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MAM Baby Bottle

MAM Baby Bottle

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Best for my babies

MAM Anti-Colic bottles are the best choice for every mother. I have two children and both use the MAM bottle from birth. Easy to maintain and wash as it is completely disassembled and each piece is a perfect wash, so as not to retain the smell of milk, juice and more. The price is affordable bottles. We use other MAM products for babies, we love MAM.


Best ever for breastfed babies as my kids were fussy with expressed milk they took to this bottle straight away, love it I searched the world to find it, very happy baby is happy spent soo much money on other brands first to no avail, I wish more stores stocked it

Best ever

I struggled with my first two to wean from breastfeeding onto a bottle they would gag and choke from every teat at around 8months of age, my sister Inlaw suggested mam with my third he was 10 months and took to it straight away after choking and gaging on the other brands I went straight to it to wean with my fourth by the time I had my fifth I couldn't find it instore and tried numerous other brands but to no avail, I found it online and got them and my baby took it right away

Perfect for bubs.

I started using other range of bottles which my baby would take but not drink very much from. From the moment I used the Mam Anti Colic bottles, he would take a full bottle. He was much happier, as was I. Easy to clean and use. Love that they self sterilise which is handy when on the go. Cute designs also.
Bubs loves the teat shape; economical- $20 for 3 bottles
Can be hard to find at stores

Mam bottles

They are the only bottles my son likes.. They make life so much easier as they self steriliser.. I only take one bottle out and it will last the whole day.. Simple to use.. Helps him with wind... He also uses the mam dummies and teethers. Will not use any other brand
Self sterillisering, simple and easy to wash and use

Great bottle for older babies!

We have loved using the Dr Browns bottles with our daughter, I think they made a difference as she was a little colicky. She is now almost 8 months old though and doesn't seem to have any gas/wind issues anymore, so we decided to switch to a basic, standard baby bottle which is also easier and faster to clean without too many components. I looked through quite a few baby products manufacturers websites and I decided to purchase the MAM brand - no regrets here! Bottles and teats are all BPA free, good quality, the teat is silky soft silicone and my daughter took it straight away despite it feels different from the Dr Browns (which she has been using since birth pretty much!). The teat on these bottles is no.3, fast flow from 4 months and it was perfect for her. Bottles are easy to clean, cool designs and good value. Also, they do not leak and the cap can be used as measuring cup. The bottles are also easy to hold both for me and my little one (who is learning to do it).
Very happy with this product!
Quality, designs, BPA free, soft teat, price

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Baby Bottle
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