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Makita EA3201S

Makita EA3201S

4.2 from 5 reviews

Good chainsaw with some issues

This chainsaw itself when used for normal tree cutting is a good tool. Design however has some issues. 1). The rubber damper on the carburetor on the side of the choke gets cut through and fails intermittently because of the design of the choke - every time it gets moved in the upper position the carburetor assembly gets moved and after 10 times or so the rubber dumper gives up and needs to be replaced. Annoying, but not super critical and can be easily fixed. If left unfixed it increases vibration and overall not a good idea to stress the carburator attachment like that (suggestion how to improve it was sent to Makita). 2). Design of the chain retention can be improved, however it still ok with normal use. The plastic chain cover on one saw (brand new) was accurate to fit in on another has a gap in a rear side of the cover. It still does the job, not critical but it was also annoying to see that (yet this was an old one and probably was used a lot).
Overall a great tool however, easy to handle, well balanced and does the normal job. Suggestion to all users of this model do not try to use it to pry with the bar the stumps etc It is not designed for that. Brush cutting, light weight, convenient long operational time, economical on oil and good for small treas even up to 35cm in diameter, easy starting, etc good for regular use despite all issues found. The older one got flooded at the beginning, it was easy to remove the cover, the plug and to de-flood the saw quickly. The sprocket design also can be improved, but ok for that engine I guess. The second one saw's carburetor was adjusted and it is literally flying. The tool has a great potential and it is compact. Using safety gear is a must with any chainsaw. Makita is positioning this as an entry level saw. Yet the professionals use this saw and are very happy, know a few.

Purchased in May 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $299.00.

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Reliable little saw

I have had this saw for about 18 months. It starts within two to three pulls and runs well. The only problem I have with it is that it breaks the e-clip that retains the chain drive sprocket and washer. The e-clip only costs $1, but it is a pain to have to stop the saw, let it cool and then fit the new e-clip, after finding finding where it dropped the chain retention washer. During two days of heavy use, I broke three of these clips. Other than that, it is a great little saw.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

The best small saw I have ever owned

I have reviewed two Ozito saws and a 236e Husqvarna. I also have a Huge Stihl saw that I can use for felling any size tree I may need to & it is in a class of its own for quality & performance. I have had many others over the years, and have even owned a McCulloch chainsaw back in the day (when they were good). So, you can see that I use chainsaws on a regular basis.
My Makita EA3201s is without a doubt the best built small saw I have ever owned. Actually to be honest it is the best build "of any saw" I have ever owned. It is light, quiet, strong and robust & powerful for its 32cc engine size. It has never not started and it has never stalled. I have even dropped it from 4 meters up onto hard clay ground & it bounced and rolled a couple of times but amazingly nothing bent, cracked or broke. It started straight away, which is unbelievable because it should have been in pieces. It says that it is made in China, but it must be made from Kryptonite and built by Chinese geniuses. It will cost you $150 bucks more than the cheapies at bunnings & Husqvarna stores but it's worth it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Great saw

Bought this saw cause my other got stolen and Bunnings only shop open on a Sunday. It's been sitting in my ute tool box for approx 5yrs and always starts, I use on average once a week. In 5 yrs never had a service and just last week the pull starter started to slip. $15 later I replaced cam plate and it's been good again.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Very happy that it starts every time.

After 3 years of faultless use, I thought I'd leave a positive review of a product. My little Makita chainsaw has started first time (after choke pulls) every time. (Touch wood - don't want to jinx it). It is used for garden pruning and occasional firewood for camping, not forestry work, but it cuts through logs of 300mm quite well.
I make sure I use fuel preserving additive so that the fuel doesn't go off between uses, and have also been using canola oil for bar lube to be environmentally friendly, and that works quite well too.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Questions & Answers

My brand new Mikita EA3201S works really well until it heats up. After about 6 logs or 10 minutes work, it stalls when I pull the trigger. It idles ok then just dies when I try to rev it before making a cut. It’s better if I squeeze the trigger slowly but even then it still stalls after 20 minutes of use. Is it starved of fuel or flooding? I have fresh petrol properly mixed and the chain moves easily. Any ideas? It’s going back under warranty tomorrow. Not happy. It should run properly out of the box.
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It sounds like the high speed mixture is wrong. There is an adjustment for that on the machine. Mine used to stall at idle, once it warmed up. I sorted that out by increasing the low idle mixture, using the adjustment on the side of the machine. You don't need to pull anything apart to adjust the mixture and the manual has some info on how to do it. Try making small changes to the high speed mixture, with the engine running and then give the trigger a squeeze to see if it has done the job, Failing that, warranty is the best way to go,

How to tighten chain?
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On side of chainsaw there a black semi circle lever which you lift up and push in and turn anticlockwise wise to loosen bar slightly. Then there is a black circular dial next to that which you turn to tighten/loosen chain, once tightened to right spot push the the semi circle lever in and tighten bar.


Bar Length40 cm
Weight4.2 kg
Engine Displacement32 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity400 mL

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