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Chris Manak's Manic Workshops

Chris Manak's Manic Workshops

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Chris is awesome and so is his book and advice !

After reading Chris's book it was made very clear to me that his advice and outlook on self development is a force to be reckoned with ! I went in wanting relationship advice but ended up getting so so much more, A new outlook on myself and how i can get the best out of my life, I am still very fresh to self development but i feel i wouldn't be where i am now if it was not for Chris and is authentic and easily relatable ways. I plan to do a work shop in the future but i highly suggest a skype session or reading his book. Both AMAZING !!!!! :)

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Amazing client. Dedicated to reading the book, taking on-board advice, and actually goes out and implements it. Mad mofo :)

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Finding myself single again after a 10+ year relationship, I was keen to rekindle my social circle and meet new women. To improve my results however I knew that I first had to work on myself.

The physical aspects were easy to address with a change in diet and the inclusion of regular exercise
but my mental game was a different story. Even after countless YouTube videos and several books I found my approach anxiety was a big problem for me to progress any further.

I called Manic Workshops one day for a free chat and straight away felt this was the right move.
Chris and Rian both sounded very experienced and have clearly worked with many guys in my position before.
I didn't want to waste any more of my time so I decided to book a full weekend night-workshop with Rian.

Rian helped me tackle my anxiety approach head-on in a reassuring way and pace that I was comfortable with.
By breaking everything down into small steps he made my goals easy to achieve and with each goal reached, your confidence improves that little bit more. Having a professional mentor next to you all night to provide guidance, feedback and bounce ideas off was worth its weight in gold.

I finished up the weekend feeling like I knew myself much better. What my social strengths are, what I need to work on more and the comfort of experiencing the positive effects of when a man makes the first move.
It was one of the best things I've done for my personal growth and development, thanks again guys!

Perfect for growth

The surprising thing when you meet Chris is how little he sells himself. If you are interested in doing the workshop you can have a chat with him without there being any pressure in signing up, he told me sincerely after we had a good chat on what the workshop is about that 'if you want to do the workshop let me know but otherwise feel free to stay in contact and if i have any questions let him know.'

Yes the workshop gave me results with women but what i wasn't expecting is the results it gave me in other facets of life. It made me realize that if there is something shit in your life you have to tackle it head on. An example of how this manifested in my life is that i was unhappy with how much i was getting paid at work however instead of just complaining (which i did plenty of to Chris) i decided that if i can go up to a unknown girl and tell her she is beautiful i could definitely ask my boss for a pay rise because i knew i was worth it. The pay rise i received more then payed for the workshop.

During the nights out Chris constantly monitors your emotional state and through years of experience will decide what the best course of action for you will be. It is this individual focus that changed some of my internal beliefs that i think is the most important thing i got from the course. Yes i met some great women but what is more important is the belief that too meet women all i have to do is go up and say hello.

Chris's knowledge is based on over a decade of experience. He was able to understand the reactions that both i and the women i approached had. He was then able to guide me in what the best next step should be.

At the end of the workshop i feel incredibly optimistic about the future, i know that i have the tools i need to go after whatever it is i want!

The Best Thing To Do For Personal Growth!!

I started Chris's 5 week course 6 months ago being a shy, terrified young man and I can say it's definitely worth the price. Chris shows you the right way to do things. Relying on yourself rather than "Pick up tactics" that old school PUAs use, which in the long run is ineffective. During this course I've approached at least 100 different girls, setting the foundation for me to build off later. Even now I can still go back to Chris for guidance and support though text and he replies pretty much instantly. You also meet other men in the same boat as you who you can wing with once the course is done. I am much more confident in my ability in pretty much everything I do (includes things I do at work, taking chances, talking to women and putting my neck on the line (which I believe is necessary for achieving success in life) and I care less of what others think of me. i am beginning to notice people having more respect for me and are listening more to what I have to say.
I have to say I was concerned whether or not to do this course in the beginning, but the pain I felt at the time outweighed taking a chance on Chris Manaks course. I'm glad I decided to do it as I truly believe Chris has saved me years of pain and trial and error.
The thing I love the most is that yes, this journey has helped me hold a conversation and interact confidently with women, but more than that, it has given me the tools to be more confident in all areas of my life.

The world deserves the best of you

I flew into Melbourne from Perth to do a condensed version of the mega workshop.still mourning the hurt from a break up some 5 months earlier I was nervous but determined.
Admittedly social anxiety is an issue I have battled to various degrees all my life but sometimes you have to feel the fear and do it anyway,then do it again and again and again you will see improvements if you put the work in.
Within a few minutes of meeting chris I was put somewhat at ease he is a knowledgeable genuine person and you can tell he really cares about his clients and wants to see them achieve there desired goals.
Chris's philosophy's on everything from dating to business and life in general really resonated with me.He is an intelligent guy who understands people and seems to really enjoy the successes of his clients,for me that came in the form of a number close which was a huge boost to my self esteem also the realisation that if you give it a go anything can happen.Chris keeps it fun offers solid advice along the way and it's impossible not to come away thinking and feeling like an improved version of your self which is the whole point.Chris said something that I think is true for most people thinking about doing a course like this-the world deserves the best of you.For what ever reason life has kicked us a couple times and we struggle in this area.Thank the higher powers there are people in this world like chris to help good guys improve in this area.you will learn so much about your self and at times it will be hard but nothing worth doing is easy.if your willing to bet on yourself along with having a great mentor like chris to help you along your journey mixed with determination doors will open for you.doors you never dreamed about walking through.so if your sitting on the fence about wether to commit or not my advice would be to do it.you have nothing to lose and so much to gain

Chris Delivers Results and is a Genuine Good Bloke

Chris exceeded my expectations. He is a genuine guy who transforms people into more confident, captivating and compelling individuals. He teaches you how to let go of self sabotaging limiting beliefs and replace them with an effortless and natural sense of freedom when interacting with not only women but all people. MOST IMPORTANTLY chris sets you on a path that will get you RESULTS. I approached HEAPS of women connected with women exchanged numbers had more dates than i've had in 4 years during the course. The learning curve is sequential, originally i became comfortable approaching strangers, then i developed the skill of connecting naturally with the person, then i had to learn the correct etiquette for smsing which took me a while, then i learnt how to interact effectively during dates and progress the relationship from there. These skills will invariably develop with experience so its crucial to keep practicing like any new skill. I recall botching quite a few opportunities at the sms phase and during dates but i learnt from those mistakes and instead of burying my head in the sand I'd have another date in quick time and succeed. That initial disappointment is from my experience through my life where i would not have dates frequently but now that i'm meeting new girls every week there is no logical basis for feeling regret at muffing up an opportunity because a new one will wheel around the corner. Chris is always there every step of the way offering not only coaching but also emotional support. Chris is always available to contact when your not sure about sending a sms or need to evaluate a date or even be an awesome wingman. This course is AWESOME you must be realistic and committed to growing your skills after the course finishes.

A Truly Amazing Workshop From A Fantastic Coach

Following the breakup of a long term relationship I contacted Chris, keen to do a Night/Day game workshop. I was looking to put myself back out there and to develop a skillset that would allow me to develop more relationships and meet more women. Chris was fantastic, he really got to the core of what I wanted to get out of the workshop and set about helping me achieve those goals. His teaching style is so relaxed, yet the learning is such high value. As I don't live in Melbourne I had to fly in to attend the workshop but it was 100% worth it.

I had so many 'lightbulb' moments and was kicking myself I hadn't done this years ago! Having never done daytime approaches I was very keen to develop this skill and Chris once again was an amazing coach, he is so dedicated to helping you develop your skills, it made it so much better having such a knowledgeable and supportive guy on your side.

I was blown away by the results, and my whole view of my social interactions has shifted, I'm having so much more fun on nights out and am now so much more confident during the day, and I'm finding that I'm meeting so many women that just a few months ago I would never have dreamt of even talking to. Chris is also the first one to point out how difficult this is for many guys, and it's great to see a man who is so good at this stuff be so humble and understanding. He is an excellent instructor and really communicates his opinions and experience in an outstanding way.

I've recommended this workshop to my mates and to anyone out there who is wondering about maybe doing it, I say definitely give it a go, you will learn so much and as cliché as it sounds, if your anything like me, it will change your life. There is no other way to describe it. Someone once told me that you should always invest in yourself, and doing a workshop with Chris is easily the best investment I've ever made.

You can't afford not to do this!

If you decide to over-reach way beyond your comfort zone, put yourself in the hands of an expert;
seek a professional who has a deep strong passion and understanding of their profession, and who genuinely care about your progression, like Chris.

What Chris does is he will equip you; in many aspects;
it will lead to positive energy, and a new mindset that is almost fearless.
To get you started he will go easy. When you're ready he will then throw some curve balls to accelerate your development.
Your pace of learning is at maximal velocity,
and he endeavours to get you up there and beyond in quick time,
his objective in raising your level is genuine, and when you do progress it makes him happy.
Its quite funny to see..
Of course there are struggles along the journey but these are important to have, there are times we even welcome them as they are critical in the learning curve. Each situation Chris puts you in is real and unique, and necessary.
he really assesses his own judgment along the journey, and tweaks are made, its this thought process where you get to see and learn from chris. (on how to handle new information with each real life example.)
The tasks he sets, he monitors and will reflect his own judgment, whether he did the best he could by you, and at times his focus will show how the-impossible can be made possible.
this all leads to real transformation, from this extraordinary learning process.
Great work Chris.

Potentially life changing. Chris is an absolute professional. Results above expectation.

Where do I begin.

Chris Manak is one of the best professionals I know, not just in the relationship coaching field, but any field bar none.

I came to Chris because I was incompetent in building relationships with woman and I wanted to improve. Chris was referred to me by a former client of his which is always a good sign.

I went into the initial consultation not knowing what to expect but with preconceived idea of what a stereotype PUA coach would be and Chris was definitely not that. Chris was genuine, down-to-earth, and knowledgeable about life, business, and other subjects. I left the consultation impressed and convinced we were a good fit.

Having taken the workshop I can say I’m a nicer person coming out of it and definitely more confident and suave in obtaining as well being in relationships. I started the workshop being completely incompetent and scared of approaching woman and have left the workshop now with other men staring at me in awe when I successfully approach woman. No joke.

As much as a coach, he is a confidant who you can feel confident and comfortable speaking about any topics but obviously focused on relationships and other subjects surrounding that. On more than one occasion I’ve seen him make decisions in the best interest of his client to his own financial and/or personal detriment. Chris genuinely wants you to succeed irrespective of the financial benefit to himself.

Having a lot of experience in team sports, being coached as well having done a little coaching myself, I know being a coach requires a different skill set to being a player. Chris understands this and a sign of this is he will adjust his methods to the idiosyncrasies of each of his clients.

My advice is if you are at all hesitant about Chris’s Workshop is to get in touch and book in a free initial consultation to judge for yourself. It costs nothing but a bit of time but the upside is it could potentially change your life for the positive.

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