and very fast to pitch, even for one person. In high wind, you can peg corners and then insert poles. Good ventilation in muggy tropical weather with the fly off. Cosy in cold windy weather.
Door zips became worn after thousands of uses and needed to be closed slowly and often repeatedly to get sealed. Even so, I replaced tent with another Apollo after 5 years.


I have spent hundreds of nights in my Macpac Apollo on three continents for eight years now and have never had problem with it. It is easy to pitch, durable, watertight (including some very bad storms in Tasmania) and roomy for two people. The design is intelligent, particularly the ease of putting it up (in the dark with no torch - no problem). It is only a three season tent, and would not be appropriate above the snow line, but as an allrounder hiking tent for people who like a bit of comfort, it is the best tent out there!
Sturdy, easy to pitch, good in moderately heavy winds. Comfortably large
It is large for two people, either a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. There are smaller, lighter tents out there but we like the extra space.


Was given to me as a present, was later stolen/lost and then I replaced it with same model which had some more improvements made. Great value tent and easy to use.
Roomy and is free standing. You could use two pegs only if wanted (to stop it blowing away). Tent floor is nice and strong. Good storage area in vestibules.
Gets a bit of condensation build up at times (two people in tent). Do not like how far I have to reach from the inside of the tent to the zip on the fly.


this is an excellent lightweight tent. I have used it regularly for 12 years in all conditions hot, cold, wet and windy.
easy to erect and waterproof
the pole sleeves are starting to tear


I've had my tent for 8 years and it's still going strong. 3 of those years it was used almost everyday for adventure programmes with school kids. It's been in wet downpours, rocky conditions, spikey bushes etc.
Easy to put up, lightweight, has fly out both doors for backpacks, excellent in wet conditions

Questions & Answers

What is "Free-standing"?
1 answer
This means that you don't need any pegs to set it up. The benefit of this is if you need to camp on rock, a deck, a picnic area, or the ground is rock solid and pegs won't go in, then you can still erect the tent. It is also a lot quicker than having to put pegs in.

In all the info I've been able to retrieve, I still have no idea if this tent has any other openings or windows other than the main entry - as shown. Does it offer any cross-flow of air? Does it offer any ventilation?
1 answer
Yes the new versions available now have fully mesh doors which have two flaps meaning that you can shut the zip on just the mesh or alternatively shut the zip on the material door and reduce airflow. And of course there are two opposite doors so airflow is good that way. Of course on the down side the more zips you have the weaker the structure. In our old tent that we had for more than 10 years it was the zip doors that went on them. We had them replaced and then they went also. So I am not so sure that it is a good design feature to have so many of them.


Room TypeSingle Room
Price (RRP)$499
Sleeping Capacity2
Release dateJun 2007

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