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Makita DHR242

Makita DHR242

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After operating corded hammer drills (Hilti and Protool) for 10 years, I had a job that mains power was not really available.
With other Makita 18v LXT batteries and chargers available, the DHR242 brushless rotary hammer drill was my choice.
Over the last month it has done everything I asked of it. It appears quieter than my previous drills, yet has gone into bricks without fuss. It is light enough to be almost able to be controlled with one hand. Battery consumption is low enough to be able to complete most jobs without a recharge. (Please note I am using a 5Ah battery, BL1850 B). As an example I was able to drill a total of 98 holes, 6 or 7mm diameter, 50mm deep on a single charge, and still have about 25% capacity left.

Note, the drill does not accept the older BL 1815 batteries.

Since writing the original review I have obtained a dust extraction unit for the drill, Makita DX01.
While I have only had one chance to use it with the drill, it did a very effective job of collecting dust, most important when working indoors, and often over carpet. With the dust extraction unit fitted, it may be slightly harder to line the drill bit up with any marked hole but once you have worked this out the rest is a breeze.

It is important to empty the dust out at regular intervals.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Questions & Answers

Having a problem with the chuck keeping the sds drill.bits in whilst drilling. Any help?
1 answer
There may be several reasons for this. Does this happen with all bits or only one or two? On the shank of the drill there should be two slots that extend to the end of the drill and also two grooves that do not. It is possible that if you have a bit where the grooves also extend to the end of the bit then the chuck will not be able to keep it in. Another possibility is that when you are inserting the bit that it is not going in properly. Just rotate the bit about 90 degrees and it should then seat. If you are still having problems, please provide more details or visit a tool repair shop.

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