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Makita DCS231T

Makita DCS231T

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What a RIPPER!!!!

I have a shed full of Stihl and Shindaiwa gear. I needed a handy little saw for some little jobs one day and (with hesitation) checked out at bunnings with this little Makita....
... 2 years later and about 25 hours on the saw....
This is without a doubt the best chainsaw I have ever used or owned in my entire life! I love love love this little thing.
1. Can Hold with one arm easily
2. uses squat fuel
3. Robin Motor punches way above it weight, heaps of power for 20 something cc, starts always first or second pull even if it's sat for 6 months... and runs like magic every time,
and 4. the best thing is I find myself cutting through 12"-18" plus logs and not reaching for my 20" even though this only has a 10" bar!
A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! !
Thank you Makita for giving the world this exceptionally awesome chainsaw

Good, reliable lightweight saw.

I purchased this unit from Sydney Tools Online as part of a clearance sale ie it was a demonstration saw. It has proved ideal for use on small dead fallen branches which I cut up for firewood. It is very easy to start and has given me no trouble to date. It's only a 22cc saw so you can't expect much in the way of power but it is ideal as a very lightweight saw. For timber over 10 inches in diameter I use an old Stihl 031av Farmboss or a 009L, both of which weigh considerably more than the little Makita.

Ideal spare pruning saw for those times when your main saw is not available

I haven't had the saw that long, I bought it due to issues I had on a job where my main top handled saw went off line & I needed a spare top handled saw there & then. This saw is definitely not suitable as a main pruning saw for everyday professional use, but it's a very good spare saw for occasional use.
It's durable, lightweight, easy to store & it's reliable. The price was almost half that of my other choice, the Echo 260TES.
It's very low on power, which you'd have to expect from such a small saw. Also, the air filter is just a flat piece of cloth.

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Concur. It is ideal for my wife, and I use it because it is excellent for pruning larger branches just a bit too large for manual limb loppers. It could use a larger air filter as the existing one is quite restrictive after a short time of use.

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Bar Length25 cm
Weight3 kg
Engine Displacement22.2 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity200 mL
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Release dateMay 2008

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