Works as good as it looks!

I wanted a new blender with enough power to make smoothies with ice and avocado, and this one is great! I mostly use the smoothie function which will alternate between higher and lower speeds so the ingredients are dropped onto the blades more efficiently throughout the blending. The jug is a breeze to clean too. The blades can be removed to clean the base too.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

I real whizz (excuse the pun)

I have used and used this blender. It’s easy to clean and always gives me the blend I need - dry or wet. A little expensive, but worth the money!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Beautiful Blender

I have had this blender for a few day's now and I am so loving the easy to use functions. Best of all I also recieved the free promotion offer of the blend cups two in the pack and the Mill attachment as well. What a bonus promotion as well. Great value for $285

Date PurchasedMay 2018

A Good No Nonsense Blender

We were after a blender with a glass jar at a reasonable price and after a bit of research we decided to purchase the Magimix Leblender. It has a good range of speeds and can be used both with manual speed selection or preset , like all blenders it is noisy but that is what you would expect from a high speed appliance that it spinning at 15000 rpm. The glass jar with handle is very well made as is the motor base with the whole appliance having a well made appearance to it. I have only made smoothies in it so far and have been very pleased with the result, it also can be easily disassembled for cleaning. The selling point for us was the glass jar and the clean modern appearance with minimal controls. The service from Kitchen Warehouse was 2nd to none.

Date PurchasedApr 2018


Great, sturdy, powerful blender. The pulse function is good for getting bites and pieces that aren’t captured initially. Cleaning is easy, you just have to be mindful that food can become packed into the rim around the blade. The blender is loud, but not particularly more than others I’ve tried.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Blend, mix, grind - this is the one.

This blender is great for smoothies and crushes ice really well. We got bonus tumblers and you can blend a smoothie straight from the tumbler. Awesome product and would recommend.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Not bad for the price

Very good for soups and blending very soft items. Often not the best for tougher types of goods such as beef chicken and lamb. The blender itself is very well priced and is very solid in built. It works really well for the amount of times I've used it. Good over a'll.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Many years of service completed, many more to go

A great blender. I've had mine for several years and it still works as well as it did day 1. It does most things well including most nuts. My main uses are milkshakes, smoothies and soups. It makes about 2 people worth of drink at a time.

The jug itself is glass which is wonderful. Whilst it would be recommended to drop said glass from any height I have banged it around a couple times by accident. I have also moved house at least 12 times since buying her since i rent and she has held up against those odds.

To keep her going as long as possible (despite myself above) I clean her immediately after every use. I also insist housemates go through a how to use lesson before gaining access to use her and revoke access if she isnt treated properly.

I have never personally put the base in the dish washer as I have always assumed that the dishwasher safe bit was in respect to the other components. I no longer have my manual for the machine but have read from other reviews this is a thing some owners have done. I recommend not doing that. I may be wrong, but it seems unlikely that putting an electric portion of a device in water is a good idea. The item has open areas at the bottom to allow the motor to cool itself down whilst in use. It is likely if the machine is put in water the water will enter the motor and corrode the system. I wash the bse by dipping a cloth into the soapy sink, wringing the cloth then using with as minimal water as possible on the outside then wiping down with a paper towel immediately. So far so good.

TLDR; is quality made, will last a long time, and does most things. Don't immerse base in water.

Date PurchasedAug 2012

Shonky, has failed twice in 2.5 years

The machine smoked after 12 months. Was told that it was my fault as it had been put in the dishwasher, and the powder corrodes the spinner (the manual clearly states that it is dishwasher safe). After a battle, Magimix repaired the item. 18 months later, same issue again. No dishwasher use, yet they told me that the Earth's Choice Liquid is corrosive! Can you believe it? Don't buy it.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

I love this blender

I love the the fact that it is a strong glass jug as oppose to many other blender out there with plastic jug.
Very powerful, easy to clean.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Back up purchase.

Had one for for several years. No problems, used at least twice daily. Considered it may be an advantage to have a reserve. Kitchenware-superstore provided a prompt service, sent same day, well packed, at an excellent price

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Very happy

Great! No issues. Much quieter than my previous blender. Looks great on my bench too

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Fab blender

I have never had anything but great experiences when using this blender. I love the different settings i.e soup, smoothie. It makes the smoothest pumpkin soup I have ever eaten. I also use it to make tasty frappes and icy cocktails. It is the bomb!

Great blender!

I use this regularly for making smoothies, soups and frozen drinks.

The pre-programmed modes (crushed ice, smoothies/drinks, soups, frozen desserts) are very convenient.

If using frozen ingredients, make sure they are in ice-cube sized chunks. e.g. Frozen spinach: look for ones in individual "portions". (I bought a "brick" by mistake; partly defrosting it in the fridge makes dividing it up easier and safer.)

"Auto-clean" (1L warm water, a drop of detergent and blend on 3 for 30s) is best treated as a pre-wash only; it's easy to disassemble and clean the blender properly

Very disappointed

Bought the Vitamin 6 weeks ago and after only 4 weeks use discovered there was a chip in the base of the glass jug. I have no knowledge of how this happened as I am the only one who uses it. I have owed and used glass jug blenders for the past 30 years and never had any problems before. I was prepared to buy another glass jug as I thought it must have been me, but when the rubber seal at the base of the blender broke (after only six weeks) , I have now started to have doubts about the durability of this product.I really don't feel like spending more money if there will be further issues with this product.
I've contacted the company who have been less than helpful.

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As a followup, turns out my blender had a dodgy motor and so after taking it to the repair shop and then taking it back (again) to the place of purchase, I was offered either a new machine or my money back. I chose my money back. Too many things went wrong is a very short space of time.

Bad, so bad.

Had Magimix for a few weeks now. Started off great. Blended smoothies. til smooth.
A few weeks in, now it won't blend. Blades spin around, nothing is blending. I haven't added any more food or made them differently.
Never had issues with any other blender I have owned and i have owned a few in the last 15 yrs of drinking smoothies.

This morning, being a tired single mumma, I was making my smoothie and had to use the spatula again to push the food all the way down to get it to blend. I was pushing it down, while the blender was on, not thinking to turn it off and it chopped the spatula into pieces. 1 smoothie down the drain.

There are no frozens or nuts only fruit and leafy greens and not even that much food.

So disappointed as all the reviews said it was the best.

And the Mill that was meant to be included still hasn't arrived. It has been more than 4 weeks.

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After having the blender for a few weeks now things still aren't any better. I rang magimix to see if they could shed some light on the issue with blending. Spoke to product manager. Lovely guy in Adelaide, said I need to put the light stuff on bottom and heavy on top. Which pushes the light stuff down. Gave that a go and for a full smoothie blend cycle the blades went round and round and nothing was blended. Emailed him photos and gave him my number, he said if I had no luck someone would call and pop round for a visit to see if they could help. That was 5 days ago, no call and no visit. I am now filling my blender and having to use the spatula to mix it around until the blades catch the food and it blends. Don't buy this machine.


What a blender!!! Quiet, easy to clean and works like a dream. After having plenty of bad experiences with other blenders I am so glad I found this one. You wouldn't think a blender was hard to get right, but it is! It is far from the most expensive blender out there (or the cheapest) but it is easily one of the best.

Amazing especially for smoothies

I was using a great sunbeam blender previously that just didn't seem to be doing a good job. I didn't realise how good a blender could be until I tried this one. It's not cheap but it feels so solid and like it will last for years. It has a great glass jar and capacity for smoothies etc.
I put the ingredients in and walk away. This blender will make the best smoothies ever. Nice and fluffy consistency. I love it.
Haven't tried the grinding attachment yet but it also looks solid and well made. This product so far has exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended. Full price this unit is pricey but on sale I think it is definitely worth it. I paid $250 with the grinder attachment.


My beloved Magimix, where do I start? Such a powerful, easy to clean, quality product. Its not oversized so it doesn't take up nearly as much bench space as other models like the Vitamix etc. A breeze to use, especially with the automatic dials for smoothies, soups and ice. I couldn't live without it and I definitely recommend!
Reliable, efficient, easy to use and clean

Questions & Answers

3rd time using blender - smoothie function in smoothie cup. I smelt a “Bakelite smell” and then smoke exuded! Stopped blender immediately! Is this normal? Concerned to continue use! ? Please advise!
1 answer
Hi Sharlene, please give our customer service line a call on 1300 624 469. Thanks.


Magimix Blender 7MM11610A (Black)Magimix Blender 7MM11613A (Red)Magimix Blender 7MM11619A (Matt Chrome)Magimix Blender 7MM11615 (Satin Silver)
Price (RRP) $499.00$499.00$499.00$499.00
Capacity1.8 L1.8 L1.8 L1.8 L
BPA FreeYesYesYesYes
Number of Speed Settings 5555
Colour / Finish BlackRedMatt ChromeSatin Silver
Dimensions 405 x 165 x 165 mm405 x 165 x 165 mm405 x 165 x 165 mm405 x 165 x 165 mm
Power1,300 W1,300 W1,300 W1,300 W
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)
Release dateAug 2012Aug 2012Aug 2012

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