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Magimix 5200 / 5200 XL

Magimix 5200 / 5200 XL

5200 XL and 5200
3.5 from 28 reviews

A powerful kitchen asset

Excellent build quality and effortlessly processes lots of foods consistently and quickly. On the counter, the unit stands out a premium piece of kit and as you'd expect is pretty heavy. My only frustration is using the mini chopper - dry ingredients fly out into other chambers and there are lots of parts to have to clean. As a recommendation, I bought my unit from Amazon UK - it's considerably cheaper than buying in AUS and simply requires a UK plug adapter.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Good machine

This machine worked perfectly until last week when I was mixing a heavy mix and apparently stripped the spindle. My 5200 is about 4 years old. I was surprised at this because of the reputation these processors enjoy. It is at the approved technician being fixed. It needs a new spindle, different to mine so it means a new chopping blade as well at a cost of $175. My other blades probably won’t fit either. I also agree with other posters that the wash up after processing is substantial due to many parts getting soiled during processing. I also have scratch marks on my bowls, which are always hand washed.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Several years and still going strong!

Bought this from Peters of Kensington during a sale and got the juicers added as well. It works perfectly with everything I have chucked at it including assorted nuts. The juicer can be difficult for 2 main reasons; you cannot fit most items without cutting them into smaller pieces first, including carrots. This is time consuming. The second issue is the amount of pulp created - which is natural, however - there is no function to separate the pulp from the juice other than a strainer. It is a mild inconvenience that annoys me every time. The pulp can be reused though. I have used apple and orange pulp separately for creating of icypoles for a hot Aussie summer successfully/tastefully.

Since I wash the juicer and machine immediately after every single use it looks and works perfectly and looks good. Since its my precious I don't mind being so pedantic about its cleanliness. Buying at least 1 if not several different sized round brushes to ensure a good clean is worth while to not only clean but prevent your hand being anywhere near the sharpness. Blades will cut you if you are silly enough (like me) to touch them to see how sharp they are. They are very sharp.

Owning this item has opened up my diet to a much wider range of food and cooking experiences that I'm glad I've had.

TL/DR; I thoroughly recommend this item as it works, it lasts, it doesn't take up too much space and it looks good on your kitchen bench.

Date PurchasedAug 2015


The old model had one bowl, a simple oval funnel and a variety of blades. The new model involves washing bowls that get dirty simply because they have to fit inside one another to operate. There are now 2 funnels to wash - the machine simply doesn't work without the insert which has "wings" - just stupid. The old, simple model should be reintroduced with the motto 'if it's not broken, don't fix it.'

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Seems we all have the same issues...

Love this machine and the work it does, powerful and effective. However my bowls have cracked ($200 each to replace out of warranty which is just obscene) and I’ve had a problem with one of the discs, which the customer service people were very disinterested in - in the end I gave up. Unfortunately I therefore wouldn’t recommend it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2010

No worries so far!

I found the Magimix 5200XL has a really good performance with grating, chopping onions, mixing, making spreads or butters etc. Cleaning can become a bit of a chore if you prefer hand-washing your dishes, as it has many parts that are affected when used (although all can be cleaned in a dishwasher). The dicing attachment is terrific for making vegetable or fruit chips/slices. It's a very quiet machine and I've had no particular problems. Purchased about six months ago and going well.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Not bad

I thought this product was quite good overall..save me a lot of time and work, although cleaning wise I still feel a bit hard to clean, takes longer to clean I should say, otherwise chopping granting, were excellent, I don't use it that often only when it comes to big party and stuff which I will need it to assist with my chopping. Overall not bad

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Good one

Chop, grind, mix and purée with easy to use. Compact in size, it features a dual blade which is sharp on one side for chopping and puréeing, and blunt on the other for grinding. The product includes Bladelock system technology which keeps the high grade, stainless steel blade securely in place for easy pouring with no fuss. Other features include easy to clean controls and dishwasher safe removable parts for easy cleaning.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Disappointing Service

I was given a long awaited Magimix 5200 XL last year April for my birthday. My sister in law has had her Magimix for many years and it went with her when she emigrated. I was told it is the workhorse of the industry. A crack has appeared in the handle of the main bowl and the white has turned yellow as if I have cooked curry in it. Also the 30 year warranty on the motor and 3 year on the parts does not seem to apply here in South Africa. Why I do not know. The store I purchased it in told me the Magimix representative says the bowl is not covered as it is not a part!! I am not sure what it is then. I am expected to purchase a new bowl to replace an 11 month old bowl. Do I feel confident it will not happen again - of course not. The bowls are very cheap looking and feeling plastic. The handle seems stronger and it is that has the crack. I would have chosen another colour had I known it would discolour. Happy with the performance but disappointed in the quality of the bowls and handle and the fact I am not entitled to a replacement after so short a time.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

So far so good.

Only had the 5200XL a couple of weeks. This is my very first food processor. Don't even have a counter mixer.
So far have used it to grate carrots, chop onions, parsley, make bread crumbs and all seems ok, although washing up takes a bit longer due to the many parts of the food processor that get dirty. After looking at the reviews here I am starting to worry about the bowls & other parts to the machine cracking.
One thing I have noticed reading the Magimix reviews here is there is no response from the distributor, ie Cambur to assist in sorting out the issues buyers are experiencing which all seem similar as to quality of the bowls, spindles, etc. I have looked at another brand of food processor on product review and that company has responded to most of the unhappy buyers and eventually resolved the problem as they should. I know that I will not be a happy chappy if I experience same problems as so many other Magimix owners. Will keep you posted.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Best thing ever

This is absolutely the best food processor ever. I absolutely love it, it makes fast work of many laborious tasks such as grating and chopping. The dicing attachment is great for making chips. All of the parts are easy to clean. A very versatile machine that I use on a daily basis. This is one thing I could not be without.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Poorly constructed

I have had my Magimix for under two years and the lock mechanism on it has broken twice.
Very weak plastic - it had a fine crack appear initially and then just fell apart in my hands.
Went through a lot of drama to get the part replaced under warranty and now it has happened a second time - despite handling it with kid gloves. The motor and everything else works well, but I feel the finish and quality of the plastic are appalling considering the price.
I bought this machine thinking I was buying quality... next time I'll be going back to Sunbeam. VERY disappointed.

No Longer Simple To Use

The old model had one bowl, a simple oval funnel and a variety of blades. The new model involves washing bowls that get dirty simply because they have to fit inside one another to operate. There are now 2 funnels to wash - the machine simply doesn't work without the insert which has "wings" - just stupid. I'm sorry I ever bought this machine. The old, simple model should be reintroduced with the motto 'if it's not broken, don't fix it.'

Good but they don't make 'em like they used to.

I feel old just writing the title of my review. But it is true. I have already had to have a repair made to my machine, less than a year into owning it. My motor was working but the central axis had stopped spinning. A common fault apparently and the repair was under warranty. I am really hoping that I won't have any problems with the machine.

Other than that hiccup, I do love my food processor and I am convinced there is nothing on the market I would have preferred. The power of the machine makes peanut butter in less than 5 minutes. Almond milk and almond-hummus from the bi-product takes seconds. Protein balls are easy. I love the whipping attachment for cream and egg whites. The dough blade works well. We use the juice attachment instead of dragging out the hard to clean juicer machine (now lives in the garage). The seal isn't really good enough to make smoothies in the large bowl without getting leaks - but it blends smoothies really well. I've used the mash/puree attachment for great potato/sweet potato mash and coulis. It is a really great all round device that never leaves my kitchen bench.

Use it regularly

Overall very happy wit this machine. Have had it 6 months and use it to make nut butters and cheesecakes mainly.
However when doing salads for larger groups or slicing nice even apple slices for later dehydrating into fruit chips it comes into it's own.
I have some concerns about the longevity of the lock in engagement mechanism that prevents the blades from spinning until the bowl and lid are in place. Not that it has failed; just gives the feel that it might. Thus, I treat that fairly gently.
Mine came with small medium and large bowls.
I really only use the large one.
When using the small bowl I find things escape a little and fall down into the large bowl, so more cleaning needed.
I haven't figured how to use the midi bowl. If anyone can tell me I would be glad to know.

Use it every day. It's amazing

This machine is the ducks nuts of food processors, does everything required and with minimum fuss and noise. Every component is so easy to clean and store and the operation of the unit could not be any easier. The recipe books that accompany the Patissier are fantastic and have everything you would need. Yes, it's a big investment, but the motor warranty coupled with the power, the accessories, the ability to do just about anything makes it all worth it. It's a lifetime investment not like a Breville which needs replacing after 4-5 years. Highly recommend.

Magimix Patissier...still needing a lot of tweaking of materials.

I purchased the top of the line Magimix Patissier early this year. It came with the new BP free bowls, complete with the XL chute and a slightly larger motor capacity than the 5200 XL model.
Unpacking it I had noticed the motor housing silver colored plastic finish was coming away at a button point.
The motor power was good and sufficiently strong, however I feel the flimsy plastic bowls and cheap motor housing was dreadfully cheap for such an amazing motor capacity. I will explain my journey.
Firstly, the machine was quickly replaced because of the damaged surface to the housing.
Secondly, from the first time I used the bowls they sustained considerable damage with scratches going all around the bowl. I photographed the damage and contacted the importer. They agreed that was definitely unacceptable and quickly replaced the bowls believing them to be a faulty batch.
Next lot of bowls, same trouble, more photos, importers contact Magimix France.
Now evidently this is absolutely expected with the new, softer BPA free plastic called Tritan. It is flexible so you can throw it across the kitchen and it won't break, but you will get lots of shavings of its material in your food (and upon a lot of research, you will discover what they have replaced the BPA with, is more toxic to the human system than the original BPA. )
Magimix themselves were very obliging in offering new bowls yet again, but we could see that the problem was one that would continually repeat itself.
So, with a heavy heart I relinquished my Patissier as there was a fundamental problem with the materials they were using making them unsuitable for the purpose for which they were intended.
Here is a run down of the flaws we found with the Patissier..
1.Bowls scratched with tasks like chopping onions.
2.Plastic spindles holding bowls were too flimsy to hold blades exactly vertical when processing a larger volume of food.
3.Motor housing was silver painted plastic, the very price of this machine commands better quality materials be employed. This finish will not last.
4.Stainless steel bowl heated up when processing bread dough to the point it would be killing off the yeast in the bread.
My suggestion is they bring out a mixing bowl in borosilic glass, which they already use for their blenders (Pyrex basically)and save their plastic for the lids that don't receive any friction, also that they bring back their old design where the central spindle fits into the base and connects to a point in the lid that stabilizes the rotation of the blades.
I would not purchase one of these, but rather watch this space as the next generation of food processors are coming out now with stainless steel bowls, and getting the plastic components away from our food.

Very impressed so far

Did a lot of ready before taking the plunge, magimix is French made and the home cook version made by Robot coup who seem to have the commercial market cornered. Anyway I had 6 kg of beef and 3 kg if fatty lamb to blend up together with vinegar and spice mix for jerky. It needed some power and I brought it home last night and worked my way through the meat about a kg at a time and it handled it which is impressive. Early days but that was a tough ask and it coped. The big container helped and it's super sturdy on the bench. I got it from David jones in Melb who price matched with an online Aussie store so got a decent deal.

Not built for making breads or doughs

A bit disappointed with this machine after following the book to the letter making pastry and breads with no problems at all, all of a sudden the dough blade gets jammed onto the shaft. I call the company who trade as Cambur Ltd in Australia to be informed that I must have over processed the dough, so because it's the week before Christmas and I don't have the time to take it into their repairer I purchase a new dough blade it works a few times and then has done the same thing again. So I'm taking it into their repairer and we'll see how this goes... Might have to follow through with consumer protection if this ends up being a saga. I think the company is great I think the Australian representation is not. It has a 30 year guarantee but by the sounds of other reviewers sounds like they fight tooth and nail not to follow through on this guarantee. I think it's a design fault of the machine and its blade as I've noticed their new model the patissier has a stainless steel dough blade which says to me they've recognised it as a fault.

So they did end up paying for the new dough blade and spindle but not the labour because they only cover labour for 1 year, parts for 3 and motor for 30. My question is in 10 years time if the motor conks out who will cover this if they don't cover the labour or parts...? Bit of a have I'm thinking, don't think i'd ever get another not as good as the amount of money you pay for it!And now my main bowl has developed a hair line crack where it meets the lid to lock into place and the handle has cracked. So currently still under warranty for the parts warranty, but rather than just send me out a replacement no no Cambur requires me to first send back the bowl and then they will send me a replacement. What an arduous task this is proving to be. I can't believe that when my paddle broke on my Breville bread maker they just sent me out a new one no questions asked I even provided a photo that they didn't even require. Cambur required a photo which I provided but they still won't budge. I'm so disappointed in myself for wasting a fair amount of money on such a poor piece of equipment with such horrendous after sales service with cambur the distributors in Australia. They have the WORST phone manner so rude, so unhelpful just an awful awful experience! Seriously potential buyers do yourself a favour and DO NOT waste your hard earned dollars on a Magimix, you'll experience nothing but disappointment as time goes on.

Fine cracks appearing in clear plastic components

Within 12 months the clear plastic components had developed fine cracks but were still useable. Magimix referred me to a dealer who happily ordered in replacement parts. Apparently the cracks are due to the dishwasher process. The plastic isn't able to withstand the heat of the drying cycle. We have a Miele dishwasher that is only a couple of years old. Despite being promoted as dishwasher safe, it seems the plastic components will last longer if hand washed, something I'd rather not have to do!

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I purchased magimix 5200 xl recently. It is very good but it stop working after maybe 30 or 40 minutes when the motor becomes hot. Is this normal? Or does it have a problem? Because I should wait a long time to do other things
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I've recently purchased the Magimix 5200xl food processor. I have been looking on youtube for ideas for use. To date only used it for grating carrots, chopping nuts & breadcrumbs, so atm all ok. Just curious though I checked out the Magimix Patisier 6200 XL which has a Stainless steel bowl and what looks like the same transparent bowls from the 5200xl. Would the Stainless steel bowl from the Patisier for the 5200?
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Revision to above question. Question is, would the stainless steel bowl from the 6200xl Patissier fit the 5200xl as the 5200xl transparent bowls (3.6 litres, 2.6 litre, 1.2 litre) look the same as the bowls for the 6200xl.

My machine wont turn on. Any help?
2 answers
Make sure the blade is sitting properly, the bowl is locked in properly, the lid is secured and turned to the centre and the Shute assembly is in place. Check the power too Like Mike said. If still no luck look up magimix approved servicing partners in their website and give a local service centre a call. They will be able to help.


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